Bread Bin for the Win! Aussie Mum’s Clever Kmart Bread Box Hack

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good ol’ fashion Kmart hack but Kristine Ham from @extra.ordinary.home has brought the goods to the table – literally – with this epic Kmart bread bin hack.

She’s managed to fashion a stunning side table out of two bread boxes.

And it looks ah-mazing!

bread bin hack
We give you the bread bin bedside table. Source: Instagram

The Townsville decorator is no stranger to pretty things and has a beautiful Instagram page filled with lovely finds and snaps of her stylish home.

But even she surprised herself when she decided to put on her Crafty Hat and try to make a table out of two bread boxes.

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The bread bins are sold at Kmart for $19 each, so that’s $38 in total. She then fashioned some timber legs using offcuts and stained them using a prooftint.

She attached the legs with screws, painted the bread boxes in Eggshell finish in “wet cement” and voila! She shows you exactly how to do it in the video below.

The ‘breadside’ table

Kristine is well aware of the fact that hacking two bread bins into a bedside table is not an ordinary thing to do. She cheekily writes on Instagram,

Have I officially lost it? In short, yes. But also, I made a little side table using…. Bread bins 😱😱 Again, why am I like this?

Have I gone too far? Actually, don’t answer that. Just behold my latest bizarre piece of furniture that was crafted by things that were absolutely NOT meant to be furniture. I’m not sure if this is even a hashtag yet but #breadbinhack

Well, Kristine, we give you ALL the applause and reckon this bread bin hack is the greatest thing since, well, sliced bread.

Bread bin hack – charging station!

Another awesome hack using the humble Kmart bread bin that made the rounds last year is this easy charging station.

mum central

Clever mum Lauren Cooksey cut out a hole in the back of the bread box (this one retails for $15 at Kmart) for the powerpoint and transformed the box usually reserved for bread into a home for all of those loose cords and a family charging station. LOVE!

More cool product hacks 

Turning a popular item into a piece of furniture or artwork is a gift in its own right and we’ve shared a few awesome hacks in the past, often using products found at Bunnings or Kmart.

Take this $1.50 tea towel, for example, which one very clever mum turned into a beautiful flowery frock. Well, actually it took 11 tea towels, but isn’t it pretty?!

mum central
Source: Selika Sookton

Or how about this Bunnings seagrass mat which was magically turned into a beautiful planter. Total cost? $5.00! See how to do it here: Seagrass basket hack

seagrass basket hack

Mum’s epic Kmart cubby hacks

We’ve seen a few popular Kmart products hacked into something else but one of the most popular Kmart hacks out there are Kmart cubby house hacks.

Sure, you can simply add a coat of paint to the popular $199 cubby house, but you can also go above and beyond.

Just check out this adorable reading nook.

mum central

Or how about transforming the cubby house into an epic doghouse, sorry, we mean PALACE, for your pets?

mum central

We also love this Kmart cubby house hack where two standard cubbies were used to create a tiny town for a very lucky little birthday boy.

mum central

Check out all of our Kmart cubby hacks stories here:

Trampoline hacks to try

Another popular product to hack, especially after it’s seen better days is a trampoline. Kids love them but when they start to get a little worse for wear, then what do you do with it?

mum central

These clever parents upcycled their trampolines into all sorts of wonderful, from plant stands to epic swings and more. Check them out here: Recycled Trampoline Ideas: 10 Trampoline Hacks to Flip For


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