Dear Target,

Thank you for your latest Christmas catalogue featuring your new range of summer swimwear.

I’ve been buying bathers from Target for years and I have an embarrassing enormous number of bikinis. We have a pool and so I like to have many pairs to interchange and lend to visitors keen for an unexpected and spontaneous dip [I have very spontaneous friends…]

Your range of bathers is always affordable, well-made, contemporary and the prints are so much fun! All of which is reason enough to buy them but your decision, some years ago, to sell your bikinis as separates is one of the main reasons I have so many pairs. ‘Standard’ sized bathers are a nightmare for thousands of women everywhere. My bum is bigger than my boobs by a whole size. Before your inspired direction I either had to choose to squeeze into my bottoms [hideous] or have the girls improperly restrained [saggy]. Neither is ideal, as you clearly appreciate.

It seems as if you are intent on not only acknowledging that women come in all shapes and sizes – but respecting them for that too. But who could be sure? You big corporations have a habit of talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

Well guess what just walked in?

The most refreshing piece of marketing the internet has seen in years.

In it I see women who look like me and my Mum and my sister and my Aunty and my neighbour and my friends. All my friends.

In it I see women who are beautiful and happy and proud to be who they are. Their poses are strong and their smiles are genuine… and I believe your marketing intention is genuine too. I’m not the only who thinks it either.


Yay for looking good and feeling great this summer! We have a huge range of swimwear styles for all body shapes.

Posted by Target Australia on Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Dear Target, you have been inundated with praise over the latest catalogue and you deserve every bit of it. In a time where my news feed is full of ‘body-shaming’ versus ‘body-celebrating’ it’s surprisingly empowering to see the diversity of these women endorsed on such a public stage.

Of course, this is not the end of the road and I’m sure you well know there are many more steps to take in our quest to embrace diversity and difference in our world. But for right now I just wanted to say “well-played Target”.

I will continue to buy your awesome bathers and I will force encourage my friends to as well. And I will wear them with the same pride and self-confidence as the beautiful models in your catalogue.

Thank you for celebrating women. All of us.

Yours sincerely,

Tan x


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  1. What marketing strategy??…I haven’t seen or had a Target catalogue delivered for over 3 years!!!
    Imagine their sales if they actually had customers that knew what they were selling.

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