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Families with These Surnames Can Score Free Entry into a Wildlife Park on Sunday


Got an animal-themed surname? If so, you can treat the kids to a day out at your local wildlife park on the house. Lucky Ducks!

It’s all part of the fun of Animal Name Day taking place on 7 February 2021. The day coincides with the launch of News Corp’s Great Australian Wildlife Collection, a 15-book set featuring beautiful images and facts about our native animals.

So gather up your little Joeys and head out for a day of animal encounters, free of charge!

Parks taking part in Animal Name Day

There are wildlife parks across Australia that are taking part in this pawesome day including:

New South Wales

  • Featherdale Sydney Wildlife Park


  • Healesville Sanctuary (tickets for Healesville Sanctuary will need to be pre-registered here)


  • Paradise Country


  • Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

South Australia

  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Monarto Safari Park

Northern Territory

  • Territory Wildlife Park

How to gain free entry

Families with an animal-themed surname will need to show identification such as a driver’s license to prove their animal-inspired last name.

All animal names welcome!

You don’t have to have a common animal last name like Bird, Bear, Fox or Hog as animal-inspired surnames all also welcome. Entry is at the discretion of the venue but they have anticipated non-English names. 

We’ve got a list of animal last names below too: 

  • Adler (German for eagle)
  • Cavallo (horseman)
  • Fisker (fisherman)
  • Todd (means fox)
  • Martin (tree martin)
  • Hart (male deer)
  • Hartnell (male deer)
  • Harley (hare)
  • Howard (ewe herder)
  • Brock (Old English for badger)
  • Bieber (German for beaver – Justin, you’re in!)
  • De Caprio (Greek for wild boar – Leo will be there too! Score!)
  • Pound (animal enclosure)
  • Kidd (young goat)
  • Lowe (lion)
  • Lyon (lion)
  • Shaw (wolf)
  • Rana (frog in Spanish)
  • Purcell (Old French for piglet)
  • Loris (nocturnal primate)
  • Best (derived from beast)
  • Gatti (cat in Italian)
  • Bullock (young bull)
  • Vacca (cow in Italian)
  • Gallina (chicken in Italian)
  • Vogel (old Dutch for bird)

For these families (plus plenty more – we couldn’t name them all), this Sunday is sure to be a quacker of a day!

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