How to Parent Like a Boss (And Why This is a Good Thing!)

Why do I want to parent like a boss? Well, that’s a good question. But if you’ve ever had a totally awesome boss then you’ll know that they inspire, create positivity and they make you want to work really, really hard.

So if you were to parent your kids with equally-awesome #bossmum techniques it should all work out similarly, yeah?

Times have changed and when it comes to parenting, what’s ‘in’ one minute is ‘out’ the next. There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to raising kids. You may need to try a few different parenting styles before you find one that fits your family just right.

Not to be mistaken with being a bossy-boots, parenting like a boss is all about inspiring, nurturing and teaching and, who knows, this could be JUST what your fam-bam needs.

Here are 10 hot tips on how to parent like a boss. Literally.

1. Be a positive force

Just like no one likes a cranky boss, kids soon tune out when all they’re hearing is you whinging. The answer. Turn your best positive parenting spin on your requests and remarks and watch how much better your kids respond. BOOM!

mother and daughter in kitchen, high five, happy | parent like a boss

2. Set the example

Parent like a boss by setting a really good example. This means being your best self and modelling the behaviour you want to see in your children. Speak to them and treat them how you want to be spoken to and treated. You can be firm, but be fair and never ever rude. Remember it costs nothing to be kind, so be that too!

3. Dish out the praise in public

We’re not talking a love-fest where your kid is going to be more horrified than thankful, but let them eavesdrop on you talking them up to other parents or go the whole hog and tell them straight up that you think they did an awesome job and dish out a high-five or two.

4. Apply a little positive stress

Challenge your kid to stretch themselves a little further than their comfort zone boundaries. But be sure to back them up the whole way with words and acts of support and encouragement. Be it stretching the times tables to bigger numbers, riding a bike, creative writing – all that biz!

Mum and daughter doing homework and having fun, parenting like a boss

5. Don’t micromanage

Parenting like a boss is not about controlling every tiny detail. No one likes to be picked apart or questioned over every little thing. If you know you’re prone to helicopter parenting tendencies, try to be mindful of not micromanaging. It can be different strokes for different folks. And kids (just like employees) do things differently from each other and have different strengths and weaknesses, so enjoy this fact. Embrace it and go with it, rather than trying to drill into them your way of doing things.

6. Keep the lines of communication open

Kids often feel as though they’re not heard simply because they’re kids. As a parent, listen to them enthusiastically, be empathetic and watch how much more honest and open they become with you. No judging or telling off, just listen and be constructive with your responses and advice.

7. Encourage independence

How wonderful is it when you prop an idea to your boss and they say go for it! Next time your kid asks to do something, tell them to go for it (Unless, of course, it’s totally illegal!). Make the terms and conditions clear (be home by 5pm for example) and let them learn from taking risks and their outcomes – both good and bad. Good being they abided by the rules and can do it again, bad being they broke the rules and are now grounded as a consequence. It’s all a learning curve!

kids outdoor activities

8. Show your appreciation

Show your appreciation for your kids by saying an honest thank you and treating them on occasion. We’re not talking going out and buying the latest gaming system – a simple milkshake outing, a movie night or a bit of special one-on-one time does wonders for motivating good behaviour.

9. Create a fun atmosphere

No one wants to be involved with something that’s a real drag every day. Try to ditch the serious, stressful and demanding family environment in favour of a more light-hearted one. In need of a team strategy meeting? Call a family meeting to plan activities which involve everyone and talk about more things you’d like to do as a family.

10. Be a team!

Families that come together for meals, to play and work with each other are generally a whole lot happier than families who avoid each other. LOTS of families are busy with work and extracurricular activities, but hard as it is, that shouldn’t serve as an excuse. Be sure to carve out time in the schedule (make appointments on the family calendar) to nurture each relationship. Everyone is worth it!

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