Pognae Baby Carrier Review: The Max 4-in-1 is Versatile and Flexible, Worn 4 Ways in 10 Positions

Four ways and 10 positions to carry your baby? Yes please! Meet the brand new Pognae Max 4-in-1 Baby Carrier. Not only gorgeous, but it’s also comfortable and one of the most convenient and best baby carriers on the market. This Pognae baby carrier provides parents with several different ways to carry baby as they grow from newborn to toddler.

It’s truly the only baby carrier you’ll ever need! Switch from wrap to soft carrier to hipseat, to hipseat carrier … that’s FOUR carriers in one!

Pognae Baby Carrier ways to carry
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Pognae Baby Carrier Review – Meet Pognae Max 4-in-1

We asked Sydney mum, Francine, who has a five-month-old baby girl named Eleanor to give the new Max 4-in-1 baby carrier a test drive.

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Eleanor showcasing the wrap option. Source: Supplied

I love having four different carrier options and ten variations on hand to use for whatever activity I’m doing. It’s the must have accessory that I am so glad she won’t grow out of for years to come.

I can’t wait to use the toddler carrier piggyback option when Eleanor is able to sit up. I know she will love looking out from that vantage point. 

I will definitely recommend this baby carrier to family and friends. It’s a life saver!”

Check out what she had to say about the new Pognae baby wrap carrier and watch it in action below.

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So many ways to carry

The 4-in-1 Max is four carriers in one:

  1. A wrap for those hazy newborn days
  2. A soft structured carrier once your baby is a bit bigger
  3. A hipseat for a bit of a lift and,
  4. A hipseat carrier with straps – a great toddler carrier choice!

It’s suitable for newborns up to 20kg (around 3 to 3.5 yrs old) and offers a comfortable way to carry your little one through the years.

There are several different ways you can wear the 4-in-1 Max too – front, back, out, inwards – 10 possibilities in ONE carrier!


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The Pognae 4-in-1 can be worn in so many ways. Source: Jessica Dhiacou

The wrap is our favourite option for soothing Eleanor and holding her close. I love how this attachment can be used from newborn days all the way until 12 months of age.”

2. Wearing as HIPSEAT only (both inward and outward) 

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Give your arms a rest with the hipseat for bub’s support. Source: Jessica Dhiacou

The hipseat option is great for quick on and offs around home or if we are out and my arms need a rest from carrying her around.

I have total peace of mind with the non slip grip pads on the seat that she won’t slide off.” 


Note: Eleanor is too small for the piggyback option but mumma Natalie and Hudson demonstrate it below.  

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Source: Jessica Dhiacou


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Source: @___natie____

The baby carrier is my go to option for grocery shopping or browsing in stores around town. She loves feeling close to me and is content looking out at the world around her. Her favourite part is sucking on the machine washable drool pads.” 


*Again, little Eleanor is still too tiny for the back carrying option so can’t be demonstrated.

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Source: Jessica Dhiacou

The hipseat completely supports her weight for periods when I know she will be carried for a longer length of time.”

Super soft and comfy too!

One of the things that especially stood out for Francine was how soft the carrier is. It is extremely well ventilated with a mesh back panel which is especially ideal as we go into the summer months.

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The Pognae carrier is well ventilated to ensure comfort. Source: Jessica Dhiacou

I love how luxurious and high quality each attachment is. 

The soft mesh is also lightweight and breathable to keep both Eleanor and I cool. All the straps are easily adjusted between different wearers and are sturdy while also being extremely comfortable.”

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Easily adjustable straps make fitting a breeze. Source: Supplied

Hip-safe and handy! 

All Pognae baby carriers are acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy baby carrier and Pognae is one of the few brands that are research partners of IHDI.

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Hip healthy too! Source: Jessica Dhiacou

I love knowing that all Pognae carriers are recognized by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for being hip safe. To me it’s the cherry on top of the perfect baby/toddler accessory.”

The carrier also comes with extra goodies that every parent will appreciate – a handy pocket for keys, phone, dummies, etc. as well as a hood for keeping bub protected from the elements.

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The hood is perfect for protecting baby from the harsh Aussie sun. Source: Jessica Dhiacou

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Pognae Australia 4-in-1 Max Carrier

Pognae Australia 4-in-1 Max Carrier
Ease of use8.0
Value for money8.0

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Handy pockets to keep everything close at hand. Source: Jessica Dhiacou

Get your Pognae carrier for 15% OFF today

The Pognae Max 4-in-1 Baby Carrier retails for $429 and is available in plenty of adorable modern colours choices too.

However, you can get yours for 15% off with promo code MUMCENTRAL15. Valid until 21 November. 

Whether looking for a baby wrap carrier, a hipseat carrier, a newborn carrier or a toddler carrier, you’ll find the Pognae Max 4-in-1 offers exactly what you need. The ultimate comfortable carrier for you and a safe and cosy space for your little one.

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This is a sponsored review for Pognae Australia. All opinions are those of the reviewer. The reviewer was not paid for this review.
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