REVIEWERS WANTED: NEW Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier is Pigeon’s Lightest Ever Dummy

Pacifier. Dummy. Binky. Doodie. Soothie. Paci. Whatever you and your little one choose to call it, it means the same thing – comfort for them and sanity for you.

While not every baby will take to a dummy, most will. According to studies, between 60 and 85 per cent of infants are using pacifiers. After all, it’s our little ones’ natural instinct to want to suck so giving them a dummy simply fills this need.

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Babies and pacifiers – they’re a match made in heaven for some! Source: Bigstock

Dummies can: 

  1. Reduce the risk of SIDS – According to Red Nose, “there is strong evidence that dummies are associated with a reduced risk of sudden infant death when used consistently.”
  2. Help soothe and comfort babies – The sucking motion is incredibly soothing for babies and can help lull them to sleep.
  3. Give us mums a bit of a break from being their constant comfort object – After all, if bub isn’t sucking a dummy, chances are she will want to be feeding.
  4. Assist with settling when milk isn’t available – Like when you’re out driving, away from bub or when you’re trying to get some much-needed sleep!

Reviewers needed for this brand new dummy range

You’ve probably had a look at the baby section and seen about a dozen different dummy options. All of them are similar – they look like a rubbery nipple, usually made from silicone or latex.

So, how the heck can you decide which one your baby will want?

Often it’s all about trial and error which is why we want to give new mums a chance to trial the NEW Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier for free.

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Look what’s coming to Australia! Source: Supplied

Mum Central are looking for 20 parents with infants aged 0-18 months to join our Mum Central Review team and put the Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier through its paces. 
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A new dummy to trial? Sounds amazing! Source: Bigstock

This is a brand new product so your tot will be one of the first to test it out! Plus, all of our reviewers will receive a special gift from Pigeon once the trial is complete, just to say thanks!

If you’ve got a baby and you’d like to trial this innovative new product, fill out the form below.

But first, let’s have a closer look at what makes Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier stand out from the rest.

New Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier a first of its kind

One of the reasons why babies refuse the dummy is simply because it’s too heavy for their itty bitty mouths. But Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers are different. You see, they are ultra-light in weight – the lightest Pigeon soother ever, in fact – which reduces the stress on your baby’s mouth when sucking.

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The all-new Pigeon MinilLght Pacifiers offer easy latching and a soft, comfortable suck. Source: Supplied

Extra soft

Made from the softest silicone, they fit comfortably into your baby’s mouth and come in three different sizes to cater to the varying age requirements.

A trusted name 

Pigeon is one of the most trusted names in baby products and has an amazing way of designing products that perfectly complement what infants need.

The shape of the new Pigeon dummies has been medically researched to enable natural tongue movements. Plus, each dummy comes with wide-open holes on the shield to maximise airflow through the pacifier and lessen the likelihood of skin irritation.

We also love the easy hold button with a range of cute designs – the perfect photo prop!

Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier, best dummy for infants
The new Pigeon dummies are both functional and funky! Source: Supplied

Two Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers for under $15

When launched, you will be able to pick up a two-pack (it’s ALWAYS a good idea to have at least two on hand) for just $12.99 at your local pharmacy or online. Find out more about these brand new dummies through the Pigeon website and stay tuned because they will be landing in Australia VERY soon!

Be sure to also put your name down below to be one of the first to try them out in our Mum Central review project below!

Happy mums, happy bubs and a break for our boobies too! 

But, you know what makes MiniLight dummies extra amazing?? Babies really do love them, so they’ll happily suck away and you can give the milk machines a much-deserved break.

Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers are already a huge hit overseas and we know your little Aussie bubs are going to love them too! Of course, every baby is different which is why we want YOU to be the judge!


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If you’ve got an infant 0-18 months and would like to trial the Pigeon MiniLight Pacifier, please fill out the form below.

We have 20 review positions available. Every reviewer will receive a two-pack of Pigeon MiniLight Pacifiers and trial them for 14 days at home. We’ll then get you to complete an online survey with your honest feedback, provide some custom images for our review roundup article!

This is a sponsored editorial for Pigeon.

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