Calling all mums with cheeky toddlers – we want your opinion!!!

We have a fantastic opportunity to trial and review S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink and we would love for you to join us.

If you have a child between one and two, are looking to supplement your toddler’s diet with something yummy and nutritious, enjoy sharing your experience (especially on camera), and would like to help other parents make an informed decision on toddler milk drink, then we would love to hear from you! 

Sound like something you’d like to do? Apply below! We’ve got 10 reviewer spots up for grabs.

Fixing Ted is important work, that’s why toddlers need a good nutritional backup at the ready! Source: Adobe Stock

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink

You’ve probably heard of S-26 before – it’s one of the big-name brands that mums have been using for many years.

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink is a natural progression for parents looking to transition their growing child to a toddler milk drink.

Below are a few reasons why we’re keen to try S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink and why you may be too. 

Nutriton without the hassle

As a mum to a cheeky 18-month old, I know first hand how picky toddlers can be with their food. Last week my toddler loved bananas – she ate like 8 of them. This week she would rather mash the banana into the carpet than put it anywhere near her mouth. Good thing I bought DOUBLE the bananas this week…

Many toddlers (mine included) also aren’t always too keen to stop playing and sit down to a three-course meal complete with all the nutrients they require. And, truth be told, I’m not too keen on making said three-course meal three times a day only to watch my daughter feed it to the dog. Who has time for that??!!

This is where S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink comes in. It’s designed to complement a toddler’s dietary habits, rapid growth and crazy high energy levels by supplementing your toddler’s diet when their intake of nutrients may not be adequate. 

Toddler life is a tough life! Source: Adobe Stock

Great for energetic toddlers

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink helps to fuel their energetic outings, even on the occasions when they INSIST on walking 2km home from the park rather than just sitting in their pram. WHY DO I EVEN BRING A PRAM???

Great for finicky eaters

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink is great for picky eaters, especially on those days where they refuse every single meal you make and live on nothing but eight blueberries, a stale biscuit they found on the floor in the pantry and a pickle. Not speaking from experience or anything…

It’s reassuring to have a backup plan when fussy eaters just aren’t sure. Source: Adobe Stock

Free from nasties

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink has no added artificial colours or preservatives and does not contain sucrose which is another tick for us! Preservatives, sucrose and toddlers don’t mix!

Rich with age-appropriate vitamins and minerals

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink helps support a balanced diet with omega 3 DHA and 16 vitamins and minerals. 

This includes:

  • Vitamins A, D and iodine to help support toddlers’ growth and development
  • Iodine and zinc to aid cognitive function, as well as iron to help support toddlers’ cognitive development
  • Calcium, which contributes to the function of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes facilitates digestion.
  • Zinc, vitamins C, B6, B12 and D, which help support the function of toddlers’ immune systems

As part of a varied healthy diet and prepared as directed.

Take the guesswork out of their nutritional intake

But perhaps the biggest benefit to adding S-26 Gold Alula Toddler Milk drink to their daily routine is that it eases our own anxieties and concerns surrounding their diet. Nutrition really is a never-ending consideration and one that we often worry about.

  • What can I feed my toddler today that is healthy and that she will actually eat?
  • Are the foods enough of a variety?
  • Is she getting adequate vitamins and minerals?
  • Is she getting too much sugar?
  • Will she be full enough to sleep through the night? 

The list of questions never ends. This is one of the main reasons why S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink is so great – it provides us parents with the confidence that, even on not so great diet days, our toddlers are still receiving many nutrients they need to support their rapid growth at this life stage – in addition to their regular healthy meals, of course.

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink is good for energetic bodies. Source: Supplied

Helping make mealtimes irresistible and FUN!

Sometimes it’s just difficult getting our toddlers to eat or drink. Sometimes they’d rather play than eat. Simple as that! So what do you do? You make their food deliciously irresistible and FUN!

Thankfully there’s the Bubbahood website full of delicious recipe ideas, just like this Strawberry Smoothie complete with S-26 Gold Alula toddler milk drink.  It’s packed with loads of other amazing inspiration too!

Where to get it

S-26 Gold Alula Toddler Milk Drink is our most advanced formulation in Australia and one that is definitely worth a try! It’s available in a 900-gram tin and is available at selected supermarkets and pharmacies including Woolworths and Coles.  It’s also available in 6x30g travel packs, perfect for on the go and holidays.

Join us as we put S-26 Gold Alula Toddler milk drink to the toddler test and tell us what you think!

We are looking for 10 reviewers so be sure to apply and tell your friends with toddlers too!

Each reviewer will receive a hamper worth $125 comprising: 

  • 6 x tins of S-26 Gold Alula Toddler Milk Drink 900 grams
  • 1 x stick pack box of S-26 Gold Alula Toddler Milk Drink (perfect for on the run)

Each reviewer will need to: 

  • Offer the milk drink to their child for two weeks
  • Take photos of the product and your child with the product
  • Submit a video review and a questionnaire at the end of the trial period

We at Mum Central love doing reviews and we always have HEAPS of products to trial and review. Become a Mum Central reviewer today!

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* Toddler milk drinks may be used as a supplement to a normal diet to address inadequate intake of energy to help meet your toddler’s nutritional requirements.

This is a sponsored post for S26 Alula.


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