Yes, you read that right, FREE dessert delivered to the door of your Melbourne friends and family – starts TONIGHT!

Who wouldn’t want to bring a touch of sweet joy to those doing it the toughest right now during their second COVID-19 lockdown?

For this week only, Monday 31st of August to Friday, 4th of September to be exact, Uber Eats have free dessert drop-offs up for grabs. The only thing is, they’re limited, so you have to be lightening FAST. Lickety-split.

Uber Eats is allowing the first 1000 people from anywhere outside of Victoria to send their friends or family a free dessert or ice cream deliver from a local Melbourne business, valued at up to $20. *virtual high-fives Uber Eats for supporting Victorians*.

YES! I want to send free ice cream!

Want to know how to seize this dessert-giving opportunity and send a free dessert care package to your COVID-19 lock-down loved ones? Here’s how:

  1. Enter your Melbourne-based loved one’s address as the delivery location in the Uber Eats app. When you search the app will show restaurants near them (in Melbourne), instead of you (hundreds or thousands of kilometres away).
  2. Search for the local dessert options available. (I HIGHLY recommend Pidapipo ice cream by the way ;))
  3. On the checkout screen, enter the promo code, for example, mondaylove, tuesdaylove, etc. The first 1000 eligible dessert orders made after 8pm each day, will be able to send their Melbourne mate dessert (valued up to $20, including delivery fee) for FREE.
  4. Press “Order Now”, then click the “Share this delivery” option at the top of the Uber Eats app.
  5. Send the tracker link to your friend. When your friend opens the shared link, it’ll show real-time progress on their dessert treat making its way to them. HAPPY DAY!

Missed out? Send some love anyway!

There you have it, dessert is a-comin’ folks! And you know what, if you miss out on the Uber Eats freebie, why not just send dessert anyway and let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them all the same. #lockdownlove

Thanks for sharing the love, Uber Eats, you’re the BEST!

Uber Eats
Fancy this kind of delivery? YES PLEASE UBER EATS! Source: Bigstock

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