We’re Spilling the Beans on IKEA’s 70th Birthday Catalogue … their New Products are WOW!

Dinosaur decor, patterned pillows, chic cabinets, bamboo storage – these are only a few of the new items sprouting up on the IKEA website and in-store next week. We recently got a hold of the latest catalogue arriving September 1st and it’s definitely worth a sneak peek.

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Pretty patterns are only one of the many delights you’ll find in the new IKEA catalogue. Happy shopping! Source: Supplied

Hello homewares

Sure, you don’t NEED new homewares, but you’re gonna WANT them after browsing through the new IKEA range.

IKEA catalogue
IKEA’s new range features plenty of dark home furnishings including shelving and desks. Source: Supplied

What’s even more exciting is that their catalogue, whose release date coincides with IKEA’s 70th birthday, has a new format making it more of a ‘how-to’ guide rather than just a collection of cool items. How to organise, how to decorate, how to style – styling your home has never been easier.

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Not to be overlooked in the kitchen, IKEA makes stylish serving easy. Source: Supplied

The catalogue features problem-solving tips, hands-on ideas and practical advice focused on small budgets and smaller spaces. Each page has been filled with “how to” tips on ways to make homes around the world cosier, smarter, more sustainable and more beautiful.

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The new “how to” IKEA catalogue explains how to style your kid’s room, even how to create a picture wall. Source: Supplied

There are six different homes in this year’s catalogue, each representing a different living situation including a young couple in their first apartment, a growing family in a rental, and a money-savvy couple with two young children in a one-bedroom apartment.

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Contemporary living made easy on a budget. Source: Supplied

Have a look at some of our fave finds:

Sweet dino dreams

One of our top picks has to be the new JÄTTELIK series, which lets kids create a dinosaur world in their room. The series includes patterned quilt covers, rugs, curtains, cushions and more.

IKEA catalogue new dinosaur range
So much dino goodness! Source: Supplied
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Calling all dino-enthusiasts! Source: Supplied

Home offices to inspire 

Working from home is the norm now and it makes sense to have a home office or study nook, even if you’re tight on space.

IKEA catalogue desks
Space saving office nooks, the most popular trend of 2020, thanks to lockdown. Source: Supplied

Bamboo goals

Bamboo furniture is all the rage right now and IKEA has upped the ante with their IVAR storage range. The natural bamboo creates a warm and vibrant look in your room whilst being a more sustainable choice for the environment.

Rattan IKEA catalogue
Get your bamboo on, Source: Supplied
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Totally in love with these new lights. Source: Supplied

Organise like a boss

We can’t get enough of storage boxes, ideal for pretty much every room in the house – laundry, bedroom, playroom, living room, even the linen closet. Great for storing everything from books, toys, towels, papers and charging cables to small things that you want to hideaway.

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IKEA’s Hallan cabinet makes organisation easy. Great for kids school bags etc. Source: Supplied
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These storage boxes are decorative and practical. Source: Supplied
IKEA catalogue
How cute are these little cupboards and hooks for every day items? Organisation goals right here! Source: Supplied

The Catalogue is now available online and in store.

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