9 Reasons Why April Babies Are So Incredible

Got an April baby on the way? Or are you celebrating your little one’s birthday this month? Whatever the case, April babies are known for their quick wit, optimistic spirit and boundless energy.

So buckle up mums and dads, here are 9 reasons why your little April flower is bloomin’ awesome.

1. Healthy humans

According to one study, which focused on birth dates in the US, those born in April tend to have less risk of disease. Fingers crossed your little April flower is blessed with good health.

2. Dream big, little one

Another study compared the careers of people born in different birth months and found that those born in April had an even spread between lots of different professions. What does this mean? Simply put, your little one will be whatever he wants to be!

3. A month of celebrations  

There’s April Fools Day, Easter, ANZAC Day and Earth Day. Not to mention school holidays. It’s also the month we celebrate World Penguin Day. I mean, who doesn’t want to be born in the same month as World Penguin Day??!!

What this means for your April baby is that there are plenty of extra days at home during their birth month to plan birthday parties or just stay home and play with the new birthday toys they receive every year.

Baby Names Easter

4. Positive possums 

We already shared that babies born in March tend to be happy little characters but this is also the case for babies born in April (and May too). According to a 2014 Hungarian study, people born in April scored high on a hyperthymia scale, or general optimism. In times like this, the more positivity, the better!

5. Fiery spirit

Most April babies are born under the Aries zodiac which belongs to the Fire element. Aries (Ram) are known for their wild spirit and passionate personality. There’s no taming this little firecracker! If your baby is born at the end of April, they will be a Taurus (Bull), also known for their stubborn, NO BS spirit.

6. Funny as heck

Another common characteristic of April babies is their quick wit and charm. April babies are clever little things and sure to leave you laughing on a number of occasions. Expect plenty of cute questions, funny comments and cheeky comebacks when they get older.

playful little girl
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7. Don’t worry, be happy

Prepare for your little one to be as levelheaded as they come, especially in the event of a stressful situation. Ahem. Coronavirus. April babies are cool customers and have a calming aura about them. It may have something to do with their eternal optimism, but whatever the case, their peaceful nature is refreshing and lovely to be around.

8. Energiser bunnies

April babies are active, social and always up for an adventure which means you’ll be spending a large chunk of your life chasing after them. Better buy a decent pair of trainers.

9. Cute name choices

Another cool thing about April babies is that there are heaps of cute nature-inspired baby names that signify their birth month. Daisy, for example, if April’s birth flower.

Some of the gemstones associated with April include Jasper, Coral, Amber and Opal, all pretty cute names if you ask us! There’s also April, Aries, Lulu, Gaia, Tauran or Autumn (in Australia).

So, to all the mums celebrating their babies’ birthdays this month, enjoy their bubbly nature, cute questions, and endless energy. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of quick-witted comebacks ready for when they are teenagers!

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