10 Reasons March Babies are so Incredibly Awesome

Calling all mums with March-born bubbas! Have we got some great news for you!

Your little March munchkin is destined for some pretty great things. A number of different studies have looked at the various characteristics of people born in March and, well, there’s a lot of BIG pluses ahead. So many, in fact, that it makes having to endure your third trimester in the hot summer totally worth it!

Below are just 10 of the many reasons your March baby is so incredible.

1. Leading the way

You may notice your little fella loves to get his way. He’s probably eager to walk, wants to feed himself and refuses to let you help him put on his clothes.

Sure, he’s a tad on the bossy side now, but this stubborn and determined streak will end up serving him well down the road. March babies are born leaders and a study showed that more CEOs are born in March than those born in any other month.

2. Flying high

Another study found that babies born in March are also more likely to grow up to become pilots, which is not only a promising career choice but also comes with plenty of travel perks (for family members too).

3. Happy chappy

It’s really a luck of the draw when it comes to your baby’s temperament. Will she settle easily or will you be walking her around the house at all hours of the night? Will she happily play on her own or will you need to make a cardboard cutout of yourself to plonk down beside her every day?

If your little one is born in March, then you’ve definitely got luck on your side. And not just because of lucky St Paddy’s Day! According to a 2014 Hungarian study people born in March (and also April and May) were more likely to be happy and optimistic than those born at other times of the year. How lucky for you!

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4. Masters of imagination

March babies have a whole heap of positive characteristics. They are intuitive, charming, creative and imaginative meaning you can expect them to be awesome at pretend play. Give them a closet full of dress-ups, a bunch of old pots and pans or a pile of empty nappy boxes and watch them flourish!

5. Solitude soldiers 

Better still, March babies are more than happy to play independently. In fact, they love the solitude so you can fold the washing AND possibly even cook dinner while your bub plays close by.

6. Great health record

March babies are generally considered healthy, especially when it comes to their eyesight. They also have a lower risk of asthma than in any other month, according to another study. Of course, these are based on specific studies and it doesn’t necessarily mean your child won’t need glasses or an inhaler down the road.

7. No main holidays in sight 

March is an ideal month to be born holiday wise too. You have plenty of time to get over the Christmas present rush – and allow your bank account to build up again.

Plus, schools are in session throughout the month of March (or the majority of it) meaning it’s easy to organise a birthday party without wondering if any kids will show up or if they’ve gone away for school holidays.

8. Walking tall 

Never worry about bringing out the step stool again. Babies born in March (specifically, at the end of March) tend to be the tallest of the bunch. April babies also get the tall gene, according to this study.

9. Stone selection

Another cool thing about having a March baby is that they’ve got a great birthstone – aquamarine, which is a beautiful light bluey turquoise colour. If you like to pretty up your fingers with your birthstone jewellery, then you’ve picked a great month to give birth!

10. Born to swim

Finally, most March babies are usually born under the Pisces sign, which is ruled by water. Heck, its symbol is even a fish so there’s a pretty good chance your little one is going to be a water baby!

So, to all the mummas raising their happy, healthy, bossy and independent March bubbas, enjoy these special moments now. And make sure you start looking into cool travel destinations for the future. After all, parents of pilots fly pretty much free.

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