It’s a dip that’s a little bit retro and a whole lot of yum. No other food brings people together quite like a cob loaf dip.

Yep, the cob loaf dip isn’t going anywhere. I’ve even seen the occasional cob loaf dip gracing professional grazing boards – so CLEARLY it’s here to stay.

Ridiculously easy to make, there’s equal emphasis on the dip and the cob loaf bowl. Pick a beautiful fresh cob loaf, slice the top off to keep as a lid and pull the doughy inside out. Fill the shell with your home made dip and use the chunks of bread as dipping croutons. That’s it – you’ve snatched the hostess of the year crown!

Try these eight cob loaf dip variations at your next party or casual get-together with friends and just wait for the compliments to roll in.

9 Easy Cob Loaf Dip Recipes

1. Spaghetti bolognese cob loaf

Although it’s technically NOT a dip, our spaghetti bolognese cob loaf deserves a spot in the list. A delicious spin on a family favourite, this is one dinner the whole family will tuck into with gusto. Even better – it can be on the table in under half an hour!

spaghetti cob loaf

2. Bacon and cheese cob loaf dip

Any dip which involves bacon is sure to be delicious. How can it possibly not be? Jump over to The Girl Who Ate Everything for this warm bacon and cheese dip recipe.

bacon and cheese cob loaf dip recipe

3. Spring onion and bacon cob loaf dip

Do cob loaf dips get much prettier than this? Taste’s creamy spring onion and bacon cob loaf dip is a feast for the eyes!

Spring onion and bacon cob loaf dip

4. Spinach cob loaf dip

My go-to recipe and one that my family can demolish in next to no time, Taste’s spinach cob loaf. Spring vegetable soup mix is a tasty cheat to keep in the pantry.

Spinach cob loaf dip recipe

5. Cheese, spinach and bacon cob loaf dip

Not your average green bowl, this cheese, spinach and bacon cob loaf from Bake Play Smile promises to deliver on your daily spinach intake. Delicious!

Cheese, spinach and bacon cob loaf dip recipe

6. Cheese cob loaf dip

From Tastemade, this glorious cob loaf dip is a cheese filled showcase, grilled to perfection. Who’s diving in first?

grilled cheese cob loaf dip recipe

7. Cheese, bacon and corn cob loaf dip

Cheesy bacon and corn cob loaf from Eat Canberra includes a tin of creamed corn for a delicious, left of field twist. Toast those croutons for a delicious corny crunch!

Cheese, bacon and corn cob loaf dip recipe

8. Zucchini and bacon cob loaf dip

Zucchini has a place in cob dips too! From I Quit Sugar comes this amazing zucchini and bacon cob loaf dip.

Zucchini and bacon cob loaf dip recipe

9. Barramundi cob loaf dip

Surprise guests with a beautiful, creamy fish flavoured cob dip. Barramundi cob dip is destined to be a winner, find the recipe at Delicious.

Perfect for summer barbecues or sitting around the fire pit during winter, you can rest assured a cob loaf dip goes down well, no matter the season!

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