If you’ve ever wanted a sneak peek into just how naughty Aussie mums and dads can be in the bedroom, this is it.

The folks at online adult destination, Randy Fox, have all the saucy, sexy data on Australian sex lives, and you might just be surprised who’s doing what, with whom, and how. It is anonymous, statistical data by the way, so don’t stress!

Say what?

Yep. Adult toys are a common thing in your average Australian family household.

A big, big thing. No pun intended. So here’s everything you need to know about toys in the ‘burbs. Who’s buying them, what they’re buying … and between us, what’s selling so you can grab one (or two) to spice up your sex life as well!

Forget the assumption that parents are too tired or too busy for sex. Enjoying one another with the help of a little ‘friend’ is far more mainstream than you might think. In fact, Aussie bedrooms are buzzing when it comes to sex – quite literally!  And with 75% of toys being sold to couples, now’s the perfect time to whip something up for yourself (or your partner) and add a cheeky dimension to time alone with your special someone (or yourself!)

Aussie couples are letting their favourite TV and movie moments inspire then in the bedroom.

Do you have a favourite toy? (Asking for a friend of course!)

Well, it seems that being coy about toys in the bedroom is a thing of the past. In fact, bedroom antics are even a hot topic at the school gate (once the kids are out of earshot, of course). Gone are the days of having to don a trench coat and sunglasses when heading to your nearest adult shop. Instead, modern mums (and dads) let their fingers do the walking and order toys straight to their bedrooms, and the internet is to thank for making it easier (and far more discreet) than ever.

Randy Fox has all the sexy stats

Numbers don’t lie and it’s over to you New South Wales … you’re the biggest buyers of said toysNot surprising really, considering your population and all, accounting for 31% of total sales at Randy Fox online. Good vibrations indeed!

But hang on a minute. Queensland you feisty foxes! Another 22% of “unmarked post box goodies” head north of the border your way. and it gets better … when we crunch the numbers and adjust for population,  Queenslanders win the shiny, sex toy buying crown. Yep, turns out there really is a lot of hot diggity going on up north because Queenslanders buy more adult toys per capita than any other state. Go you!

Top 10 States for Total Sex Toy Sales at Randy Fox

1. NSW
2. QLD (22% of sales and highest % per capita!)
3. VIC
4. WA
5. SA
6. TAS
7. ACT
8. NT

However, not all sexy shenanigans are confined to capital cities! Those in regional areas need to raise your hands (as you raise the bar … see what I did there?) 😉

Kudos to the folk in Townsville, Gladstone and Cairns – taking a spot in the Top 10 cities for total sex toy sales! Yep, you heard it, not only does Queensland take top gong per capita, three of their regional areas make the top 10 overall number of purchases! You sexy minxes! You know when you’re on a good thing don’t you!

Top 10 Cities for Total Sex Toy Sales at Randy Fox

1.   Sydney
2.   Melbourne
3.   Perth
4.   Brisbane
5.   Adelaide
6.   Canberra
7.   Townsville
8.   Gladstone
9.   Hobart
10. Cairns

Even more surprisingly, Northern Territory ladies might not make the top 10 cities for total sales, however, when you do, you spend the most each time! Ka-ching! Now we know it’s not just the weather that’s heating up in the Top End! And a close second goes to our Canberra cousins.

Average Order Spend on Toys at Randy Fox

1. NT – $108.74 (hey, big spender!)
2. ACT – $108.50 (pipped at the post!)
3. WA – $106.68
4. NSW – $102.32
5.  VIC – $101.00
6. QLD – $100.83
7. SA – $96.12
8. TAS – $92.49

The long and the short of it all? One in every 20 Australian households owns an adult toy delivered by Randy Fox.

75% of sex toy purchases are by people in relationships.

According to Randy Fox, relationship-wise:

  • 48% of purchasers were married
  • 28% were couples living with a partner
  • 18% were single or dating, and
  • 6% were in open relationships

So if you’re not already bringing a little frisky fun into the bedroom, why not spice up your marriage with a little naughty, cheeky fun and try something new together? Remember those epic love-making sessions pre-kids? Rekindle some magic and a whole lot of adventure to your sex life. After all, the numbers say everybody’s doing it.

What’s sparking our new sex toy obsession?

Well, obviously because it feels good. And once you start, one is never enough.

But from a cultural standpoint, you can probably thank Sex and the City and Fifty Shades of Grey. Adult toys are now loud and proud, becoming a part our favourite TV shows and not as taboo as they used to be. And if it’s good enough for rabbit-devotee Charlotte, who are we to argue?

Aussie couples are letting their favourite kinky TV and movie moments inspire then in the bedroom.

I’ll have what she’s having (AKA Don’t be Scared, Start Here!)

There’s plenty of benefits, aside from the toe-curling fun, adult toys can bring. Trying something new is a great way to keep your relationship spicy and a good sex life is an obvious way to stay connected as a couple.

Keeping your sex life fresh in a long term relationship is not always easy. Add a couple of kids. And a dozen or so years ‘doing it’ the same old way? We’ve all been there.

So maybe you’re ready to try something new. But where to start? Well, let’s be guided by the numbers – and what our fellow readers have already bought.

Bring some buzz into your bedroom with great savings for Mum Central readers

You’re convinced, right? Well join the masses and see what the fuss is all about.

With the chance to enjoy a more exciting sex life and be more loved-up with your significant other, why wouldn’t you explore something new together? Whether you send your hubby the link and let him choose your first (or 51st!) toy or surprise him with a little something that’s caught your eye, you’ll feel like a whole new you. You’re a mum, you’re not dead. And sex is meant to be fun.

Save 20% off Randy Fox branded adult toys with the code MUM20.

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Important facts for Randy Fox virgins

Randy Fox is Australia’s best independently rated online adult toy store. All purchases from Randy Fox:

  • Have a 12-month guarantee
  • Come with free shipping over $40 on their own branded goods
  • Offer you a safe and discreet shopping experience with complete privacy
  • Are delivered in completely plain packaging

So treat yourself and your partner for Valentine’s Day and enjoy some sexy times with a new toy friend! You can even watch these romantic movies together as you open your discreet package from Randy Fox to put you in the mood.


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