Australia Day Pavlova Board – a True Blue Aussie Dessert

Got a big Australia Day weekend lined up of backyard cricket, Triple J Hottest 100 countdown planned? Need a crowd-pleasing dinki-di dessert board to wow the masses? The pavlova board is it.

Every Australia Day BBQ needs an Aussie dessert partner. Pavlova is the go-to choice for many – but we’re about to make it a whole lot easier. There’s no baking involved and the longest part of the process is deciding what Australiana flavours you want to showcase.

An easy peasy serve-yourself pavlova board means guests can help themselves to create their ultimate bonza pavlova dessert. Find those 100s and 1000s, decant the Milo tin and get in early to make sure you don’t miss out on pre-made pavlova nests. Talk about winning at Australia Day party catering.

pavlova board

A super quick and inexpensive way to feed a crowd dessert: all ingredients pictured cost $42.50. Serves 20 – that’s just an impressive $2.25 a serve!

Pavlova boards – making pavlova DOABLE since 2020

Pavlova boards make delivering pavlova so much easier. There’s no transport fraught with danger and no sinking meringue middles to worry about.

Put an Australia Day slant on your pavlova board by adding all your favourite Aussie treats. A quick peruse of just three Woolworths supermarket aisles (cakes, confectionery and the fridge) and I was good to go. YUM!

pavlova board
The unsung no-bake heroes of the pavlova board. Photo: supplied

Want to whip up your own pavlova board with an Aussie twist in record time? See how below!

How to make a pavlova board: the Australia Day edition

What you need:

  • Individual pavlova nests (we used two Woolworths Pavlova Nests 10pk, $6 each)
  • 600ml Thickened cream (it’s better to have too much than not enough)
  • 1 heaped teaspoon icing sugar (sifted)
  • Cadbury Cherry Ripe bars or bites
  • Nestle Violet Crumble bar
  • Arnott’s Iced VoVo biscuits
  • Lamingtons (we used Woolworths Lamington Fingers 18pk, just $2.50!)
  • Cadbury Caramel Koalas
  • Fresh fruit and berries (or tinned – your choice!)
  • 100s and 1000s for sprinkling
  • Nestle Milo for dusting

What to do next:

1. Firstly, you need to find yourself a big board or platter to display your delicious selection on. If you don’t have anything big enough, just lay a sheet of baking paper on a table and pile it straight on to that.

board and ramekins

2. Secondly, the only ‘cooking’ (and I use the term loosely) involved is whipping the cream – and ANYONE can do that. Using an electric mixer (or a large bowl and whisk) whisk together the cream and the teaspoon of icing sugar until thick with soft peaks. Pop this in a bowl to place on the board.

whipped cream

3. Stack the pavlova nests on the board.

pavlova nests

4. Cut, crumble and arrange your chosen pavlova toppings to fit on the board. Slice your lamingtons into wedges, dice or smash your chocolate bars for a sweet and crumbly topping. Anything is possible! Fill ramekins and pile them up around the board.


5. All that’s left to do is add Australian flags, spoons and let everyone help themselves.

pavlova board

6. Don’t be surprised if kids just want Milo, pavlova and cream – or one of everything – that’s part of the DIY fun!

pavlova board

pavlova board serve
Get in my belly. STAT.

Want even more food board action – the Fries Board could act as the ultimate pre-starter to the Australia Day sausage sizzle. Holy deliciousness mate, chips, snags and pav for all!

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