Why Shoppers Are Going Nuts For The Kmart Shot Glass

I don’t know about you but my days of shots of Tequilla are limited these days. So when I saw that mums were going crazy over the new Kmart shot glass – I did wonder why. Am I missing the party?

Turns out this awesome $1.50 shot glass is actually a tiny measuring cup so you can use it in the kitchen. Yep, Kmart are the masters of practical household items.

Check it out…

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Shot glass, measuring cup – who cares, I want it. Photo: Kmart

You could totally throw out all the teaspoon and tablespoon measures in your drawers and replace them with this one simple glass.

When the kids are sick and you’re trying to measure our medicine – ditch the syringe and just pour it in the Kmart shot glass. This tiny cup is perfect!

Then you can also use it to measure out the right amount of vodka to add to a summer cocktail. That, I would do over tequila shots.

Of course, these Kmart shot glasses are popular. You should check the stock in your local store before you hit it up to look for one.

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