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Australian Onions, our Unsung Superheroes, are Giving Away 3 Baccarat Air Fryers

For a long time now, all of our favourite recipes have started out with an onion. They’re the unsung hero in cooking … always bringing the flavour, and it’s high time the humble onion came out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Australian Onions are so much more than a supporting act – they’re showstoppers too, come see why!

A budget-friendly pantry staple, onions are layered with amazing taste which changes depending on how you cook (or not cook) them. They’re perfect in salads for zing and texture, perfectly jammy when cooked, they can even hold their shape when roasted to sweet perfection.

Come with us as we celebrate how awesome Australian Onions are to cook with!

Australian onions
Roast onion salad, the perfect marriage of red Australian onions and pumpkin. HOLY YUM. Source: Supplied

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We’re giving THREE lucky Mum Central readers a Baccarat ‘The Healthy Fry’ 9L Air Fryer, valued at RRP$359.99 each. A family-sized air fryer perfect for many onion recipes, this sleek appliance features intuitive touch controls, 10 preset programs and has enough basket room for a whole chicken (or a whole bag of onions). BRILLIANT!

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Why we love onions!

Apart from being obviously DELICIOUS, onions have so much going for them. Often overshadowed by other ingredients, forget an onion in the recipe and you’ll certainly know about it! With that in mind, let us peel away the layers and count the ways why we all need to be eating more onions:

AVAILABILITY: Onions are always there for you, available ALL year round. Never out of season, they’re never playing hard to get or fetching stupidly high out-of-season prices. You can rely on this mighty root vegetable being readily available, all year round.

HEALTH BENEFITS: You might be surprised to learn that these rounds of goodness also pack a healthy punch! Onions contain vitamin C and folate to support immunity. They also contain antioxidants and fatigue-fighting nutrients as well as prebiotic fibre for gut health. Boom, what a health boost!

VERSATILITY: Frankly, there’s nothing an onion can’t do. From creating a flavour-packed recipe base to being a delectable, caramelised cheeseboard delight, a great addition to a sandwich or pickled and preserved for gifts. Australian onions are all-round versatile superheroes!

COLOUR CHOICES: We’ve all seen that there are three colours of onions available – brown, red and white. Each colour has a role to play in your cooking.

  • WHITE ONIONS are milder than brown onions and best for eating raw in salads or sandwiches.
  • BROWN ONIONS have a strong flavour, and are great for cooking. Their sweetness increases the longer you cook them. These are great for caramelising, in sauces or grilling on the BBQ.
  • RED ONIONS are mild and sweet, AND CAN BE EATEN RAW in salads. Perfect for caramelising and lightly cooking in a stir fry etc.
Australian Onions
So pretty, so crisp, Australian onions rise to the culinary occasion EVERY TIME. Source: Supplied

There’s so much to love about Australian onions!

Australian Onions have a prized spot in my heart, as well as my pantry and of course in my recipe rotation, how about yours? For my family, it’s not a sausage sizzle unless your sausage is swamped in sweet and soft barbequed onion. We also love an onion Tarte Tatin which is always a picnic favourite. And let’s not forget how much red onion plays an integral crunchy role in taco Tuesday! #getinmybelly 

Australian onions
Perfect with roast meat, baked onions cooked to tender perfection. Source: Supplied

And if onions aren’t something you’ve really given much thought to up until now, you really MUST do yourself a flavour favour and see the amazing drool-worthy recipes using all onion varieties at Australian Onions. You’ll find delicious ideas for salads, lunch box goodies, one pan dinners, dips and more. For more delicious recipes and inspiration, just hit the button below!

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Australian onions
Caramelised Australian onion on bruschetta packs a flavoursome punch! Source: Supplied

Feeling inspired to cook up an onion delight? ME TOO. To help you get cracking on your cooking journey and encourage you to get peeling more onions and cook up a storm, we’re giving away THREE Baccarat ‘The Healthy Fry’ 9L Air Fryers, valued at RRP$359.99 each. Details are below.

This competition has now closed! The winners have been named in our Spring Winners Announcement! Feeling lucky? See our current competitions for more opportunities to win. Remember, you have to be in it to win it, good luck!

This is a sponsored giveaway for Australian Onions.

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