We all love a good autocorrect fail. But these ones win ALL the laughter. They take autocorrect awkwardness to a new extreme – especially the ones with mum involved.

It’s amazing how much smartphones love to change conversations to make them extra dirty! Genitals, fondling, boners, it’s all happening, folks. And we’ve got the autocorrect goods to prove it.

Come share a laugh at other people’s embarrassing SMS encounters with our fave autocorrect fails ever.

1. Alison and her auto cat rectal

best autocorrect fails

2. One holy jackass

3. First date fail

Killed. Kissed. Same same, right iPhone.

4. Dead husband

5. Blame the butthole

That’s one strong butthole.

6. White noise 

7. The straw that broke the cameltoe

8. Excess baggage

9.  Gluten-free placenta

10. Smell ya later

11. The ultimate relaxation

12. I say potato, you say bitchgobblet

13. Grandpa’s gift

14.  A gallon of chocolate shart, please

best autocorrect fails

Epic Mum Fails

The above are awesome, right? But wait, it gets better because these texts are sent to (or from) mum! Nothing like a little bit of family SMS fails to brighten up your day and make your next family dinner extra awks.

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15. Moooooommm

16. Dr. Fondle 

mum autocorrect fails


17. Step away from the phone, Mum

Sorry, we mean Gollum.

18. A huge bowl

funny autocorrect fails by parents

19. Look what mum found!

mum autocorrect fail

20. We saved the best for last – SO. MUCH. AWKWARD. 

autocorrect fails

We may never ask our parents for shaved pork again.

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