How You Text Says a Lot About Your Personality. Which of These 10 Texter Types Are You?

Texting isn’t rocket science. Your phone beeps. You read the message. You respond. But did you know HOW you respond says a lot about you? Are you a no muss, no fuss kind of texter? Or do you prefer to send 75 different emojis, most of which are hearts and wine glasses?

Discover your true texting personality as we dissect the 10 texter types out there.

1. Sara 

AKA the short texting bandit  

Sara likes to drive people insane by texting like a squirrel on speed. Her texts are short, snappy, and just keep coming, one after the other. Most of the time Sara’s recipients haven’t even had a chance to read the first 15 messages before she sends more. But does that defer Sara from sending text-vomit? Not at all!

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2. Jane

AKA the novelist

Jane doesn’t do half-ass, especially when it comes to text messages. Oh no. Jane likes to bore the living sh*t out of every person she sends a message to by sharing WAY too much detail. If Jane’s a-texting, put on a pot of coffee – you’re gonna be reading for a while.

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3. Em

AKA the emoji-enthusiast

No words needed. Only emojis. Every SMS from Em is like a game of charades that you probably don’t have time for. But you play anyway because if you don’t Em will just keep sending you frowny face emojis until you reply.

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4. Cathy

AKA the abbreviator

What word sorcery is this? Cathy loves a good abbreviation and we’re not just talking about the normal ones like LOL, ROFL and WTF. Cathy likes to drop the extra random ones in like IANAL, GLHF and NAGI. To the untrained eye Cathy’s texts make her look bat-shit crazy but in reality, she probably just lives with teenagers.

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5. Grace

AKA the gifted giffer

Why send emojis when you can take it up a notch and send GIFs to express your disdain about everything? This is Grace’s game and it’s a strong one.

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For those of you wondering, here it is!

6. Amy

AKA the ignorer

Amy hates this text message business. She only replies to messages after five days of processing and currently has 121 unread messages and 8,991 unread emails that flash on her screen daily. Doesn’t give a shit. Would rather just call.

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7. Kylie

AKA “dfmdkgjkfhky”

Kylie prefers to use her phone to entertain her children with YouTube videos. Except, of course, her children, who can’t figure out how to poo in a toilet, can unlock an iPhone and send random words and photos of their noses to every one of Kylie’s contacts.

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8. Jann 

AKA the L-texter

Jann doesn’t speak SMS very well so don’t expect many responses from her. But when she does text, prepare for something hilariously wrong.  Unlike Amy, who simply chooses not to text, Jann is still learning. She’ll figure it out, just as soon as she finds the spacebar.

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9. Rach

AKA the grammar nazi

Do you know the difference between your and you’re, there and their, Rachel does.  And she’s not afraid to show it via SMS.

Not only are Rachel’s messages free of any errors, abbreviations, and (the horror) numbers instead of words, but she is also known to correct you anytime you send her something grammatically incorrect.

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10. Kelly

AKA the shocking speller

Kelly is Rachel’s worst nightmare. But Kelly also hasn’t had a decent sleep in over five years and doesn’t give a rat’s arse if she’s using the right grammar in a text message. She’s impressed she managed to even find her phone this morning, which was in the microwave.

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So tell us, which texter are you? Or perhaps you’re a combination of a few of them.

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