VIDEO: Super Cute Big Sister on Breastfeeding Duty

There’s just something about siblings that pulls at the heart strings.

Take this freaking adorable video of big sister Quinny and baby Reese.

Blogger and mama-of-three Kaley Munday shared this super sweet clip to Instagram of her toddler daughter trying to breastfeed her newborn sister, where it quickly went viral. And we can totally see why – it’s #cuteAF.

Plus, it’s the ultimate ‘I’m the mummy’ moment and shows just how much our little ones observe, especially in the hazy, newborn days.

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“One more clip because how could I not share this?,” Kaley writes. “She yelled at me to take off her shirt and that she HAD to give the baby some milk😂 She’s been very intrigued with nursing. This little gal has had a lot of adjusting the last few days but the best part is she either plays the role of a baby or is the mother to Reese. Just going with the Quinny flow.”

Big sister on breastfeeding duty

The totes adorable video also shows us why women (even tiny ones!) need to see other women breastfeed. Nursing is a learnt skill and one that can be incredibly tricky to master. Long gone are the days when women had an entire extended family to pepper with questions and requests for help. These days, we’re largely left to it and that can be tough!

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There is also something so magical about watching your youngest become a ‘big’ sister or brother. It seems Miss Quinny has been prepping for her role for some time, if these super cute snaps are anything to go by! Helping with boob duty? If only mum could take her up on the offer!

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