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New Parents are Turning to Woodsy Baby Names. Here are 35 Wild Picks

Woodsy baby names – perfect for outdoor lovers, adventurous spirits, nature nuts and one of the latest trends in the baby naming neck of the woods. More and more parents are heading into the great outdoors to find their naming inspiration and it’s easy to see why.

Woodsy baby names are a breath of fresh air. Think flora, fauna, forest critters even. They combine cottagecore with cowboy, ruggedness with romanticism and pastoral with natural. Eco-friendly, outdoorsy names at their finest.

woodsy baby names
The newest baby name trend is here – Outdoorsy names!

Leading baby name expert Nameberry recently shared some of the rising woodsy baby names, including wild boys’ names, pretty girls’ names as well as gender-neutral options that parents are loving. Check out the top picks for woodsy baby names of 2021.

Woodsy baby names for boys

Silas – Although not new to the naming world, Silas continues to soar up the charts. It means ‘wood’ or ‘forest’ and is the name of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s son. Silas Timberlake. I mean, if that’s not the MOST outdoorsy name I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is!

Timber – Speaking of Timberlake, many parents are actually opting for the very unique Timber for their little lumberjack.

Adler/ Alder – Adler means ‘eagle’ while Alder is a type of tree. Both are trending.

Ezio – Another name you probably don’t hear often, Ezio also means ‘eagle’.

Forest/Forester – A classic woodsy baby name that is vibrant and bold – a very earthly choice. Speaking of earthly choices, check out our top baby names inspired by the different star signs, including earth, air, water and fire.

Everest/Everett – The ‘Ev’ names are taking off! Evie, Evelyn. Ever, Everly. Everest and Everett are cute options for boys too. This name may just take your child to new heights.

Bridger – Not only an earthly name, but Bridger also pays homage to the popular Netflix series, Bridgerton. Nameberry predicts this is one of the big names to watch.

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Kit – Short for Christopher and the name of GoT hottie, Kit Harington, Kit is also a term used for various woodland critter babies – foxes, ferrets, beavers. You get the idea.

Arrow – While Beau remains popular, Arrow is now also climbing up the ranks. Better than Gunner, right?

Fletcher – Meaning ‘arrow maker’, Fletcher is a cute alternative to Hunter.

Bear – We’ve mentioned animal baby names in the past but Bear is certainly one of the more trending choices.

baby sleeping bear outfit

Kodiak – Sticking with the bear theme, Kodiak is also an interesting choice. You could go with the nickname Kodi?

Fox – This is another animal-inspired name that is popular for the next-gen of trendsetters, especially for middle names

Leif – It sounds like ‘leaf’ but this name actually means ‘heir’ and is quite popular in Scandanavia.

Wilder – Definitely one for the next generation, you can expect more and more Wilders to show up on class lists in the not-too-distant future.


Gender-neutral woodsy baby names 

Rowan – Meaning ‘rowan tree’, this name is also considered a name with ‘red’ connotations. Check out our full list of colour-inspired names for more.

Cedar – You can almost smell the beautiful scent of a cedar tree when you say this name. Nameberry explains that it’s a relatively new tree name that’s risen rapidly over the past ten years.

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Linden – ‘Made from linwood or limewood’, this name works for either gender but it is typically continued a ‘male’ name.

Sawyer – Did you know Sawyer is actually a woodcutter? Nope? Now you do! Cute for any gender too. We predict big things for Sawyer.

Hart/Hartley – Brisk and timeless, both Hart and Hartley are still quite rare but trending sharply upward. Hart is actually a male deer – the quintessential forest animal. Miranda Kerr also named one of her boys Hart.

Ash – Another ‘tree’ name, Ash can be used alone or as part of a nickname for a longer option – Ashley, Ashton, Asha, Asher.

Marlow/Marlowe – Meaning ‘driftwood’, Marlowe is also the name of a very famous old writer – Christopher Marlowe – who happened to write a lot of pastoral poetry obsessing over his love of the country.

River – Everyone’s fave ‘water name’, River continues to flow up the naming stream on both the boys’ and girls’ lists.

Echo – Very new age, Echo is also pretty close to ‘eco’, perfect for all eco-conscious parents out there.

Briar – Popular for both genders, I always think of Sleeping Beauty, the princess of the forest when I hear this name.

Woodsy baby names for girls 

Now, on to the girls…

Oakley/ Oaklynn – Organic and earthly, we predict this name will be huge in a few year’s time. Watch this space.

Sylvie – One of the softest of the woodsy names, Sylvie comes with the forest-related Sylv prefix after the Roman god of trees. We like!

Althea – Pretty and sweet, Althea means ‘healer or wholesome’ and is associated with a healing herb.

Sage – Not only a herbal name, Sage also comes with a lovely meaning – ‘wise’.

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Poppy – There are so many popular flower names out there  (Rose, Lily, Daisy) but we have two on our ‘watch’ list – Poppy and Ivy. 

Iris – The colourful name actually means ‘rainbow’ and is a fitting choice for all bright lights. We also love it as a name for a rainbow baby – a baby born after miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. 

June – One of the leading ‘calendar baby names’ taking over the charts, June is a month and also pays homage to Juno.

Eden – Eden is already in the top 100 for most popular baby names of 2021 and we predict this name will continue to edge its way to the top.

Fawn – We mentioned above that the quintessential forest critter is the deer so it makes sense to include the gentle doe-eyed ‘young deer’ on our list.

Meadow – Not only is this sweet name inspired by nature, but it’s also hip to boot!

Olive – A vintage winner, Olive is timeless, pure and pretty as can be.

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