On the morning of January 3rd, 2022, four-year-old Miley went to wake up her mum. She assumed her mum, Bekka, was having a sleep-in on the Bank Holiday.

This wasn’t the case. 

‘Mummy’s fast asleep and I can’t wake her’

After trying to wake her, Miley decided to call her dad, Bekka’s ex-partner Ethan. At 8am she video called her father from her mum’s phone and told him, “Dad, Mummy’s fast asleep and I can’t wake her.”

Ethan and his partner, Lauren immediately drove over to the flat, phoning an ambulance on the way. They arrived just 15 minutes later.

Miley was able to open a window in the Cardiff, Wales flat to let her dad and Lauren in as the doors were all locked. She was then removed from the situation and placed at a neighbour’s house. 

Lauren and Ethan immediately performed CPR while emergency services remained on the phone. Sadly, they could not revive Bekka.

Paramedics arrived at 8:30am and confirmed that Bekka was already gone. It’s been alleged that Bekka had died before help arrived. 

Bekka was just 23 years old. She also had epilepsy. 

mummy's fast asleep - woman dies of epilepsy
Bekka and her daughter, Miley. Source: GoFundMe

‘It’s just been devastating’

While her cause of death is not confirmed, it’s been alleged that she died from a fatal seizure. 

As expected, Bekka’s entire family is left heartbroken. Four-year-old Miley is left without a mum and Bekka’s mum, Rachael is now left without her loving daughter.

The loss is horrendous, and it’s horrendous to think my granddaughter at the age of four had to do a video-call to her dad. And then he tried to help her, but couldn’t. So it’s just been devastating”.

Medication may not have arrived

Bekka’s heartbroken mum has spoken out explaining that she believes Bekka’s epilepsy medication may not have arrived the weekend before. This may have been one of the factors in her death. 

Bekka was first diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 14 and was given medication for it. Rachael had witnessed Bekka having seizures in the past and admits it’s not an easy thing to watch. 

Rachael spoke to WalesOnline about the awful loss of Bekka, who was not just her daughter, but her best friend. 

She was my rock. She really was my best friend. She was my soulmate. She was my everything. 

We’re telling Miley that Mummy’s now the bright star in the sky. We just keep telling her that Mummy loved her very much and that she’ll always love her and she’ll always be watching over and when that star is bright in the sky, that’s Mummy winking at her.

That’s kept us going at the moment. I don’t know at what point I’m going to break – I just don’t want her to see me break.”

Rachael has set up a GoFundMe page to allow the family to celebrate her life, as well as start a trust fund for Miley. She is also calling for greater awareness of the importance of taking preventative medication for epilepsy.

I would like to make aware that it’s very important that people take their medication for epilepsy, because when you are alone and things like this happen – if they can be prevented, God forbid, I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I’m going to have to go through for the rest of my life. 

If people haven’t got their medication, they need to find a way to get it – because it’s so important.”

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    hi.i have had epilepsy since 14 as well and is very scary for me as i am a fulltime single dad of 3 and i also have anxiety/depression.very upsetting reading stuff like this about epilepsy as i know it could happen to me at anytime as well.i am very glad i get to wake up everyday.i feel very sorry for the little girl and family…people don’t understand what comes with having epilepsy. 🙁

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