Fact. There is currently no baby formula recall in Australia.

Fact. The media loves to gain your clicks with mistruths and alarmist information.

Mum, here’s what you actually need to know.

The internet is ablaze today with media outlets running a worrisome story. Why? They’re claiming that baby formula is under recall and toxic.

The fact is that neither of these are actually true. This is what happened….

  • The story began when a grassroots environmental organisation claimed that there is an ingredient in baby formula that is toxic. This ingredient is known to be toxic to rats.
  • The group says FSANZ should immediately recall the affected brands – Nestle NAN H.A. Gold 1, Nature’s Way Kids Smart 1 and Heinz Nurture Original 1 – and test all infant formulas on sale in Australia.
  • Food safety in Australia is regulated by a body called Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ).
  • FSANZ has denied the formulas to be unsafe and says a recall is not necessary. FSANZ states there is no new evidence to show that formula poses a risk to the health of babies and young children.

Their official statement reads; “Carers of infants should not be alarmed by this report or concerned about the safety of these products.” 

So, what is the substance actually under debate? 

The substance under scrutiny is nano-hydroxyapatite. Made from calcium and phosphorous salts, it’s commonly found it in oral care products like toothpaste, tooth whitener and mouthwash. 

Some scientists believe more tests are needed to be carried out on the particles amid fears they can penetrate cell walls in the body and cause damage.

The FSANZ, however, says that hydroxyapatite is soluble in acidic environments including the stomach, so small amounts in food are likely to dissolve. Many common foods are often made up of nanoscale sugars, amino acids and proteins. These are consumed without any evidence of adverse health effects.

And, what should you do as a mum? 

  • As a mum it is your decision what you wish to feed (or not feed) your child.
  • Mums who choose to adopt a mainstream view can follow the advice of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). The regulator claims there is no danger in the named baby formula brands.
  • Information is power! Do your own research and make an informed decision which suits your family.
  • Should any information on this issue change Mum Central will update you immediately.
Credit: Nine News. 



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