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Monster Jam Fans Start Your Engines: It’s Back in 2017 + We’ve Awesome Prizes for You!

Got a rev-head in your house? Mum Central has petrol-charged news for you! Start your engines fans… Monster Jam® is back for 2017 with an action-packed new show, Race of Champions “ROC Factor”. 

Jam-lovers your favourite gravity-defying, fuel-injected fun is returning to Australian soil! Show dates are now announced in three major cities and general tickets are on sale! The best news is they’re super affordable for families with kids prices starting at just $24!

Monster Jam 2017 Australia

The tour leaps into action on October 7, with show dates and venues as follows:

  • 6pm on 7 October: Brisbane at QSAC
  • 2pm and 7pm on 14 October: Melbourne at AAMI Park
  • 5pm on 21 October: Sydney at ANZ Stadium

Monster Jam 2017 Australia

There’s big news for die-hard Monster Jam fans! 

US Monster Jam legend Adam Anderson will be returning to drive Grave Digger. Two-time Monster Jam World Finals Champion Todd LeDuc will be behind the epic wheels of crowd-favourite Monster Energy. Further, there’s also two hot new additions to the fleet. Get ready and be sure to watch out for Megalodon and EarthShaker. We guarantee you’ll be on the edge of your seat…

Monster Jam 2017 Australia

The new touring show, Race of Champions “ROC Factor” will feature all the driver competitions you love including Monster Jam Racing and crowd-thrilling freestyle. Most excitedly, for the first time ever Aussie fans will witness a motorsport throw-down. There’ll be a head-to-head Monster Jam dirt-track battle which will determine who’s the fastest of them all. 

Monster Jam 2017 Australia

Each city will once again host the famous Party in the Pits where fans can get up-close and personal with their favourite superstar drivers. If you’re at the Party in the Pits you’ll also see all the Monster Jam ‘wheels’ up close, take heaps of pics and collect autographs to your rev-head heart’s content!

If you haven’t before experienced the excitement of Monster Jam, here’s what you need to know.

  • Monster Jam trucks are performance machines that weigh over 5,000kg and stand 4 metres tall.
  • Specifically designed for exceptional bursts of speed they can perform death-defying stunts that’ll leave you screaming for more.
  • The trucks accelerate from 0-100 km/h in less than 3-seconds and their sheer horse-power means you’ll almost unbelievably see them fly.
  • Yep, these mad trucks leap up to 50 metres long and 12 metres high! That’s the equivalent of 14 cars side by side. You simply won’t believe your eyes.

Monster Jam 2017 Australia

2017 is the year to get into Monster Trucks with your kids! 

They’ll scream, gasp and cheer themselves hoarse! Monster Jam is the most fun you can have watching someone else drive. Stadiums always sell out so if you’re thinking you’d love to be on the edge-of-your-seat, watching all the action, purchase your tickets now!

Last year over 170,000 Australians witnessed the adrenalin-peaking fun that is Monster Truck. Don’t miss out! 

Monster Jam 2017 Australia

Woohoo! I want to buy tickets for Monster Jam right now! 

Well, no problem – it’s easy! We’ll see you there!

  • Tickets for Brisbane are available through Ticketmaster or by calling 136 100.
  • Tickets for Melbourne and Sydney are sold by Ticketek online or by calling 132 849.

For more information check out the official Monster Jam Australia Website


Thanks to our super-charged mates at Monster Jam we’ve awesome prizes for Mum Central fans to win!

For those in Sydney and Melbourne, we’ve got  tickets (including coveted Pit Party passes!) for the 7pm Sydney Show or 2pm Melbourne Show.

For those elsewhere, we’ve got 2 x Mega Merchandise Packs up for grabs brimming with all the coolest products around including a Yearbook, colouring book, DVD, supporter flag, ear muffs, merchandise bag, sports bottle, lunch box and FOUR Monster Jam toy trucks!

To enter, simply complete the entry form below in full, comment on the bottom of this page and tell us what you love about Monster Jam and you could be our winner!




Win 1 of 4 Monster Jam Prizepacks

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  1. Avatar of Lisa Thomson
    Lisa ThomsonReply

    To be honest, I don’t know much about it, but son aged 5 demonstrates to me with his matchbox cars how the cars jump and flip “And there is even a girl driver mum, like you!” and then CRASH and all his cars somehow end up scattered all over the floor!

  2. Avatar of Ashley Cliff
    Ashley CliffReply

    I love everything about monster jam,my kids love it just as much,very entertaining and always something different on it

  3. Avatar of Leah Groeschel
    Leah GroeschelReply

    Seeing the joy on my sons face as they bash and crash their way around the track and especially when they do a back flip. The attention the drivers give to the kids in the pits is a credit to them.

  4. Avatar of Xian

    Watching my car obsessed 3 year olds face when he sees the monster trucks is the only thing I need!!

  5. Avatar of Amy

    What’s not to love about watching my kids faces as their mouths drop open and eyes pop out of their heads at the excitement, action, noise and tricks!! Would love this!

  6. Avatar of Cindy Cordeiro
    Cindy CordeiroReply

    My son loves playing with his cars and trucks. We would love to take him to see a monster jam show. The look on his face seeing them jump and flip would be simply amazing!!

  7. Avatar of Amanda

    Love seeing my sons face light up whenever he sees monster jam on tv. Nothing beats the look of excitement when he sees the monster trucks live.

  8. Avatar of Cindy Larrosa-Jones
    Cindy Larrosa-JonesReply

    I want to see my children’s faces light up and to see my husband smile…. he has been so supportive going to visit my mum in hospital every Sunday after work an hour and a half away by himself just to check up on her and then taking my dad and I on a Thursday, his only day off….he has been doing this for 2 months…he deserves to be spoilt….

  9. Avatar of Emma

    I love how much joy Monster Jam has brought my family over the last few years. The live shows are incredible and my children (and partner) have spent many hours playing with their toy monster jams.

  10. Avatar of Jody Taylor
    Jody TaylorReply

    I have to say i love the Monster trucks more thsn my kids and my husband, such a great family night out

  11. Avatar of Melissa McClymans
    Melissa McClymansReply

    My son would love this prize! He just had a monster jam birthday party in May!

  12. Avatar of Belinda

    Monster jam!!!!! My sons world lights up with excitment when he sees grave digger and el toro to be able to give him this experience would mean the world. He watches it on you tube daily has all the cars,tshirts knows all the cars and is only 4

  13. Avatar of Amy Farrell
    Amy FarrellReply

    My 4 year old daughter would absolutely go mental if I told her we could go to this! She loves anything monster trucks!

  14. Avatar of Angela Tennent
    Angela TennentReply

    my kids would go nuts to see monster trucks always wanted to go

  15. Avatar of Catie mitchell
    Catie mitchellReply

    I would love to take my kids they love love monster jam and we are finally able to take them my son would be over the moon if he won a prize pack this is amazing they jump and almost flip it’s going to be amazing the cars are amazing and the drivers are too

  16. Avatar of Kylie Exton
    Kylie ExtonReply

    My two kids would love to go and see the toys they are collecting and playing with in real life.

  17. Avatar of beachnik

    I love that my son can own the trucks and then go and see them alive at Monster Jam – we get hours of fun reliving the stunts and then creating new ones of our own.

  18. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie HodsmanReply

    I’ve never been but my hubby keeps saying how good it is so wants to take the kids.

  19. Avatar of Vanessa

    My son absolutely loves monster trucks! He sleeps with 2-3 every night and they come with us everywhere. For his 2nd birthday present were flying to Melbourne for monster jam!

  20. Avatar of Debbie Dye

    I love that it’s an adrenaline filled night of fun that I can enjoy just as much as my son! I love seeing the excitement and thrill in his eyes as he sees the ‘big trucks’ come to life! What can I say, I love Monster Jam!

  21. Avatar of Danielle

    Perfect for a 5th birthday boy who is grave digger mad

  22. Avatar of Julianne

    My son would absolutely love this. He sequels with excitement every time the ads come for monster jam

  23. Avatar of Marie

    My 6yo & 3yo boys LOVE LOVE LOVE monster trucks! They have MJ doona cover sets, playstation game and an endless amount of monster trucks. I would love to be able to take them!!

  24. Avatar of Sharon Turriff
    Sharon TurriffReply

    My little Monster loves ❤️ Monster Trucks and this would be an awesome birthday present for him.

  25. Avatar of Amanda

    I love the bit where you know they are going to roll and there’s nothing they can do about it..

  26. Avatar of Julia Todd

    My two boys would LOVE to see the monster jam trucks in action. They play with their toy monster trucks at home all the time but to see them for real in action would be awesome!!

  27. Avatar of Elizabeth Andrews
    Elizabeth AndrewsReply

    i love monster jam because its exciting and full of action. My boys love Grave Digger and Zombie, we love freestyle and the racing its all a great show

  28. Avatar of Amy

    I have two boys that love monster trucks, especially my two year old who won’t leave the house without his Grave Digger. He even sleeps with it! I could only imagine his reaction to seeing them in person.

  29. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Electrifying atmosphere with non stop jam packed action.

  30. Avatar of Jane Shields
    Jane ShieldsReply

    The fact my boys are absolutely obsessed, to see their faces light up seeing them live would make them so happy

  31. Avatar of Alison Carter
    Alison CarterReply

    Our son knows every monster jam truck – grave digger is his favourite

  32. Avatar of Belinda

    I’m a fan of Monster Jam, because there big wheels make the trucks jump high, and there engines are very loud. My Favourite monster truck is Grave Digger it’s green and mean and is a driving machine!

  33. Avatar of Sherna Swanepoel
    Sherna SwanepoelReply

    I have a boy who lives the noise size and excitement and always watch on telly, would love to take him to such am adventure!

  34. Avatar of Amanda Riley
    Amanda RileyReply

    My little boy loves monster trucks so I’d love to take him to see Monster Jam!

  35. Avatar of Sarah-Jane Dalziel
    Sarah-Jane DalzielReply

    I love the excitement and joy it brings my son (4). He is amazed and in awe of them and would be jumping for joy at the chance of seeing them in person.

  36. Avatar of Simone Rae

    Hi Monster Jam, thankyou for giving my family and I the chance to win tickets.
    We have always dreamed of seeing your show live, also it would be an honour to meet some of the drivers.
    We always watch monster jam, and we are always laughing out loud and cheering on our favourite teams.
    Thankyou once again. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo,o

  37. Avatar of Maleika Neivandt
    Maleika NeivandtReply

    Our boys love monster jam. I would love to take them along to see the action

  38. Avatar of Melita Malone
    Melita MaloneReply

    The noise, the wonderful truck doing unbelievable things.

  39. Avatar of Katie

    Monster Jam rocks! Love the noise, the flips, big tyres and Mohawk Warrior is our favorite…would be so grateful for the opportunity to win. We were watching Monster Jam on TV this weekend. Awesome.

  40. Avatar of Tiffany

    I am 3rd generation rev head, my grandfather and father both raced cars and motorbikes. I grew up on the side of the track and watched the races for hours with my dad. I’d love to pass this onto my kids, my son is already a car lover. It’s such a great experience and I’d love to bond with my kids and partner having an outing like this, it would be unforgettable.

  41. Avatar of Anita Andrews
    Anita AndrewsReply

    I love that it entertains the whole family! From my youngest to biggest kid (hubby), they just love the excitement of monster trucks. I’m pretty impressed by all the tricks too. Love seeing a backflip!

  42. Avatar of Emma Drew

    I love the way my 4 year old son’s face lights up when he sees Monster Trucks on t.v. or when he’s driving his toys around the house 🙂

  43. Avatar of Melinda

    My kids went last year and they loved the noise and stunts of the trucks especially when the tried to do wheelies

  44. Avatar of Lauren Ibbotson
    Lauren IbbotsonReply

    I just love the excitement, thrills and spills of it all! Its such a good, fun outing for the whole family, especially my monster truck mad 3yr old son!

  45. Avatar of Ruth Cook

    I love watching my kids face and then hearing his say “WOW” as the trucks make jumps and tricks. He is absolutely 100% enthralled.

  46. Avatar of Linda Zuur

    My son’s ambition is to become a Monster Jam Truck driver. He avidly follows all of the Andersen Family and subscribes to their youtube account, so that he can be kept up to date with all things Grave Digger. I call his interest an obsession, but he would tell you that he is researching his future job – Yep, he’s keen!!

  47. Avatar of elizabeth

    Rip roaring, skid magic, hell raising, jumping mania fun for the whole family.

  48. Avatar of Brooke Root
    Brooke RootReply

    Two rev head boys
    Five and seven
    Winning a merch pack
    Would be heaven

    Anything that roars
    bumps or rolls
    Is what they love,
    Much better than dolls!

    Making their own
    In the mud is fun
    Commentating each race
    In the heat of the sun

    Would be awesome
    If they could come
    Back to Perth
    Watching on TV
    Is what it’ll have to be!

  49. Avatar of Kylie Jarrett
    Kylie JarrettReply

    My 2 boys love monster trucks. They loved seeing them at a small local show. Would love the opportunity for them to see monster jam live.

  50. Avatar of Kelly Fountain
    Kelly FountainReply

    Monster Jam unites our family bringing back chilhood memories of growing up around speedway to now both my boys loving everything about it the noise the smell and the jaw dropping excitement.

  51. Avatar of Katie Henderer
    Katie HendererReply

    I love the energy of Monster Jam! Also watching my son’s face mesmerised as he watches the stunts they perform. It’s awesome entertainment for our whole family!

  52. Avatar of Nat M

    We adore the roar
    Love to scream our score
    The excited get together on the floor
    Popcorn spilling when out breaks “Mine’s better than yours!!”

    Recording, rewinding, seeing backflips once more
    three kids reenacting brings laughter galore
    better than riding a dinosaur
    They fun rock our world forsure!!

  53. Avatar of Tim Oates

    I love the smile the noise and power of the monster trucks puts on my sons faces.

  54. Avatar of Michelle Penn
    Michelle PennReply

    We would love to see Gravedigger and the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks!

  55. Avatar of Shona Louise Huggard
    Shona Louise HuggardReply

    My son would go mad for this, thank you so much for the opportunity!

  56. Avatar of Misty Vieira
    Misty VieiraReply

    This would make for an awesome 29th birthday present from my Hubby for me n him to go never been always wanted to though I’m a big rev head lol

  57. Avatar of Charlotte Gray
    Charlotte GrayReply

    My son has loved monster trucks since he was little, continues to build his own tracks ect with his little cars to this day

  58. Avatar of Chester

    My older son LOVED the show last year – the noise, the smell, the excitement of seeing the Monster trucks live!
    If my sons can’t go to a show in Adelaide, I’d love to win them a merch pack.

  59. Avatar of Amy

    Id love to take my 2 boys who are monster jam mad but with it not coming to adelaide it will be too expensive with tickets and airfares and accommodation

  60. Avatar of Cath

    My 4 year old would love this show. He is obsessed with monster trucks.

  61. Avatar of Steven Ma

    My nephew LOVES monster trucks. When i told them he could see them in person he was like OMG.

  62. Avatar of Shay T

    I love that Monster Jam doesn’t discriminate with genders….my daughter loves and enjoys watching it just as much as my sons!

  63. Avatar of Nicole Saw

    I would love to win this great experience , especially for my beautiful kids but mostly my 10 yr old son who has always LOVED watching , seeing and playing with monster trucks . His favourite truck is the monster energy ☺

  64. Avatar of Teresa

    the vibrations from the sounds of the trucks roaring past performing stunts that make you hold your breath in amazement and awe

  65. Avatar of Angela Fenech
    Angela FenechReply

    My son absolutely adores the monster trucks. The best part seeing them flip and then get back onto their wheels.

  66. Avatar of Gabrielle Hatty
    Gabrielle HattyReply

    My son loves monster trucks! He’d be beside himself!!!

  67. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah ArmstrongReply

    The noise, the stunts and the excitement. My little one especially likes the characters of each Monster Truck

  68. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara FehmelReply

    the excitement of these monsters jumping over mounds falling over and still the drivers can walk away. How exciting is that.

  69. Avatar of Jenn Miners
    Jenn MinersReply

    The pure excitement in my sons eyes wondering what trick they will do next, which truck will come out, whether they can make the jump or flip right side up after a jump. And who doesn’t love seeing them run over cars like they are mere speed bumps 🙂

  70. Avatar of Polly J Love
    Polly J LoveReply

    Everything! The noise of the engines is incredible! It’s so thrilling and exciting – I never thought I’d love it so much but I think I may have even enjoyed it more than the kids did!

  71. Avatar of susan s

    We love the noise, the action, the atmosphere and the designs on the trucks! We love monster jam

  72. Avatar of Shahna Smith
    Shahna SmithReply

    My 5 year old son absolutely loves monster jam – loves watching the DVD and has a massive collection of the tracks and trucks!

  73. Avatar of Candice

    My 2 boys love Monster Jam and how loud and large they are flying through the air, and they love the flips they can do too! We have travelled for the past 2 years to Monster Jam in Perth but they won’t be coming to Perth this year. They are devastated!!

  74. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    The exciting action and atmosphere of the whole arena

  75. Avatar of Emma

    Never been to a monster truck show but my son loves the toys so bet he would love it!!!

  76. Avatar of Martin

    The thrills of those enormous trucks and the looks on the kids faces

  77. Avatar of Amanda Reed
    Amanda ReedReply

    My little girls love imagining what type of Monster Truck they would drive themselves to school in! The amazing stunts leave them in awe and me too! We love the crazy sheer size of the trucks and the bright paint jobs make it even more enjoyable to watch! Just plain great fun! Amanda Giffard

  78. Avatar of Rhiannon Barry
    Rhiannon BarryReply

    My 4yo son is a massive Monster Jam fan, and apparently now so is my 2yo daughter. They love watching them do tricks and make tons of noise on the tv. I would love to take them and give them this experience. As a single mum I don’t get to do much with the kids, so this would just take the cake.

  79. Avatar of Teegan McDonald
    Teegan McDonaldReply

    Love the thrill of the monster trucks and the enjoyment the kids get out of it. So much fun. Would love to go with my son

  80. Avatar of Alison King
    Alison KingReply

    The 2 little boys and 1 big boy in my house looooove Monster Jam, we have quite a few toys (read a bunch) in our house, and everything comes to a halt when Monster Jam is on the TV.

  81. Avatar of Nicole Rodriquez
    Nicole RodriquezReply

    Both our children live mister jam, and love playing with there mister jam trucks doing tricks.

  82. Avatar of Tiffany Daley
    Tiffany DaleyReply

    My 8yo son absolutely loves Monster Jam, his favourite is Gravedigger.

  83. Avatar of Josiewotton

    My son is soo obsessed with monster jam he had a monster jam birthday cake this year and is slowly collecting all the trucks. He has also worked out how to record the weekend shows on our tv so has filled the memory up with monster jam! And building tracks outside with his dad is very special to watch!

  84. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca CostaReply

    I love how big they are and the distraction they cause to the cars and course they take on the arena. My son loves them.

  85. Avatar of margiemcc

    This would be amazing my grandsons would love it! I’ve seen them before and it’s an experience not to miss, non stop edge of your seat action Can’t wait to see them I hope we win

  86. Avatar of Kylie Henry
    Kylie HenryReply

    What’s not to love! They’re loud, they’re huge, they’re fun. And best of all my son loves to watch them with me. Unfortunately we have never been able to go, so we settle for the ones on TV.

  87. Avatar of Nikmead

    Never been so would love to take the kids for an exciting night out! !

  88. Avatar of Kasey Spark
    Kasey SparkReply

    My sons collect these and would just be so excited to get a prize pack. I only wish you had Brisbane tickets to give away.

  89. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle GreenReply

    I love the sound they make, the skill of the drivers and the amazing spectacle they put on for the audience! Absolutely EPIC!

  90. Avatar of Mel Hill

    They are just amazing to watch. My 5 year old autistic son is just in awe of them. Would love to take him

  91. Avatar of Leah Brown

    My 6 year old son absolutely LOVES Monster Jam but has never been before. It would make his YEAR to win this prize 🙂

  92. Avatar of Caroline White
    Caroline WhiteReply

    I absolutely love Monster Jam, Nothing better then watching them do stunts and the loud noises they make. love it.

  93. Avatar of Jay

    I love how loud Monster Jam is and love seeing the dirt fly up.

  94. Avatar of Carol P

    My daughter loves Monster Trucks we saw the movie last year, she loves that the trucks are huge. She would love to win a prize pack

  95. Avatar of Shell Somer
    Shell SomerReply

    My son who is 4 loves the monster trucks and how LOUD they are! I asked his favourite and he said it was Gravedigger.

  96. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    We love the spectacle, the high jumping and the rolling, best of all is the jumping over the cars and the landing on top and driving over the top of them, they put on quite a show.

  97. Avatar of Alexia

    It looks so exciting watching Monster Jam on Tv but to watch it in real life would be even more amazing!

  98. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne ChildsReply

    I love the way my son’s face lights up when he sees the big Monster Trucks in action!

  99. Avatar of Louise Hopper-Cousins
    Louise Hopper-CousinsReply

    My girl just loves the noise and atmosphere xx

  100. Avatar of Larissa Campbell
    Larissa CampbellReply

    My toddler loves to sleep with noise so fingers crossed she may sleep and I can have a little me time while enjoying the show.

  101. Avatar of shelbyward

    It’s just kind of a crazy human invention that the whole family can marvel at!

  102. Avatar of Mandy Graham
    Mandy GrahamReply

    We love the action and drama of the huge cool Monster trucks.

  103. Avatar of Sarah Phillips
    Sarah PhillipsReply

    I love the awesome stunts, the crazy atmosphere and the amazed looks on my kids faces. Such a great show, one that we all enjoy together as a family.

  104. Avatar of Tracy Monahan
    Tracy MonahanReply

    Oh I am a rev head from way back…showing my nephew how its done now – want to be the cool Auntie.

  105. Avatar of Marnie burge
    Marnie burgeReply

    My Son has just turn He loves Monster Jam his Favorite is GRAVE DIGGER We love to take him
    this oct we would love to make some COOL Memories for him for life

  106. Avatar of Tracy van der Wel
    Tracy van der WelReply

    My son is a massive Monster Jam fan. We would love to win this prize as it would brighten his day since he is unwell and we have no idea how long the process is going to take for a full recovery. He loves Grave digger and Son ova Digger. He would love to meet the drivers.

  107. Avatar of Tambo

    My daughter loves being part of the action and excitement of live events. She’d have such a great time (and so would her Dad)…

  108. Avatar of Amanda Tanti
    Amanda TantiReply

    My boys are rev heads like their dad and this would make the best family day out!

  109. Avatar of Julia Mason
    Julia MasonReply

    I love that we’ve never been, but can imagine the craziest things our eyes have never seen!!

  110. Avatar of Karen Edwards
    Karen EdwardsReply

    Monster trucks are FUN for the whole family. Taking our son would be a dream come true for him.

  111. Avatar of Michelle Halliday
    Michelle HallidayReply

    This is great entertainment for the whole family. Never watched it before until my son started watching it. He’s now 5 and still absolutely loves it. We are very sad it’s not coming to Adelaide, but prepared to travel to Melbourne if we win the contest!

  112. Avatar of David

    Wow the kids will absolutely love this. Thanks for the opportunity of winning this.

  113. Avatar of Michelle D

    The thing I most love about Monster Jam is how happy and excited it makes children.

  114. Avatar of Lisa N Littlies
    Lisa N LittliesReply

    I love how my son and daughter love Monster Jam as much as I do so it’s something I get to watch with them and one day maybe we can go see them together

  115. Avatar of Buket Ogutucu
    Buket OgutucuReply

    my son had his first experience of Monster Trucks last year and has been obsessed with them since then and he would like to go again this year.

  116. Avatar of Erin Bond

    I got my partner tickets for this last year, attended even though i wasnt well and spent the whole show vomiting =( was truly horrible! would love to attend and actually see the show as it sounded amazing!

  117. Avatar of Bernice OS

    I would love to watch my boys watching Monster Jam. Their faces would be priceless!!! Awesome prize.

  118. Avatar of Dianne

    It’s crazy, it’s loud and it’s so much fun! Fingers crossed!

  119. Avatar of Jade o

    The thrills the spill, the crashes and more, I’d love to show my family monster truck galore!

  120. Avatar of Andieharrie

    Monster jam Brisbane will bring us exciting fun
    Minter jam entertains everyone
    Big fast and action at its best
    Monster jam is the ultimate test

  121. Avatar of Anna Elle

    Monster Jam is every kid’s dream – big, loud, back-flipping fun!

  122. Avatar of Melissa Gillooly
    Melissa GilloolyReply

    Monster trucks are fun and loud like my little cute monsters fun and loud!
    Monster – why we love it!
    M is for moving, o is for outrageous, v is for vote to win, I is for impressively big, n is for noisy, g is for grand !

  123. Avatar of Bec Hope

    We love watching monster trucks and guessing which one will win!
    When we see things falling off the trucks we all laugh and scream together!

  124. Avatar of kathy clark
    kathy clarkReply

    Monster Trucks are amazing and would love to own one

  125. Avatar of Rosemarie

    The roar of the engines as they came out was amazing, but it was their ability to reverse park that blew my mind!

  126. Avatar of Di

    The stunts, action, fun and excitement AND absolutely always secretly hoping to see a ‘stack’!!!

  127. Avatar of ERN

    Drivers so skilled, so daring. Trucks so big, brilliant and spectacularly painted. Atmosphere, crowd going off, everyone so into it. Fun to the max, mind blowing entertainment……….and this is just me, don’t get me started on the hows and why the little bloke loves it too.

  128. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea CornishReply

    The excitement that fills the air,
    joy and laughter everywhere.
    A great day out do not despair.
    A family activity we can all share.

  129. Avatar of AmberB

    The fact that it is an exciting day for the entire family

  130. Avatar of Kristen Fraser
    Kristen FraserReply

    My autistic son can line see all his favourutes up close

  131. Avatar of Sue G

    Grave Digger is the mist popular in our house! Monster crashes all day long!

  132. Avatar of Janeen Ayling
    Janeen AylingReply

    We have never been, but my son loves watching the ads and makes his own course at home for his mini monster trucks.

  133. Avatar of Kim Fowles

    My boys love monster trucks so much. It will be my sons 9th birthday and he is dying to go and this is all he’s asked for is for monster truck tickets. So if we one this would make his day he’s such a great fun loving kid.

  134. Avatar of Rod Harm

    We’ve never been and my daughter hates loud noises (thank goodness for ear muffs!) but I am guessing the spills, crashes, airtime and speed are why we will love Monster Jam!

  135. Avatar of Sarah

    They are so exciting.. I’ve always wanted to take the kids! They would love it. What a great family day out.

  136. Avatar of rachel sinclair
    rachel sinclairReply

    the excited and power of the big machines! me and my boys love monster jam

  137. Avatar of Kylie Gough
    Kylie GoughReply

    My boys love monster jam my 5 yr old is obsessed with them

  138. Avatar of Charlotte

    This would put a huge smile on my young man’s face should we be lucky enough to win this pack.

  139. Avatar of Cherie Roberts
    Cherie RobertsReply

    My son has been obsessed with monster jam since he was 3 (now 6) We love everything about monster jam. The sound of the trucks the trucks and the racing. Our fave is grave digger.

  140. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    The dirt, music and the crowd I love
    The flips and jumps are a cut above
    We all adore it along with the noise
    The perfect place to take my boys!

  141. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    The noise, the action, the insanity of it all!

  142. Avatar of Sarah L Johnson
    Sarah L JohnsonReply

    Just the craziness of not knowing if or when the cars are going to flip over. Super fun!

  143. Avatar of britishstorm

    The hilarious reactions of my kids. They know the trucks they know the drivers.
    They just love it.

  144. Avatar of Amanda

    I love the excited look on my sons face when he talks about it!

  145. Avatar of Tianie Lee

    My boy loves his monster trucks! Really want to take him to his first show , they are just loud amazing powerful beasts!!!

  146. Avatar of jayla1987

    I love how monster jam keeps the kids quiet they love monster trucks

  147. Avatar of Rebecca Brush
    Rebecca BrushReply

    I love everything about the monster trucks they are so awesome to watch, unfortunately I’ve only been able to watch them on tv so far but it’s still awesome

  148. Avatar of Joanne Stella
    Joanne StellaReply

    We love seeing the big trucks fly through tge air and the roar of the engines as they kick up the dust around the track.

  149. Avatar of cat

    It is great to have the kids interested in something that is not electronic!

  150. Avatar of Tana

    I love the smile it puts on my sons face to see the Monster tucks

  151. Avatar of Tony Fiorito
    Tony FioritoReply

    I love the fact about Monster trucks is my partner and whole family all enjoy it! Great family fun.

  152. Avatar of Alex

    Watching cars go fast around a track is one thing, but it’s just a sped up version of everyday driving. Seeing large trucks in such action is a whole other story – nothing like it in day to day life!

  153. Avatar of Sarah McKenzie
    Sarah McKenzieReply

    I have never been!! So I can’t say what I love about it! But I know we would all love the thrill and excitement of all the action, I would love to see my 8 year old sons eyes light up!!

  154. Avatar of Tracy

    My boys love Monster trucks but unfortunately have never been able to go to a live show. I’d love to win the DVD and merchandise pack for them.

  155. Avatar of stephen elsworthy
    stephen elsworthyReply

    My kids are so into these trucks but price is stopping me taking them

  156. Avatar of Danette Trainor
    Danette TrainorReply

    My boys and me love monster trucks!! We love the roar of the engines and the smell of dust flying thru the air as they maneuver round the track! Having no father to take them to such events I would be the world’s best mum if I could win this awesome prize for them…..

  157. Avatar of D I A N A

    Losing yourself, being completely absorbed by the cars. They’re really, really loud, adding to the experience in a way you can’t understand unless you’ve seen them first hand.

  158. Avatar of Danielle Jason Kean
    Danielle Jason KeanReply

    Love watching the Monster Trucks with the family and our daughter especially loves them when they do the massive jumps! They are just amazing to watch!

  159. Avatar of Juanita Munro
    Juanita MunroReply

    The thrill & excitement of every monsterous move by the entertainers til you have to hold your breathe in anticipation for the ending!

  160. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    Love the atmosphere and the roar of the engines!

  161. Avatar of Megan

    The look on my little boys face when he sees the big monster trucks doing amazing tricks!!

  162. Avatar of Deb

    My great- grandchildren love the excitement these vehicles bring. They scream with delight when the trucks perform their stunts.

  163. Avatar of Carrie

    Wow this would be absolutely amazing, my son is turning 4 and loves monster truck

  164. Avatar of Brooke Borthwick-Moy
    Brooke Borthwick-MoyReply

    Seeing my three sons get so excited each time they see it on TV makes me smile and I would love to surprise them with this amazing prize!

  165. Avatar of ChriS

    I love watching Monster Jam with my boys. I never knew how exciting monster trucks were until my kids introduced me to Monster Jam. The back flips are definitely our favourite trick!

  166. Avatar of Kristy Lee Coles
    Kristy Lee ColesReply

    My son and daughter love monster trucks they love when they have fire coming out the side of the truck and when they do tricks

  167. Avatar of Karen Kemp

    The tricks they do are awesome & the dirt spraying around with the smell mixed through the air makes you feel part of the action!

  168. Avatar of Chelle D

    Me and my 3 sons absolutely love Monster Jam! Anyone going will not be disappointed. The noise, action, tricks and atmosphere makes a really fun night out for the family 🙂

  169. Avatar of JaimeandIan Garland
    JaimeandIan GarlandReply

    We love the action and tricks. The drivers also show appreciation and love to the crowd and their fans. My youngest absoloutly loves Monster Jam and his favourites are Grave Digger, Max D and Iron man. He gets so excited when watching that he flaps his hands. Lol. We would love to take him and our other 2 boys but we haven’t yet been able to afford it.

  170. Avatar of Renee Bolton
    Renee BoltonReply

    My 7 yr old so has loved watching them on TV and DVD for few years now. We hope one to a show, but been a bit far away for us so far.

  171. Avatar of Chanel Phillips
    Chanel PhillipsReply

    The love of cars, trucks and anything that goes is in my families blood, my cousin is one of the few female racers around (however she drives a super-fast mini), the kids LOVE the big Monster trucks, I see the excitement in their eyes as we watch them on TV and play Monster Truck games at home. We have never been to the Monster Jam however to see the big trucks air-born for the first time in real life would be unforgettable!

  172. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha PageReply

    My boys Love Monster Jam! They are so Big & Loud & just seem Invincible! The trucks (that is) not my boys. Lol!

  173. Avatar of Erin Terry

    We love to get our family jam on watching Monester Jam from the edge of our seats… From 2 year Olds to 32 year Olds, Monster Jam is family friendly entertainment for our whole family.

  174. Avatar of Monique L Brown
    Monique L BrownReply

    My 10 year old son is monster truck mad… he actually saw this over my shoulder and asked if we could go. Unfortunately that won’t be happening but #FingersCrossed to win him a merch pack <3

  175. Avatar of Tara Howard
    Tara HowardReply

    My son absolutely loves monster trucks. He loves when they smash things, when they drive over things and that they are bad ass. Whenever we are at the shops, all he wants is a monster truck present. It would be a once in a lifetime experience for my son and our family.

  176. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    My great-nephew is absolutely obsessed with monster trucks. He spends hours playing monster jam and doing stunts with his toy trucks. I’d love to win a merchandise pack for him to add to his collection!

  177. Avatar of marypreston

    Monster Jam is certainly adrenaline packed and exciting.

  178. Avatar of Ann Maree Sculley
    Ann Maree SculleyReply

    My family have an obsession with loud humungous Trucks especially miss 12 ,this would be a great family day out !

  179. Avatar of Amber Schmida Greene
    Amber Schmida GreeneReply

    Monster trucks are so much fun! Roaring high, low and around the sun
    Fun for boys, and for girl mums too, we’d love to roar in the crowd with you!

  180. Avatar of kelly Baldock
    kelly BaldockReply

    Fun, loud, exciting and just an awesome fun time for all the family plus my almost 2 year old and 11 year old sons would love to be there

  181. Avatar of Amber

    My kids love Monster jam actually my eldest wants to drive them when his older so he can crash one another and do tricks and be the coolest . He is 4

  182. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    We love the sound, the smashing, crushing and awesome atmosphere at these events. This would be super to win. My son loves Monster Trucks – he has the hugest collection.

  183. Avatar of Lisa Jane Eskinazi
    Lisa Jane EskinaziReply

    The look of excitement on my partners face as she watches in awe

  184. Avatar of Nicole Bolto
    Nicole BoltoReply

    My 5 year old daughter LOVES when the monster trucks crash when they are trying to do stunts.

  185. Avatar of Jackie

    Bring on Monster Jam. Sky high jumps and outrageous stunts that the kids go nuts for.

  186. Avatar of Corina Back Mansour Mielekamp
    Corina Back Mansour MielekampReply

    Monster Jam is just an amazing experience for the whole family

  187. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole GurneyReply

    Love the mister trucks. The atmosphere is amazing. High jumps loud nice action packed for sure 🙂

  188. Avatar of Shanna Woods
    Shanna WoodsReply

    We’ve never been to Monster Jam, but In can guarantee that my boys would love every minute!

  189. Avatar of Russ ratt

    Oh would love to take my friend watches it every week especially gets out of his bed he in wheelchair ,and watch it hoping I can afford to take him to Brisbane one in October ,,

  190. Avatar of Angel Boyd

    Our family (includes our kitty cat) loves Monster Jam, shows and toys. It’s highly entertaining. 🙂

  191. Avatar of Stacey

    Everything, the way my kids eyes light up when they see it, the action, the atmosphere.

  192. Avatar of Maree Gray

    We love everything about Monster Jam, the noise, crashes, lights. The atmosphere is electric.

  193. Avatar of Nicole Strachan
    Nicole StrachanReply

    My little boy is just amazed at how the cars jump.

  194. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I love all the great designs of the trucks. So much goes into the way they look and perform. So exciting.

  195. Avatar of Trish Leonard
    Trish LeonardReply

    We are huge fans of Monster Jam, the trucks are amazing and it’s so exciting. Love it!

  196. Avatar of Mehwish

    My little one is in love with monster truck when he see this he is so excited he said can we go now he is gonna be so happy if he wins this and go to see monster trucks

  197. Avatar of Angela

    My son has been asking to go to the monster trucks all year. Looking forward to taking him for his first show.

  198. Avatar of Chrys McLean
    Chrys McLeanReply

    My son loves monster trucks…i had promised to take him but can’t afford it. I’d love to win so i can take him

  199. Avatar of Allmaree

    Massive monster trucks making noise the kids have never felt such joy

  200. Avatar of Rhiannon Sayers
    Rhiannon SayersReply

    Action, excitement and an amazing show all provided in a fun, family orientated atmosphere. Great event for our whole family to enjoy.

  201. Avatar of Cara Trott

    Family fun.
    We were lucky enough to go to monster jam last year and admittedly I was a bit a skeptical, but it was awesome. To see the faces of my children light up with excitement and to be in awe of the tricks and stunts was priceless.

  202. Avatar of Angela Griffiths
    Angela GriffithsReply

    I’d love to win. My son has loved monster trucks since he was 2 and he keeps asking to go, but we haven’t had a chance to take him yet. It would be a great 6th birthday present for him.

  203. Avatar of Katrina Constable
    Katrina ConstableReply

    Love how my 5 year old shakes with the excitement of it all!

  204. Avatar of Carissa Kinder
    Carissa KinderReply

    Looking forward to the excitement on my kid’s faces!

  205. Avatar of Katrina Stanton
    Katrina StantonReply

    Because it is what it says a Monster Jam of a Prize. Fun and games here I come.

  206. Avatar of Kat Anderson
    Kat AndersonReply

    The kids think it’s so exciting, and awesome for the adults too!

  207. Avatar of Tessa St Clair
    Tessa St ClairReply

    My kids go in worried and unsure about what is going to happen and walk out at the end soo excited and pumped. A fun night that has us all laughing.

  208. Avatar of Casey Kickett
    Casey KickettReply

    Monster Trucks for a monster night – atmosphere is buzzing, trucks are loud and the kids are in awe of what machines can do. A great family night that even the big kids (Mum and Dad) can enjoy too!

  209. Avatar of Minja

    My boys love watching Monster Jam on TV and playing with their trucks. It would be great to take them to see them live.

  210. Avatar of Casey

    Omg my son would absolutly love this, I will be sending my partner and son along with our friend and his son as the boys are both diehard monster truck fans

  211. Avatar of Isabeau Jane
    Isabeau JaneReply

    Monster Jam is so edge of your seat and action packed and it would be so amazing to see this live and share the experience with my son!

  212. Avatar of Deanna Platts
    Deanna PlattsReply

    My boys would go crazy over a prize pack. We’re in Qld so unfortunately aren’t able to win tickets, but the looks on my boys faces if they won a prize pack would be just beautiful to see.

  213. Avatar of phat_nat

    We’ve never been but have longed to!! My son is crazy about cars abd trucks and we often watch the Monster Trucks on tv…I think it would blow his mind to see how huge they are in real life and just what they can do!!

  214. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    The huge excitement hit for the whole family !

  215. Avatar of Candice

    My son loves Monster Trucks. He thinks they’re so exciting.and loves playing and reading about them.

  216. Avatar of Rachel K

    Monster Jam is perfect for “revving” it all out! In the course of a year we go through every emotion thinking, feeling, with strength and vulnerability, ruthlessness and compassion. A little Monster Jam madness would refresh, relax and rejuvenate us!

  217. Avatar of Vics

    My teenage son and husband bond over Monster trucks- relationship building during teenage years is crucial !

  218. Avatar of Leah Johnston
    Leah JohnstonReply

    I love how excited my kids get watching Monster Jam and are inspired to build ramps and jumps around the house and backyard to put on their own shows.

  219. Avatar of Lauren Barnes
    Lauren BarnesReply

    Engines revving, adrenaline flowing, Monster Truck shows makes the most exciting family trip out, just saying that loudly!

  220. Avatar of Patrick

    Wow, who doesn’t love monster trucks! We’d love to go

  221. Avatar of Kirilee b

    Monster trucks in general! And it will keep my partner and son busy

  222. Avatar of Bec Uziel

    I have 3 young boys, so if course any kind of car/truck is always a hit.
    Living in a small town, we have never been able to go to a show, but we’ve watched them on tv a times & the boys are in awe of them!

  223. Avatar of Sue Perry

    I have an almost 6yo boy who is obsessed with monster cars he tells everyone that our next car will be a green monster truck this show will be on just after his 6th birthday i would love to surprise him with tickets

  224. Avatar of Colin Burt

    now this would be so exciting, kids just love thoese biggies great trip out for them

  225. Avatar of Ashleigh Walters
    Ashleigh WaltersReply

    I love that both my son (5y) and daughter (2y) enjoy monster trucks and we can all sit as a family and spend time together

  226. Avatar of Lara Haynes
    Lara HaynesReply

    My son would love to see this live but no tickets for QLD so he would love to win the merchandise pack

  227. Avatar of blackwidow63

    would love to take my granddaughter so she can feel special

  228. Avatar of emily

    my son Ayden would be so excited if we could take him.. he has all the monster truck toys

  229. Avatar of Peta Masih

    It’s exciting, it’s exhilarating & it’s so much fun for a 5 year old Boy!!

  230. Avatar of Peta

    We love Monster Jam,
    we collect all the toys,
    And the seeing them live,
    makes for one happy boy!
    It’s just so exciting,
    watching trucks leap for joy!!

  231. Avatar of Dee Susan

    My kids and I love the excitement that Monster Jam bring and eagerly waiting for one whole year for this amazing event, to see up close and personal the great looking Monster Trucks and their owners, the famous Stars battling it on the ground. We can’t wait to see the display which is always colourful, as well as the bikies flying up in the air and doing all theirs tricks, but most importantly I am so happy to see the smiles on my kids’ faces and hearing them cheering their favorite trucks!

  232. Avatar of Melinda Davies
    Melinda DaviesReply

    My kids have wanted to see Monster Jam every time they have come but we have never been able to make it! I would love to give them with this terrific surprise and see the looks on their faces, as well as experience the night with them <3

  233. Avatar of Tina

    Love to take my daughter and nephew!!
    Haven’t been to see monster trucks since i was a kid so it would be awesome to go again!!

  234. Avatar of Simone Wiesner
    Simone WiesnerReply

    I love it because it bring my son and his grandpa so much joy watching it and talking about it. Also love in gender netural amd shows both males and females are equal out there on the track!!

  235. Avatar of Kacey

    Watching the Monster Trucks do mad crazy jumps and neeeearly tipping over and then boom! They’re back on all four wheels – It’s edge of your seat stuff – Would love to see it for real instead of just on the tele 😀

  236. Avatar of Indria Purnamasari
    Indria PurnamasariReply

    I love it because my kids seems so excited seeing Monster Trucks 🙂

  237. Avatar of Juanita Thorn
    Juanita ThornReply

    I really have no idea….I remember flipping a channel one day and it was on…I scoffed and went to change the channel but something caught my attention… hour later the show was finishing and I was hooked. I love the BIG cars….I love the car-gymnastics….I love everything,

  238. Avatar of Kylie T

    Our family treasure’s Monster Jam as it captivates hearts
    Epic adventure & adrenaline fuelled entertainment, always part
    Inspiring marvellous mechanical robotics one of a kind
    To win merchandise thanks to Mum Central will entwine
    Our home amidst what we know and so adoringly love
    As the littlies proudly fly the chequered flag from above!

  239. Avatar of Jacinta Nimmo
    Jacinta NimmoReply

    What a great prize, pity I live so far away form where they are being held 🙁 my kids would love to watch the monster trucks.

  240. Avatar of Selina Hoyer
    Selina HoyerReply

    Its loud, its dirty and its a great night of entertainment for the whole family

  241. Avatar of Jo Keller

    A monster load of fun for the whole family big and small, no fighting, no blood and gore, no heads stuck in technology just a fantastic fun full on action night the whole fam bam can enjoy!.

  242. Avatar of Teresa Clark
    Teresa ClarkReply

    I love the excitement of my sons watching the trucks, they love the noise, the race’s when the trucks go in the air, if they are lucky enough to see a flip.

  243. Avatar of Jenni

    I wish it was in Adelaide so we could take our son, he just loves monster trucks.

  244. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy BowdlertReply

    My three boys love Monster Trucks, I do too. It’s a special bonding thing we do together, watching big trucks flipping, spinning and rolling, it’s great.

  245. Avatar of Jenny Woods
    Jenny WoodsReply

    My great grandson who is autistic loves Monster Jam, in particular Grave Digger. Would love to win for him.

  246. Avatar of Kylie Blythe
    Kylie BlytheReply

    My son is a monster jam fanatic and would love this!

  247. Avatar of Melanie J Patterson
    Melanie J PattersonReply

    Monster Jam is fun for the whole family for us, I have three very boy boys! Who love dirt and truck/cars! This would be the ultimate surprise to win this and to be able to take them!

  248. Avatar of Lisa Mckay

    My daughter & I love watching the monster trucks on tv. She would just be blown away to see them live!

  249. Avatar of Linda Luczak
    Linda LuczakReply

    Monster Jam, an action packed experience with larger than life trucks. My boys would absolutely love it!

  250. Avatar of Kylie Yaxley
    Kylie YaxleyReply

    Wow what can i say my son is grave digger crazy. Id love nothing more than to be able to take the family on a little surprise getaway to see monster jam in Melbourne

  251. Avatar of marija

    It’s a great time out for the family. My boy loves cars and to see his face light up with glee is wonderful. Good on Monster Jam for bringing family fun!

  252. Avatar of JenAnd Anthony Smith
    JenAnd Anthony SmithReply

    I absolutely love how quiet its make my two boys as well as my husband! If I needed to, I could read a few chapters of a book.

  253. Avatar of Kristina

    Gear grinding, pedal to the metal excitement. Serious edge of your seat entertainment you cant get anywhere else

  254. Avatar of Irena

    My son loves how Monster Trucks are racing to win in the speedway and they have big tyres 🙂

  255. Avatar of Carla Telford
    Carla TelfordReply

    My two boys play montster trucks together. There favourite is the shaggy dog! Awooo!

  256. Avatar of Adele Coone
    Adele CooneReply

    I love that the monster trucks can be enjoyed by all of the family. From the 10 month old up to the parents. Such a great sport to watch! Can’t wait for the wonderwoman truck to kick off

  257. Avatar of Nicole Zois
    Nicole ZoisReply

    I love that it is a family day out and all will enjoy it. My kids eyes would simply light up and I don’t think they would know where to look!

  258. Avatar of Kylie Birthisel
    Kylie BirthiselReply

    What a buzz and great fun family adventure. I’d win major brownie points if they got to go see Monster Trucks.

  259. Avatar of Michael

    Grave Digger, Zombie, Dragon and the rest of the trucks flying through the air at massive heights. The summersaults are great too!

  260. Avatar of Nicole Arif
    Nicole ArifReply

    So much fun and excitment for the whole family. We play monster trucks at home and to have my son get to take his grave digger toy along to watch the real deal would be perfect!

  261. Avatar of Bec Leechburch
    Bec LeechburchReply

    I love the look that’s lit up on my sons face. The constant excitement has him reciting the event over and over for days. One happy little boy!

  262. Avatar of Erica Drent
    Erica DrentReply

    As much as we’d love to see them again we live in QLD. I took my son a few years back and he had the best time, seeing his all time favourite monster trucks rip it up and smash cars was the best thing 🙂

  263. Avatar of Michelle Webb
    Michelle WebbReply

    My 2 boys absolutely love Monster Jam and sit watching them on TV in awe.

  264. Avatar of Dave

    I have promised the kiddies a motor show, but so far have never been able to do so. One day……….

  265. Avatar of Sima Majzoub
    Sima MajzoubReply

    The pure joy my 7 year son gets from watching the trucks roar and smash through everything is what I love.

  266. Avatar of Sanj

    I now understand these trucks have personalities! My son adores all things Monster Truck so I have learned through him & we ‘Truck on’ together, such fun!

  267. Avatar of Gervase Dsylva
    Gervase DsylvaReply

    Would love to take the kids to experience, enjoy and appreciate this form of motor sport and the skills involved.

  268. Avatar of Stephanie Wulff
    Stephanie WulffReply

    My 2 boys just LOVE monster trucks! My youngest even has a replica Grave Digger truck he plays with every day making jumps and tracks to race around 😀

  269. Avatar of ElkeH

    My son just LOVEs them! The sheer joy it gives him the only reason I need to love them 🙂

  270. Avatar of joburkey

    It’s the coolest, they are so big and noisy and can jump over the mounds

  271. Avatar of Natalie Skinner
    Natalie SkinnerReply

    The noise, the atmosphere, the huge air the trucks get and the smiles on my boys’ faces as they watch on in awe

  272. Avatar of Leanne M

    I love the thrill of the chase, the crashes, the jumps. Its something all of our family sit together and enjoy watching. We all have our own toy Monster truck of our favourite. Mine is Grave digger.

  273. Avatar of Kylie Maas

    My ASD son has been obsessed with Monster Trucks since I can remember. I’ve always wanted to take him but haven’t been able to afford it. This would make his year!

  274. Avatar of Kelly Plumpton
    Kelly PlumptonReply

    Would love to win a pass to see the monster trucks in action. Our 4yo son is obsessed with all forms of transport at the moment

  275. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie TullipanReply

    In the words of my kids….”those back flips are EPIC and what can they crush and flatten next? They are awesome Mum!”

  276. Avatar of Melissa Gillooly
    Melissa GilloolyReply

    we have a monster load of love for mum central and monster trucks live!

  277. Avatar of Phuong Chi Twigden
    Phuong Chi TwigdenReply

    My hubby is an extreme metal head and the Monster truck show would just make his 50th birthday this year! It has rubbed off our three year old son too!

  278. Avatar of Jo

    I love how excited my boys get about the crazy antics and crashes of the monster trucks!

  279. Avatar of MariaY

    The awesomeness of these crazy machines. My boys will love this treat!!

  280. Avatar of Chrissy07

    Monster Jam is always so noisy, exciting and awesomely dirty. I just love and and so does the whole family.

  281. Avatar of Yasmine Perkins
    Yasmine PerkinsReply

    Love the look of excitement on my boys faces EVERY TIME they see their favourite Monster Jam truck Grave Digger

  282. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa SummerellReply

    The atmosphere and noisy engines. We love how it looks like so much fun. Mostly we only ever get to watch these at home on tv, so having the chance to be out there and hearing those engines revving would be amazing

  283. Avatar of spog777

    The sheer spectacle of these amazing giants in action certainly electrify the crowds emotions

  284. Avatar of Craig

    The non stop out of control fun the gets you so excited no matter what your age

  285. Avatar of christie

    They Fast Loud and provide non stop entertainment of adrenalin that get the body excited at the thrill of these amazing stunts and I have one excited boy who would love to go

  286. Avatar of AngieB

    I love hearing the engines rev and wstching how high they get off the ground!

  287. Avatar of Rebecca

    The electrifying atmosphere of giant monsters flying through the air, doing stunts and tricks. The kids would have a ball

  288. Avatar of Cass

    My two year old loves monster jam and I love how happy and excited he gets watching it, he loves it when they crash and has a special interest in grave digger. I’d love to take him to the show and watch him get so excited!

  289. Avatar of Tiffany Salinas
    Tiffany SalinasReply

    Yes please my boys love monster jam. Even before they could walk.

  290. Avatar of Cumbrian

    the ultimate adrenaline rush they are loved by my all boy family .

  291. Avatar of Ebony Buttigieg
    Ebony ButtigiegReply

    Mr 4.5 years is Monster Truck and 4×4 mad.
    He knows all the names of his favourite trucks, owns so much merchandise and plays the Monster Jam game on his ps4. My partner takes him 4×4 driving and that is where Mr 4.5 years is at his happiest.
    Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up and he will tell you ” a monster truck driver and fixer “.
    My son breathes Monster Jam. This would complete him.

  292. Avatar of Sarah

    OMG! I wanted to much to take my boys to this last time but it didn’t work out! This would literally blow their mind for their birthdays coming end of July and beginning of AUG!

  293. Avatar of Joanne Parkinson
    Joanne ParkinsonReply

    I love the sound and that they defy gravity with their backflips. Super amazing

  294. Avatar of Vanessa

    We’re all monster jam mad in our family – thanks to Grandpa! We love the excitement of the cars, commentators so much so my sons first first words are truck names and sentence was “woah, did you see that”!!

  295. Avatar of Nikki Thom

    My family and myself love monster jam and I love seeing the excitement on my boys faces when they see the stunts these massive machines do

  296. Avatar of Laura Offerman
    Laura OffermanReply

    I can’t wait to see my son’s face when his toy monster trucks come to life! Go Grave Digger!

  297. Avatar of Misty Ramjet
    Misty RamjetReply

    I absolutely lovvvve Grave digger – the moves, the noise, the excitement, the jumps. My son loves it but so do I.

  298. Avatar of Lilliana Sierra
    Lilliana SierraReply

    Lucas is 4 and last year for Christmas he got his favourite Monster Jams, Grave digger & Megalodon! He spot the add couple of weeks ago at AAMI park and starred screaming that he wanted to see them. That will be a great plan to go with grandad that is coming from overseas to visit!!!.

  299. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia MathersReply

    My 3 year old grandson loves them, he has been asking for them for his birthday. We love the loud noise they make and watching them jump over things

  300. Avatar of Helen

    I’m outnumbered with a husband and three boys I guess its a given that Monster Trucks are a hit in our home.

  301. Avatar of Shae Waldron
    Shae WaldronReply

    I’m entering this to win for a friends daughter who is Monster truck mad. My son has decided that he would like to give it to her because he “has lots of stuff”

  302. Avatar of Carmen

    My children are crazy for Monster Trucks. I asked them why and they said that the truck is big, goes broom broom, and has a monster in it. They the proceeded to run around in circles going broom broom.

  303. Avatar of Mell

    My three boys LOVE Monster Jam! I got tickets as soon as they where available to avoid missing out! We will be attending the Brisbane October show! My two year old has at least 50 toy Monster Jams!

  304. Avatar of Eamond Tomaszewski
    Eamond TomaszewskiReply

    I love All the Monster Trucks and My Boys can Name the Cars and Drivers Too, This would be awesome Please and Thanks Ps Grave Digger is my favourite

  305. Avatar of Amba Lee Webster
    Amba Lee WebsterReply

    My 5 year old loves his monster trucks… So i asked if he would like to see “Monster Jam” …. He said he would like Monster Jam on his toast. haha

  306. Avatar of Kerryanne Bourke
    Kerryanne BourkeReply

    Mr 7 said he loves them flipping and doing wheelies, he even loves making monster trucks with lego and crashing them into one another!

  307. Avatar of Haylee Willard
    Haylee WillardReply

    My 4yo will love to see Monster Jam, almost as much as my big kid (hubby). Would love to take the family!

  308. Avatar of Belinda Belinda
    Belinda BelindaReply

    My nephew would be ‘on a roll’ and have a monster time like he always does at these events!

  309. Avatar of Carolyn Pank
    Carolyn PankReply

    Our 4yo is monster truck mad!! What’s not to love about huge trucks doing stunts!!

  310. Avatar of Emma Dennison
    Emma DennisonReply

    A great family day out, we have a child with anxiety.. but seeing the monster trucks with ear muffs on just makes life so magical, the amazement and the joy of watching the big trucks

  311. Avatar of Linda Cleary
    Linda ClearyReply

    The finale when the church bells ring and grave digger comes out

  312. Avatar of Kathryn C

    My rev head family would love getting up close to these amazing Monster trucks. What an experience it would be. Master 5 would be super excited seeing them in real life and experiencing how big they actually are ☺☺☺

  313. Avatar of Melissa Mckeown
    Melissa MckeownReply

    My son says “It’s awesome! I love it! Monster Jam is the coolest! But seeing them live would be the most awesome thing ever!”

  314. Avatar of Babylonia

    My son is so obsessed with monster trucks, I can’t wait to see his reaction when I tell him we will be seeing his favorite the Grave Digger. Yay!!!

  315. Avatar of Claire H Simmons
    Claire H SimmonsReply

    the noise of the monster trucks, its exciting and the kids get a buzz from it

  316. Avatar of Paige Yang

    Monster Jam can make my kids excited and scream for its amazing performance. Also the design of the trucks is so cool.

  317. Avatar of Bella Ri

    The sheer excitement and adrenaline of not knowing what will happen next! My little ones LOVE big trucks and being able to see them in the ring is so exciting and intriguing to watch 🙂

  318. Avatar of sandra nicolle
    sandra nicolleReply

    i love watching the trucks so much more interesting than watching 60plus laps of cars going round and round a track the tricks they due in bonus time is awesome fast pace keeps you on the edge of your seat every minute

  319. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia ComerReply

    the stunts and colour and vibrancy of the trucks. The enthusiasm of the spectators and drivers. Jack also loves that his little Monster trucks have the same suspension as the real deals and they are very accurate minitures of the real trucks. We love that Monster Jam is on tv and is also accessible to the public when they perform.

  320. Avatar of Kathleen Donnelly
    Kathleen DonnellyReply

    The crazy drivers the skills they have to have to do what they do.

  321. Avatar of Eva Kiraly

    My son loves them, they make him happy so I love them because they make him happy.

  322. Avatar of Kristy Winters
    Kristy WintersReply

    My son loves trucks and cars and monster trucks bring a big grin to his face which always makes my heart swell so that is why I love them because the joy it brings my son

  323. Avatar of mustangmum

    It’s such a fun outing for the whole family, as the size of the trucks make the kids go WOW!

  324. Avatar of Charl Lowther
    Charl LowtherReply

    They’re big and tough, kids can’t get enough! A great family night out!

  325. Avatar of Malissa

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    posted here.

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