Baby Joy For Family Who Lost Toddler in Choking Tragedy

It was the story that broke our hearts. A beautiful little boy choking to death in his mother’s arms only days before his fourth birthday.

Tasmanian tot Alby Davis died in March 2018 after choking on a bouncy ball meant for his party bags. The tragedy left us hugging our own kids that little bit tighter.

Now, joy for the family. They have just welcomed another little boy to their brood. Arnhem Oak Davis arrived safely on 2 July, 2018, after making his mama wait almost 42 weeks.

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Welcome Arnhem Oak Davis

The family announced Arnhem’s safe arrival on Instagram. He weighed in at a very healthy nine pounds, 13 ounces of “pure dream”, as his proud mama describes it. (that’s 4141 grams in case you’re wondering!).

“Our newest little lion-heart finally decided to descend from the cosmos and emerge into the world. How blessed we are to welcome our fourth babe, and third cherished son, Arnhem Oak, born lovingly at home this morning.”

Arnhem Oak Davis

The name game

Arnhem joins big sister Sage Mila Wren and big brothers Alby Fox and Acre Roo. Anna says he was named while still tucked up inside her belly, though his gender remained a surprise till the delivery.

She reveals Acre already has a nick-name for his baby brother. “Acre has been calling Arnhem ‘Little Alby’ and although Arn was already bound for earth before Alby drew skyward, perhaps their souls collided somewhere in the secret realms of brotherhood, with each exchanging a fragment of their golden hearts before venturing on their way,” she writes on Instagram.

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Love and loss

Anna has shared regularly about the family’s heartache since the unexpected and terrible loss of son Alby just four months ago. She was already pregnant when Alby died.

“While paramedics fought to bring our precious Alby back from the heavens, I knelt by his side, with his hand clutched in my own, as our unborn babe kicked inside my womb. And in that moment, the overwhelming contrast of life and death reared its ugly beauty in a way I never conceived possible.”

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Alby Davis - toddler chokes on ball

“The last few days have been spent swimming through a tidal wave of grief, grappling with the almost incomprehensible thoughts of one sweet life slipping through our fingers only four months ago, while physically and mentally preparing to guide our next little starling into the universe,” Anna writes.

“Sometimes this grief is raw and unbridled and takes us all by surprise. And all that we can do is surrender, allow our tears to cleanse the fire, and then set it free.”

Arnhem’s safe arrival is truly the most beautiful, if bittersweet, ending for a family who have endured our worst nightmare. We wish them all the best for the journey ahead.

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