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Bravo Mums! Our Pick of the Most Brilliant Homemade Book Week Costumes This Year

Another year, another Book Week costume.  How did you go? If you’re looking for some great Book Week costume ideas look no further!

We reached out to our readers on Facebook recently and asked you to show us your costumes, and well, the results are nothing short of impressive!

Anyone can buy a cute costume but these mums have gone above and beyond with a handmade Book Week costume! Fingers crossed they can recycle them for Halloween, or at least pass them down to a younger sibling.

It was extremely hard to choose our very favourites, but here are some of the Book Week costume ideas that definitely deserve a trophy for creativity and an A+ for effort!

Mr Wolf and Mr Shark from The Bad Guys

Aren’t these masks badass? They are made from EVA foam floor mats.

Bad Guys Book Week
Image source: Nina Silla/Facebook

Princess and the Pea

Complete with a bed and a pea.

Princess and the Pea Book Week
Image source: Megan Applby/Facebook

The Wizard of Oz

Isn’t this just the cutest toddler gang of Oz characters! And all (semi) smiling for the camera too.

Wizard of Oz Book Week
Image source: Renee Standon/Facebook

And some more Oz-inspired tribes here.

mum central
Image source: Kathryn Varapodio Davkovski /Facebook
Wizard of Oz Book Week
Image source: Kelly BornWilson/Facebook

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Alice in Wonderland themed Book Week costumes are always popular and we are absolutely floored by this Mad Hatter and her decadent tea party.

Alice in Wonderland Book Week
Image source: Kylie Chattfield/Facebook

Do Not Open This Book (Again)

Andy Lee’s goofy tale comes to life with this clever costume idea.

Do Not Open This Book Book Week
Image source: Jacqui Larken/Facebook

Matilda and Mrs Trunchbull 

What an adorable mother-daughter idea!

Matilda Book Week
Image source: Yvette Copley/Facebook

Moonface from the Faraway Tree and Polly from Polly and Buster

Paper mache level: Expert.

Book Week costumes
Image source: Penny Kiernan/Facebook

There Was a Wise Old Sailor

This handmade Book Week costume certainly made a splash!

Book week costume ideas
Image source: Sachiko Sakura/Facebook

Lion and the Mouse

The feather mane is the perfect addition to this pawsome Book Week costume idea! We love the jungle background too!

Lion for Book Week
Image source: Rebecca Wellbreck/Facebook

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Cute and uncomplicated. It’s a big win for us. Love the paper plate tummy!

The Very Hungry Catepillar Book Week
Image source: Fiona Popat/Facebook

The Very Cranky Bear

Cranky meets cutie!

The Very Cranky Bear Book Week
Image source: Ashley Margaret/Facebook

Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Of course, you can’t do Book Week and NOT mention Harry Potter. There are plenty of great Harry Potter costumes to buy but we especially love this one of Sirius Black, completely handcrafted by mum and loved by this little wizard.

Book week costume
Image source: Megan Coe/Facebook

Forky from Toy Story 4

So glad to see the newest member of the Toy Story family in costume form!

Forky Book Week
Image source: Toni Pieber/Facebook

Maleficent from Villians 

Check out that amazing wing detail – well done mumma!

Sleeping Beauty
Image source: Lauren Daur/Facebook

Circus Under the Sea

The award for most creative has to go to this umbrella-themed Circus Under the Sea! Gold star!

Book Week costume
Image source: Kylie Chattfield/Facebook

Stan Lee and Baby Groot

Clever and cute to boot! Little Groot looks pretty pleased to be in a pot too.

Book Week ideas
Image source: Tintin Hourn/Facebook

Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus

“To the bus!”

Magic school bus book week costume
Image source: Andrea Flater/Facebook

Cat in the Hat

It’s just not a Book Week round-up without at least three Dr Seuss characters. The cheeky grins really add to the fun.

Cat in the Hat book week
Image source: Khloe Shepherd/Facebook

Mary Poppins and Tintin

Two classic books and two great costume ideas!

Mary Poppins and TinTin book week
Image source: Nicola Tracy/Facebook

Room on the Broom

Complete with furry critters too!

Room on the Broom Book Week
Image source: Kate Penguilley/Facebook

Mr Stink

Scuffy hair, a bit of dirt and suspenders. Love it!

mum central
Image source: Megan Snellgrove/Facebook

Lego Pirate 

It took days to create, but this cheeky pirate is definitely Master of the Book Week parade.

Lego costume
Image source: Lauren Dominick-Bright/Facebook

The Angry Dragon and Little Miss Sunshine

We love the contrasting themes here!

Book Week costumes
Image source: Renee Langtree/Facebook

Optimus Prime

Book week costumes
Image source: Jodi Tapp/Facebook

Autobots, transform! Made entirely from cardboard boxes too.

The Gingerbread Girl

Another costume created out of cardboard boxes, this little one looks yummy enough to eat.

DIY Book Week Costume
Image source: Megan Appleby/Facebook

That’s it for Book Week this year, check out our Facebook post for even more Book Week costume ideas. Also, take a peek at our previous articles for even more Book Week costume inspo. Thanks to all the clever and crafty mums who submitted their pics!

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