CAKE HACK: This Campfire Cake Hack is on Fire!

It’s the latest cake hack to blow up my cake-loving social feed, it’s a CAMPFIRE CAKE HACK!

Perfect for campers who love cake decorating or cake decorators who love to camp, this is one super clever cake hack – made to look like a real-life fire pit campfire.

campfire cake hack
The tastiest bricks you ever did see. Source: Facebook / Jane Chivers

There’s layering cakes, a bit of fancy brickwork, toffee making, marshmallows and candles. Much like camping, it sounds like a bit of work, doesn’t it? Though these clever ladies over at the Woolies/Coles Mudcakes Hacks Facebook group, assure me it’s ALL WORTH IT.

Much like building an actual fancy a*s firepit, I suspect.

campfire cake hack
The tribe has spoken. Source: Facebook / @Laura Mathieson

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What you need to create a campfire cake hack:

  • Depending on the height you desire, 2 or 3 uniced chocolate mud cakes,
  • Chocolate buttercream to sandwich cakes together and use as mortar for bricks on the side of the cake.
  • Bricks – use either Mars Bars, Snickers, Violet Crumble Bites or Crunchie Bites.
  • Flames – caster sugar for a toffee recipe
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Marshmallows

How to assemble:

Make your toffee first so it’s ready! Sandwich the cakes together with the buttercream, cover in chocolate buttercream and stick the ‘bricks’ of your choice to the outside. Create the ‘fire scene’ with toasted marshmallows, pretzel sticks and shards of toffee. YUM!

Tempting as it is to light candles to create fire (an obvious solution), save your cake from being covered in wax by using a fake candle. Jane suggests a Kmart LED Tealight, ($3 for 6) is perfect for bouncing light off the toffee shards to make it look like fire. GENIUS!

campfire cake hack
Battery operated tealight – GENIUS. Source: Facebook / Jane Chivers

When asking about tips, caker Jane says to me her “biggest tip was for the toffee shards. Do not stir at all. Otherwise, it crystallized the sugar and fails.” So, NO STIRRING got it.

campfire cake hack
SO FANCY IS THIS FIRE PIT! Source: Facebook / Sami Mitchell

Sami has some valuable tips to share too:

“Cut the bars cold and keep them cold or the caramel will ooze out.”

“Thin the buttercream slightly for the brick placement as it sets quickly.”

“Use skewers as stabilisers, it’s a super heavy cake and lastly but most importantly keep hubby away from the chocolate stash or you’ll be short (1 layer to be exact).”

In short, keep everything cold, have structural support and for the love of cake, keep your husband away from the supplies. #loveit

It’s a chocolate enthusiasts dream this campfire cake, from top to bottom. We love your campfire cake hacks ladies, who is keen to have a go themselves? *thrusts hand in air*

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