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REVIEW: The Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Will Get Your Cleaning Motor Revving

Powerful, portable and perfectly capable of sucking EVERYTHING in its path, the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum is worth revving your engine over. 

If you’re pining for a new vacuum, then allow us to introduce you to your new cleaning BFF.

mum centralMost of us are already well aware of the awesome rep that Dyson has. And with good reason. Their products are innovative, inventive and built to last. Their award-winning V8 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner is no exception.

We recently got a chance to test drive this cord-free Dyson and, boy oh boy, was it a pleasure to play with! I’m not one of those people who actually enjoys cleaning, but with this little device, cleaning the house was actually kind of exciting.

The cord-free cleaning experience

Let’s start with my VERY FAVOURITE feature of the V8 Absolute – the fact that it’s cordless. It comes with ultimate fade-free sucking power without the annoyance of a cord, which shaved minutes off my regular cleaning time.

My house is a bit of a nightmare to clean as the layout is odd and I have to change power outlets frequently (and unplug my boys’ Playstation every time I do the playroom). Not anymore. Gone are the days of wheeling a vacuum around the house (and tripping over the damn cord every few steps).

Plus, the vac comes with up to 40 minutes of run time, which lets me do the entire house – carpets, rugs, couch, blinds, fans, floor, even walls (and stop for a few much-needed breathers along the way). Talk about stamina! I wish other things in my house lasted 40 minutes…

Talking about much-needed breathers, HEPA filters in the V8 Absolute mean that there’s no dust blowing back into your rooms. What gets sucked up, stays sucked up. And that’s especially important if you have kids with allergies or asthma.


Floors, fabrics and fans – Oh MY!

The Dyson V8 Absolute comes with all the gadgets you need to get every crevice of the house, from the AC vents to the ceiling fans. Even that awkward area between the fridge and the oven. I did a full blown clean over the weekend and WOW – the change was amazing! Seriously, there was not a spec of dirt, dust, dander or pet hair anywhere!

Until my boys came home from soccer, that is.

But, even after they spilled biscuits all over the kitchen floor, we just brought the Dyson back out and had it cleaned up in less than a minute. Before the Dyson cordless, it would take that long just to lug the vacuum out of the cupboard and plug it in!

Here’s the other thing to love. The suction is so strong, that you get every particle, every time. No having to go over the same bit of floor twice, or even three times. One sweep will do. And it gets the chunky floor fodder too. Cheerio, Cheerios!

Still not sure? Watch what I had to say when I put it through its paces…

YouTube video

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Car-nage no more!

Okay, but it gets better… Because as soon as my boys got home and saw the new device, they HAD to try it. And because it’s cordless, they could easily carry it the garage and clean the car without needing to manoeuvre the cord around the vehicle.

My boys did the entire car themselves. While I supervised… aka, sat in the sun, drank my (hot) coffee and read the paper. In fact, they like using it so much that they fight to see who gets to clean up the post-dinner crumbs. And they’re even happy to vacuum the floors in their own bedrooms.

In fact, check out just how amazingly convenient Dyson cord-free vacuuming is in the car with the Dyson V6, a predecessor to the Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner.

YouTube video

Even better, the V8 Absolute is so easy to empty – just hold it over the bin or a bag, pull the red button upwards and it all drops straight out! No mess, no fuss! Plus, that makes it super simple to retrieve Lego bits and any other stray small toy parts that get sucked up. #iwarnedthem 😉

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mum centralWhat’s in the Box?

The Dyson V8 cord-free vacuum cleaner comes with a Direct Drive Cleaner Head and 6 clever attachments included in the box designed to manage whatever life can throw at you. From gentle cleaning to robust vacuum:


Included in the box besides the Direct Drive Cleaner Head are 6 clever attachments, designed to manage whatever life can throw at you. From gentle cleaning to robust vacuum:

  1. Mini Soft Dusting Brush – great . for gentle cleaning – dust sucking power without the damage! Perfect for curtains and other gentle cleaning jobs!
  2. Combination Tool – With a hard and soft edge, perfect for the boot of the car too!
  3. Rigid Crevice Tool – think nooks and crannies, floorboards and other hard to get to spaces
  4. Mini Motorised Tool – perfect for chairs and upholstered lounges. The mini brush will get that fluff and pet hair off without damaging the surface. It’s small too so easy to get in and out of smaller places.
  5. Soft Roller Cleaner Head – perfect for hard floors (think tiles, timber floors and lino) it’ll polish as it vacuums
  6. Convenient Docking Station – this is fabulous,  especially if you don’t have much storage space at home. Simply attach to the wall (fittings included) and dock the Dyson when you’re done and it hangs flush on the wall. Perfect for the laundry or shed!

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mum centralLIMITED TIME: Save $150 (but be quick!)

From now until 8 November 2017, you can get your own award-winning Dyson for the lowest price yet! Just $749, which is $150 off the regular retail price.*

It’s not the cheapest cordless vacuum on the market, but after using it ourselves we’re certain it’s the best and it will outlast countless cheaper models.

Think of it as  long-term investment – in your time (cleaning the house is way faster), you family’s health (bye-bye dust and allergens) and your sanity (the kids can vacuum their own messes!)

PLUS, get this, you can test it for 30 days, and, if you change your mind, get a full refund. That’s how confident Dyson are that you’ll love the V8 Absolute.

So head on over and get your hands on the hottest cord-free Vacuum on the market! Be quick though, offer ends soon!

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Get your house festive-season ready without the hassle.


Grab your Dyson V8 Absolute today (or pick one up for the hubby as his ‘Christmas gift’). Trust us, it’s better than socks and jocks any day!

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Still not sure, check out the 3,661 reviews on the Dyson website which have given it a five-star review too!

* This offer is available until 8th November 2017. The Money Back Guarantee offer is available from 24th September – 30th December 2017’. Available at participating retailers. Pricing is at the discretion of the retailer.

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mum centralTHE VERDICT:

It might not be the cheapest cordless vacuum around and having reviewed quite a few in my time with Mum Central, hands down, the Dyson V8 Absolute wins the cake!

It’s a solid machine, lightweight, SO adaptable and to be honest, it’s seriously got the grunt, the features and of course it can handle whatever we throw at it.

Up to 40 minute battery runtime means I don’t have to charge it after every use, it’s got a host of attachments to face any challenge I throw at it and it’s simply a robust, well engineered and lightweight machine.

Mum's Choice Thumbs Up Award

It does what it says it does with ease.


Bravo Dyson, you’ve done it again and it’s earnt you our MUM’S THUMBS UP AWARD!

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Disclosure: Dyson gifted us this vacuum for an independent review and the opinions are our own.

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