Introducing the Barkuterie Board – an Epic Way to Treat ALL the Dogs In Your ‘Hood

Charcuterie boards take a back seat, this time round Charcuterie turns ‘barkuterie’ with this epic dog treat grazing board. Forget the grazing platter for friends and family, today we’re looking after man’s true best friend – the dog!

This brings a whole new meaning to bring a plate!

Of course, treats are only ever to be given in moderation so too are human foods that are safe for dogs. Moderation is the magic word, so this board is pawfect (see what I did there?) for sharing with other pups. Because I’m not the only one who gives my dog a birthday party, right? RIGHT.

barkuterie board
SHARE PLATE: This is NEXT LEVEL in treating your dog!

The sharable treat plate

Does your dog park hold a regular get-together for local pups or perhaps you are part of a graduating class at puppy school? Or maybe you want to treat all those four-legged pooches who attend your dog’s day-out event. Of course, this is also a wonderful gift for boarding houses to say thanks for looking after my fur-baby too.

Once you’ve found your reason for treating all the good doggos in your ‘hood, it’s time to think about what to include in your treat smorgasbord. For the ultimate barkuterie board, head straight to the pet food aisle of your supermarket and pick up a selection of treats, big, small and sharable.

barkuterie board
Grab yourself a haul from the supermarket pet food aisle, Schmackos are a firm favourite! Source: Supplied

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Remember if there are dogs of different sizes and breeds so you need a little bit of everything, depending on who you’re treating. It’s up to the owners to choose something they think will suit their dog – a bit like when you’re hitting the breakfast buffet with the kids.

Supermarket sweep

Here’s what I picked up for this board in the supermarket pet aisle – bags of each dog treat, all for just $30. Score!

mum central
With snacks of all sizes and flavours, we’re sure there’s something here for every dog! Source: Supplied

I’ve got big sized treats for big dogs (like my Ted, a golden retriever) and then smaller treats for pups and smaller breeds. Chewy things and hard things. It’s a FEAST for puppy senses.

barkuterie board
Big treats, medium treats and bite-sized treats, oh my! Source: Supplied

Pantry & fridge items your dog can eat

There are LOADS of healthy treats your dog can eat in your own kitchen. Dogs can eat zucchini, cucumber, apple (no seeds or core), cooked pumpkin, natural yoghurt, mince-meat, eggs and sardines, just to name a few.

barkuterie board
Healthy for you, healthy for your dog too!  Source: Supplied

If you’re feeling extra, and let’s face it, like me you probably are – I froze steamed pumpkin and natural yoghurt in these super cute paw print silicone trays from Amazon (set of four, $13). You can dehydrate sweet potato in the oven, cooking low and slow. And don’t forget, you can even have a recipe to bake your own dog biscuits.

barkuterie board
CUTE. Freeze veggies and yoghurt in these adorable silicone moulds.

Laying out a barkuterie board

There’s not much difference between laying out a barkuterie board and a charcuterie board. It’s just a matter of arranging dog treats instead of cheese. Gather your supplies and let’s get started.

TIP: Use a board with sides so it stays contained, no treats slip off the edge!

mum central

mum central

YouTube video

How to design your board

  1. Start with the big things first. I made a few piles of the Purina Lucky Dog Bones and the Schmackos Marro Bones.
  2. Next came the piles of Schmackos Strapz and Vitapet JerHigh. You can cut these up into smaller pieces if you need to. Add a pile of Baxter’s Rawhide Chews for the BIG chompers!
  3. Next, it’s time to add fresh foods! Cut them into sticks and slices. Pop them in.
  4. Just like a charcuterie board, use the smaller treats – Schmackos Tasty Bites, Mutt-Ello Biscuits and Baxter’s Puppy Mini Bones to fill the gaps and you’re done.

mum central

There’s no better way to cement your ‘most favourite person ever’ status in the dog park. But rest assured, we’re sure you will if you arrive with this epic barkuterie board. I mean, LOOK AT IT THIS BEAUTIFUL BOARD.

mum central

So tell us straight, particularly the crazy dog lovers – is the barkuterie board something you’re likely to do for your furry best buds? For more barkuterie inspiration, follow #barkuterie on Instagram. So much fun!

barkuterie board
Barkuterie board: 100% approved by Ted.  Source: Supplied

Remember, treats in moderation is key for our pet dogs. The barkuterie board is made for SHARING between furry friends! But try telling my dog Ted that…

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