If you could spend this Mother’s Day doing anything you want, what would it be?  Sleeping in, dining out or spending time with the kids without having to cook, clean or play referee? Thanks to Gift It Now, your Mother’s Day dreams could come true!

Here’s your chance to enjoy good food, great wine and over 2,000+ experiences around Australia, all designed to help you relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with your family.

gift it now experiences snorkel tours

Keep scrolling for your chance to WIN one of two $250 Gift It Now vouchers to spend on ANY of these 2,000+ experiences.

What is an experience gift?

An experience gift is the next best thing to a sleep-in. It’s a gift voucher that connects you to whatever you want to experience in Australia. How about one of the following:

  • Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef
  • Hot air ballooning over the Gold Coast
  • Dining atop Sydney Tower
  • Sipping wine in the Hunter Valley
  • Indulging in a massage
  • Enjoying a delicious dinner that you DIDN’T have to cook, while on a colonial-style tramcar in Melbourne.

These are all experience gifts. And they are all ready for you to try.

Gift It Now allows you to browse through different experiences and hand pick ones that are suited to you. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do in your home town or searching for packages to try while on holidays, Gift It Now makes it easy to customise your adventure. They also offer gift pack delivery with handwritten cards and instant e-vouchers for those last-minute gift shoppers. So bring on the camel rides!

tell-me-moregift it now experiences camel rides

The best thing about Gift it Now is the fact they have 2 x $250 gift vouchers to give away to lucky Mum Central mummas.

Give it to a deserving mum, or keep it for yourself and pretend it’s from the kids. We would opt for the latter option, but, it’s up to you!

So what would you like to do this Mother’s Day?

We’ve already established that a day of not having to cook or clean up SHOULD be on the cards. But what else?

gift it now gift experiences hot air ballooning

For the extreme mumma, get your heart pumping with a scenic and romantic hot air balloon ride. This has been on my bucket list for many moons and something that I’m sure would up my ‘cool mum’ level in the eyes of my kids, especially my eight-year-old.

gift it now gift experiences wine tours

For the foodie mum, you can choose from a number of tasty experiences including high teas, cooking classes and five-star meals at some of Australia’s top restaurants. Bring the kid or enjoy a date night (and skip your need to order two servings of nuggets and chips).

What about an escape to a wine region for a weekend of tipsy tastings. There are wine tour packages available across Australia including the Barossa, Hunter, Swan and Yarra Valleys. Sign me up for one of each, thanks.

Gift It Now gift experience wildlife

If you’re looking for a day of family fun, check out the family-friendly activities on offer, including day trips to zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks and aquariums, to name a few. Learn to surf, ride horses or even, if you dare, zip-line through the rainforest.

Honestly, Gift it Now has it all – and at a super affordable price. You can buy now and save the experiences for occasions later in the year, such as Christmas, birthday parties or as a surprise when the kids deserve something special.

Australian owned and operated, Gift It Now has more than 2000 gifts to choose from, with free exchanges, no booking fees and a variety of payment options, including zipPay. There’s seven day support too from their friendly Customer Care team. So whether buying for Mother’s Day or searching for something fun to do later in the year, the Aussies from Gift It Now are your go-to guys for experiences galore.


Have your first experience on us.

Enter to win one of two $250 gift vouchers to use on any of the experiences available through Gift It Now. You can even skip the experience and order a wine box, champagne box or hamper instead. 


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. I would love to try sipping champagne at dawn high up in a hot air balloon overlooking the vineyards below. Is there a better way to start the day?

    • Yes that would be lovely! Hot air ballooning is something I’ve already done here in my hometown over the beautiful Tableland landscape. I’d choose a lovely spa retreat experience with my Mum!

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      I have always wanted to float through the sky in a hot balloon, while taking in the beautiful scenery. It is definitely on my bucket list. My mum though, is not so keen on heights. I know she would much more enjoy an amazing massage or beauty treatment.

    • Would love to have a unique dining experience – no preparing, cooking or cleaning up – heaven!

    • I would love to spend some time with a hairdresser get my hair styled and feel amazing fresh

    • My son snorkelled The Great Barrier Reef when he was younger and still surprises me with stories about it. I’d be thrilled to share that with him so we could create some more memories together.

    • Pauline Stacey Reply

      I would love to be spoilt at a 5 Star restaurant and have a night off cooking

  2. Rebecca Costa Reply

    As i have a disability and most the Gift it now experiences i wouldnt be able to do, id like love to go have Little Miss Wing Penguin Encounter at Melbourne Zoo as havent been to Melbourne Zoo in years and to get up close with the penguins would be awesome!!

  3. Melissa Peters Reply

    I would love a massage and to be pampered right now. I think it is time to do just that, and need this.

  4. I’d love to share the Barossa Valley winery and Handorf day tour with my Mum. Kicking back, relaxing and experiencing wonderful food and wine with great company is my kind of Mother’s Day.

  5. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I would love to spend a relaxing day with my partner doing the Swan Valley Wine Tasting Cruise with lunch.

  6. Linda Pepper Reply

    I would love to take my husband hot air ballooning over the hunter valley. Sipping on a glass of wine, relaxing, watching the sunset set on the fields would be breath taking and the colours it will show will be amazing. Such a romantic moment i have pictured in my mind

  7. Jodi Matthews Reply

    Indulging in a massage – nothing better than a massage.. But I am happy with anything


    I’d love to be pampered for a day,
    Just relax and unwind during my Beauty Spa stay.

  9. Kristie Ogden Reply

    As a single mum to two amazing boys with autism a day of pampering is just a dream!!!! The boys are my life and I wouldnt change them for the world but a day doing something I like with them would be the most amazzing Mothers day ever!! Happy to get my cold toast and carton of milk in my recliner!!!Mothers day is everyday when they achieve a new goal.

  10. I’d love to step out of my comfort zone and ride in a hot air balloon! What a thrill!

  11. Leianne Reha Reply

    i would love to do anything relaxing and calming as i have a bad back, i have a fracture in 1 of the screws in the hardware in my lower back. i am 35 next month and as it has been pretty full on lately n i dont get much relaxing n me time or hubby n me time, i woukd love a relaxing soft massage treatment or a nice soak in a spa bath woth the nice oils or whatever they put in them. or a nice relaxing trip to GBR as we are in the whitsundays location and havent done the reef yet so a nice cruise to the reef would be lovely too. Anything relaxing n safe would ne really nice. Thank u so much.

  12. Maree Gray Reply

    I would love to try the dining experience in a tram car – a friend has done it and said it is amazing

  13. Debbie Dye Reply

    I’d loooove to dine in Sydney Tower, drinking sparkling wine admiring the sparkling city lights would surely set my heart a-flutter!

  14. Rita Maguire Reply

    I’m not Elle or Cindy,
    I don’t look like Kate,
    But with a massage or beauty treatment,
    I’m sure I’ll feel great!

  15. Sarah Blockley Reply

    I think I’d like to try a hot air balloon ride – I’ve never been before and we get some of the most beautiful sunsets/ sunrises here in Tassie!

  16. Leicia Mathers Reply

    I am a full time carer to my grandson and would love to be pampered for a while, a massage would be a perfect mother/grandmother’s day gift thank you

  17. I would love a dining experience and someone else to cook my dinner. Also massage and beauty treatment. Feeling a bit blah so want to be rejuvenated. ✨

    • Virginia crank Reply

      A lovely massage and a nice dinner out just be pampered for the day would be amazing

  18. Natalie Cassin Reply

    I would love to win anything to indulge a little. Us mums often come last and we spend all day thinking about and caring for our children. I would love either a dinner date with hubby or a massage.

  19. I would love to go to some wine regions with my sister. Another mum who truly needs to enjoy a kid free treat. Although there are many many things i could really enjoy with this opportunity i think it would be best shared

  20. A massage and pamper would be first on my Wish list. I haven’t had the pleasure and would love to feel like a new woman. There so many incredible experiences to choose from that all would leave an experience to be cherished for a lifetime. Fabulous!

  21. Ooh, yes please. A massage and pamper would be first on my Wish list. I haven’t had the pleasure and would love to feel like a new woman. There so many incredible experiences to choose from and all would leave an experience to be treasured for a lifetime. Fabulous!

  22. Jane McLean Reply

    A massage and pamper day would definitely be on the cards. My daughter is four months old and I love her to bits but would love a day just for me.

  23. Gretchen Amponin Reply

    Spa and beauty treatment sounds like heaven right about now

  24. I love spending Mother’s Day as a family day! My children pamper me wonderfully! A Gift It Now dinning experience would be a marvelous way to come together as a family and enjoy each other’s company 🙂

  25. Lesley Olariu Reply

    I would love the 4wd tour of Fraser Island and the Mooloolaba seafood lunch and sunset cruise!

  26. A relaxing massage and a dining experience at a restaurant we cant afford would be amazing

  27. Some jewellery would be wonderful. Something special I can look at everyday and be reminded I am appreciated

  28. For my Mum, an iFly indoor skydiving experience! She’s recently loving travelling and embracing life and its experiences, and this is something she hasn’t conquered yet. A baby step to skydiving but safe so she’ll definitely gove it a go!

  29. Margaret Harwin Reply

    Any of these would be an awesome experiment. I try to enjoy things I can do with my son. Thanks for the chance.

  30. Nicola Voice Reply

    I would love to share this prize with my Mum – a pamper day followed by a dining experience would be amazing!

  31. Stepping out of my comfort zone to try a hot air balloon experience would definitely make a memorable Mother’s day experience! Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

  32. I would love to watch the sunrise in a hot air balloon, overlooking the vast scenery… then again I wouldn’t mind going skydiving as well!

  33. Kaz Edwards Reply

    I would absolutely love a little time out from my newborn for a massage, facial and a little me timer.

  34. Jessicawoodrow Reply

    At 27 weeks pregnant I would absolutely love to go out for a nice fancy dinner this mothers day! It would make my year

  35. Amanda Giffard Reply

    Dining out in luxury on the tram car restaurant sounds wonderful. I’ve heard alot of good things about this experience but have yet to be lucky enough to try it out for myself, would be a much appreciated and savoured treat.

  36. Michelle Fay Reply

    What a fantastic prize and how wonderful it would be to have this awesome experience especially for my beautiful grandsons who have never had a holiday, they would just love it so much

  37. Id love chocolates,wine, dining experience, snorkeling. Anything really, im not fussy

  38. I will be spending Mother’s Day watching a soccer match (again) so any experience devoted entirely to me and which doesn’t involve stinky soccer socks would be wonderful.

  39. Hot Air Ballooning is the epitome of bliss…being at one with nature..yes please!!

  40. A massage would be so awesome for this new Mumma! Would love to feel revitalised and brand new!

  41. Heather Hopley Reply

    They say it’s very quiet, except for the occasional burst of gas to “fire up” the balloon and that really appeals to me. Quiet and great views….. I’d love a hot air ballon ride.

  42. Jean Rutherford Reply

    Any of these experiences would be most enjoyable but I do love to learn new cooking techniques

  43. Tahli Tutty Reply

    Hot air balloon so i can scream where no one can here me lol 🙂

  44. I would love to go ballooning, being up high & feeling so free would be ideal.

  45. A massage would be the perfect gift and more than I ever want.

  46. Jacqui Lagaluga Reply

    Exploring vineyards and wineries would be the perfect relaxing day out for me!

  47. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Would be blown away with a Brisbane Whale Watching Cruise (not literally I hope!).

  48. I would love to take my mum on a winery tour in the Yarra Valley to sample the fantastic wines we have in Victoria not to mention the food in that region.

  49. Emily Fletcher Reply

    My back is so sore I would love to win a indulgent spa day out with massages and take my daughter along with me.

  50. Janet King Reply

    I have never been in a Hot Air Balloon, so it would be a fantastic experience to have with a loved one.

  51. Experiences make for great memories so would love to enjoy dining with family. Massages are so needed in today’s stressful world.

  52. Felicity Frankish Reply

    Would love to enjoy a dining experience kid free with hubby!

  53. Hot air balloon ride with my main man! Followed up by a yummy long lunch with my mum and 2 kids…

  54. I love trying new experiences and this website seems to have heaps of ideas!

  55. I have always wanted to do a hot air balloon ride. Its so expensive so havent had the chance to do it. It would be a lifetime experience flying over the city and looking down from a birds eye view. Its high on my bucket list

  56. Mark Agapiou Reply

    Would love to gift my darling wife and mother to my wonderful children.

  57. Gemma Slattery Reply

    I would honestly die to go swimming with the dolphins! My heart flutters just thinking about it! Once I was at the beach and see a pod of dolphins in the far swimming and I cried because I couldn’t contain myself it’s been a dream since I was little and would make my whole year!

  58. I love to be creative, so cooking classes would be a fantastic way to help me express myself and add menu variety into every single day.

  59. Mary Irwin Reply

    A Melbourne horse and carriage ride. I would love to do this with my partner and our two beautiful girls. I have in fact never done it and I have seen the local councils starting to put pressure on local operators to move to further out streets. It would be amazing to share this with my family who after all spoil me on this day because we are one.

  60. I would love to take my mum on a dining experience because she helped me master my cooking skills and love for good food

  61. I would love to be pampered with a massage/beauty treatments. I’ve been injured in a workplace accident & it’s been months since I’ve had my eyebrows waxed which I used to do every month. Now that I’ve recovered, I’d love to do an ‘all about me’ day.

  62. Jerilee brown Reply

    YOU HAD ME AT WINE 🙂 Nothing like indulging and unwinding, with a gorgeous glass of wine. Plus, this won’t mess with my diet…(grapes are fruit.. fruit is allowed 😉 xx). Cheers.. Happy Mothers Day to all the ladies out there. xx

  63. Nicole Woods Reply

    I’d love to be able to treat my amazing mother with a spa treatment, or perhaps some flowers and gorgeous jewellery. She deserves so much more than I can afford to give her, so this would be a lovely surprise .

  64. Keri Smith Reply

    I’d love to ride in a hot air balloon or try the massage and beauty treatments or the jewelry. It’s all so exciting.

  65. Laurinda Kelly Reply

    I tried to select just a few experiences but ended up ticking them all, how can we possibly choose as they are all amazing!

  66. I would love to take my family to Heron Island on a snorkelling trip. Great place for beginners and children. Food and rooms are fantastic.

  67. Kit Man Ha Hau Reply

    Great to have great dining experience with my family. Never tried hot air balloon would be great to tick another box with my beloved family.

  68. I’d love to have massage
    and beauty treatment too
    it wouldn’t take too much
    to feel like brand new

  69. Richard Harrison Reply

    Would love to go on an adventure but that’s always a nightmare with a toddler so I’ll stick to some delicious wine at home

  70. adrienne harries Reply

    A cooking class would be fun
    preferably a Thai one
    learning to cook with fresh veggies, meat and spice
    home make take away that tastes so nice
    healthier for my family
    created by me
    cooking class I would love to do
    and I’d share with you

  71. For my first ever mothers DAY,
    I’d love to go on a hot air balloon up up & AWAY!

  72. My what a choice, my wife loves her food and wine any would be totally divine

  73. Donna Leysley Reply

    I would love a snorkelling trip, a massage or even a hot air ballon ride, really not fussy

  74. I’m a first time mum with a newborn, excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day !!
    I have a wonderful little boy and partner so I’m hoping to get the most out of Mother’s Day this year with them !!

  75. stacey coppin Reply

    I would just love to try a hot air balloon ride. I have been wanting to do this for years and hear its quite magical.

  76. Anything Indulgent involving food, wine and massages. Something for me and not the kids!

  77. Josipa Damijanic Reply

    Definitely a dining experience with my husband. We haven’t done one in a while. It be lovely to have a couples date.

  78. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had the chance to go snorkelling. Would love to get back in to it and maybe even get the kids involved…. Or maybe just a kid free weekend snorkelling might be easier

  79. Lennareinhard Reply

    I would absolutely love any. But I’d love to be able to go up in a hot air balloon and see everything the birds do when they soar across the sky, a beautiful morning going over the lake with the frost and watching every everyone down below the beautiful shots I could take with my camera it would be amazing I’ve always wanted to do it for my birthday as we go every year to the balloon spectacular in Canberra but I never have the money.

  80. A day of whale watching and visiting Fraser Island would be magical. A great way to see a special part of Australia.

  81. I’d love the flowers, wine or chocolate or even the fine dining as I’m not such an adventurous mum anymore!

  82. Working tirelessly taking care of my elderly mother I would love a massage to melt the stress away , feeling relaxed would be bliss.

  83. Winery tour for sure! This mumma of 3 has been pregnant / breastfeeding for years!! A nice tour in the Hunter tasting some beautiful wines would be a perfect way to spend Mothers Day thanks to Gift It Now!

  84. Hot air balloon ride, my hubby was supposed to take me years ago but it got cancelled due to poor weather

  85. Jessica cruice Reply

    This would be so lovely! The story bridge climb looks amazing!

  86. Melita Malone Reply

    Massage/Beauty Treatment, what better way to unwind and destress for Mother’s Day.

  87. I would love a hotair balloon ride with a winery tour and lunch after. Something that we wont be able to afford for a while

  88. a cooking class would help keep not only me but the whole family happy

  89. Off to Cairns in july so would love the Cairns, Kuranda & Port Douglas pass

  90. Kirsty Perkins Reply

    I’d love to relax and unwind with a massage! I rarely get any time to myself, having 2 young kids and this would be heaven!

  91. Elizabeth Dowhaluk Reply

    Mum likes the olden days where ladies met up for afternoon tea back in the 60’s. I would treat Mum and her Cousins to Sydney Harbour High Tea Cruise. Back to the good old days!

  92. Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Sipping wine in the Hunter Valley would suit me just fine,
    there’s nothing I love more than great scenery served with wine!

  93. Tania Hardman Reply

    I’d LOVE to go on the Melbourne Dinner Cruise and Drinks for a highly earnt, chilled out experience – but whether i go with the hubby or a Bestie is another question 🙂

  94. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Love to have a no strings dining experience with someone who was intriguing and likes to travel.

  95. Oh my as a single mother of one beautiful princess for the last 11 years, with no extended family, I would love to experience something exhilarating that I would not be able to usually afford, without being picky, I would love the hot air ballooning ride or the pampering pack. How blissful would that be : D

  96. I’d love to try the helicopter flights experience and my kids would be very excited with it.

  97. Danielle Wilkins Reply

    Being a very pregnant Mum & due not long after mother’s day, I’d be more than happy with a nice spa massage and a sleep in

  98. Jodie Moss Reply

    Pamper for a day
    I’ve been unwell in and out of hospital for the last 6 mths and would love to have someone come and give me a massage or hair cut

  99. Rikki-lee Puddy Reply

    Barossa Valley Hot Air Ballooning with Breakfast & Wine

  100. Danielle Allen Reply

    Ride,fine and bathe looks lovely on the Mornington peninsula
    But really a massage or hair cut/colour would be just Devine. Most Mums don’t get much time to look after themselves and put so much time and money into looking after others.

  101. Amanda Bull Reply

    I would love to have a day at a day spa. I cannot remember the last time I had a visit to a day spa – well actually I can! It was pre-kids and boy did I used to take that privilege for granted!

  102. Jessica Keating Reply

    Wine and chocolate is all I need, oh and for my husband to do the bedtime routine with bubs!

  103. Jackie Reynolds Reply

    Despite my fear of heights (and I would probably cry) I would love to experience sunrise in a hot air balloon.

  104. Alison Humble Reply

    I’d love to win the Dining experience in Melbourne for my Mother in Law, for all she does for us. Being a family of 6 we haven’t had the money to indulge her like she deserves.

  105. Anastasia Spiers Reply

    I love home made food and a cooking class would be great to expand my skills. A massage would also be great. Running after 3 kids is tiring work. Gift it now has a great selection and wide range of choice which is awesome.

  106. Sarah Fairley Reply

    A massage and a facial…..
    Just perfect for me
    A romantic dinner
    …….So dreamy

  107. Emily Deller Reply

    Gosh, anything better than a Macca’s meal would be an upgrade this Mother’s Day

  108. Samira Al-Ekhtiyar Reply

    Probably the hot air balloon ride, simply because it’s time I let go of my fears to be a better version of me

  109. I’d love to do one of the sky diving experiences! I’m petrified of heights but it is something I’ve always wanted to do!

  110. Narelle Walker Duffill Reply

    An escape from my current reality and frustrations would be amazing to have an actual stressfree break away with my family

  111. Sonia Chang Reply

    There’s nothing more uplifting than enjoying amazing culinary food experience and sharing with my family this special Mother’s Day. The reason is simple , I love to share my favourite things with my family because I love them with my whole heart. They have bought so much joys in my life journey. We should celebrate Mother’s Day together

  112. as a soon to be mum for baby no.2, I would love to win a massage and facial voucher and would share it with my mum as she has helped me so much looking after my toddler whilst working full time. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  113. What a wonderful, wonderful prize. I hope I can be so lucky! Thank you!

  114. My mum and I are both water babies and neither getting any younger – would love to take her snorkeling.

  115. I would love the winery tour because i live 5 minutes from the swan valley but ive never been to any of them and this is just what i need after the year ive had so far.

  116. Sydney Hot Air Balloon Ride from Camden sounds like all my dreams come true – a fun balloon ride, a gourmet breakfast , and all this without the kids, so it can truly be enjoyed!

  117. I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon flight in Melbourne followed by a champagne breakfast.This would be absolutely wonderful!

  118. Kate Slack Reply

    I would love to do the helicopter flight over Perth it would be an awesome way to see the beautiful city.

  119. Kaye Russell Reply

    My hubby is about to head overseas for 7 months for work and I’d love to be able to have a girls weekend or treat my kids.

  120. melanie otto Reply

    Honestly anything, 250 is so far out of what we could spend on a gift for me on mothers day
    Swim with dolphins would be so bloody awesome though

  121. Kirsty Hayden Reply

    Im not picky! Any experience would be amazing!
    Whether it be a massage and some beauty treatments, or an experience i can enjoy with my family. Either way this is an awesome opportunity!

  122. Lauren Barnes Reply

    The massage would be super relaxing, especially as I start a new job soon, I feel the nervous tension jitters approaching.

  123. To let someone else take care of me .. clear my mind and be stress free … MASSAGE away the tension, relax and unwind…. then come home to a glass of my favourite wine

  124. Gift It Now would be the perfect gift as you get to choose from a terrific list of options. For me it would be either high tea with the family including my mum and mother in law or an indulgent facial/massage. Fingers crossed!

  125. Nat Hollis Reply

    Just because Im a mum doesnt mean I dont love a bit of THRILL!
    So if I could chose, A sky dive jump in Cairns would be just brill!
    That rush of adrenaline will have me screaming for more!
    and I can show my kids, mummy really isnt a bore!

  126. This will be my first Mother’s Day and I will be pregnant. I would love to be pampered and treated like a princess because I really feel like ‘pregnancy glow’ isn’t coming for me and it’s making me feel so deflated.

  127. Ashlee Clifford Reply

    I would love to do the monarto zoo, lion 360 feeding experience with my family 🙂

  128. I’d LOVE the camel riding on the beach!! Or the balloon riding. Great experiences that could be shared.

  129. Adele Smith Reply

    Mooloolaba Seafood Lunch and Sunset Cruise, spending some much wanted quality time with my husband enjoying local seafood and panoramic views of the Sunshine Coast. Sounds like heaven.

  130. Sarah Wallace Reply

    I haven’t had a full day away from my Bubba since he was born-which I’m not unhappy about, but would love some me time! I’d be happy with anything! Haha!

  131. Desperately in need of a pamper session. Haven’t had one since before I was pregnant and my son is 6 weeks old now

  132. Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    I’d love to indulge in a massage. Quietude. No kids yelling, no babies crying, no soccer balls, no cars, no television noise. It would be like my own little ‘screenfree getaway’ too. I seem to spend so much time in front of screens. TV, laptop, phone, tablet, iPad helping kids with homework, heck even my fridge has a digital display on it!

  133. Lauren Hunt Reply

    Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef has always been a dream of mine. Swimming alongside the sealife, a mysterious shrine. Taking my Mum would be the best reward. To treat her would make her love of the ocean restored.

  134. I would love the hot air balloon ride. The thought of floating on the breeze, all the crazy wonderful chaos of life way down below. I have always wanted to go!

  135. I would love the Tangalooma Island Resort Dolphin Feeding Tour experience, meeting a dolphin is on my bucket list!

  136. I would love the hot air balloon ride as a Mothers Day Gift. It would be exciting, exhilarating and awesome.

  137. Natalie Stoute Reply

    The Perth dinner cruise with drinks sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening on the Swan River. I’ve lived in Perth all my life and never been on a Swan River cruise. Nothing like being a tourist in your own city! I’d take my mum, she’d absolutely love it too.

  138. Pauline Stewart Reply

    I’ve always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. What a fabulous way to start Mother’s Day!

  139. Jacinta Nimmo Reply

    All of the above ( or any off the above) would be amazing to get for mothers day

  140. Sara Holley Reply

    Take me to Tassie! I have never been and would love a Port Arthur Day Tour with Carnarvon Bay Cruise!

  141. Kerrie Moss Reply

    I’ve always wanted to throw Mum out of a tree…. at Cairns Jungle Surfing of course!! I’d love to try it with her, an exciting Mother’s Day!

  142. Alicia Payne Reply

    All experiences sound incredible, but nothing sounds more surreal than a hot air ballon ride (maybe followed by some really nice food ;)). Would love to gift my mumma as I am about to become a mumma myself!

  143. Kathryn Lambert Reply

    I have always wanted to camel ride on cable beach, so that would be high on the list. But I’d be happy just to win a prize.

  144. Hot air balloon ride is something I have always wanted to do, and even more so now I have kids. It just looks so peaceful and calming, floating high in the sky. Take me there now ha.

  145. I have always wanted to go hot air ballooning but I hate getting up so early in the morning.

  146. I have always wanted to have a romantic hot air balloon ride for two. I will brave my fear of heights for an amazing view and creating memories with my husband.

  147. Although I’ve given the Tran car restaurant as a gift to others, it’s something I’ve not experienced myself. Would love to see my beautiful city of Melbourne with a glass of wine, whilst dining on one of our iconic trams.

  148. Although I’ve given the Tram car restaurant as a gift to others, it’s something I’ve not experienced myself. Would love to see my beautiful city of Melbourne with a glass of wine, whilst dining on one of our iconic trams.

  149. Emma Flanagan Reply

    Pretty much the only way im going to get a mothers day gift is if i win one.

  150. Id take my hubby on a tour
    One without a rod and lour
    One where we can walk amoungst vines
    Relax and sip on tasty wines

    On mothers day theres gifts of love
    With finger prints of grease and mud
    On windows and the doors i pass
    I know that these moments will not last

    And as my children grow older
    Their hearts and souls grow bolder
    I wonder if i should take the time
    To wander amoungst the vines

    But precious moments are never appreciated
    By parents who feel deflated
    So please oh please give us the gift of time
    To walk amoungst the green grape vines.

  151. Julie Parsons Reply

    This stressed out Mumma would love a massage or beauty experience to help relax

  152. Laurina Ainscough Reply

    I would love a Dining Experience because I love trying different foods and as the main cook in my household it is always exciting having someone else cook for you!

  153. Kate Gardiner Reply

    I would love something to force me to go in a hot air ballon! I would never do it otherwise!

  154. Karen Stevens Reply

    I would love a high tea experience with my kiddies… they and I would so love that. A fun and enjoyable experience.

  155. I would love to have a massage or beauty treatment – something to rejuvenate after the long days and nights breastfeeding!

  156. Belinda Belinda Reply

    Dinner or an adventure activity like snorkelling. Depends what mood Mum’s in!

  157. Heidi O'Day Reply

    When my son Jack was about 6 years old we wanted to go hot air ballooning together when he got a little bigger. Unfortunately, I began suffering from an undiagnosed Bipolar disorder. The severity of the symptoms meant that as a single mum I needed to pass his care to my wonderful parents for a long time until I was stable. He is now 23 and a fantastic young chef. I’m happy to say our family survived the trauma and he is a sweet and ballanced young man. I’d LOVE to take him on that hot air balloon ride we still talk about.

  158. OMG a massage without children interrupting would me a dream come true 😉

  159. Oh I would love to have a massage or beauty treatment. Being a mum we quite often forget to look after ourselves once we have kids and to take some time out to relax and reenergize would be amazing.

  160. I would love the opportunity to share this experience with the love of my life my daughter

  161. To feel free like a bird on a hot air balloon flight would be awesome.

  162. Pamela Dark Reply

    I’d love to experience the birds eye view of our beautiful landscape from a hot air balloon.

  163. Kim Cockburn Reply

    I would love to win a hot air balloon ride. It is something I haven’t done and my son would love it too.

  164. Definitely on my bucket list is to try snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef – as who knows how long this beautiful reef will last!

  165. Sarah White Reply

    Apart from the obvious spending time with family, a hot air balloon ride would be amazing, something I would never do for myself. Happy Mothers day to all the wonderful mothers.

  166. Tracey Huddle Reply

    Amazing! I’d love to have a go at hot air ballooning, but it’s so expensive that I have not done it yet, so this would be great!

  167. Work has kept me away from my family too much of late so really I would just love some quality time with my kids… and a massage 🙂

  168. At the top of my bucket list is a hot air ballon ride. The excitement of that experience is a feeling I can’t hide.

  169. Catherine C Reply

    I would love the massage/beauty treatment because for the first 5 months of my 9 month olds life I slept in a recliner (medical issue with bub) I’ve been meaning to get a massage but things always seem to come up. Like most mums I also don’t take any me time so a beauty treatment would be lovely.

  170. The massage/beauty treatment sounds divine, being a mum really ages you!

  171. As a single mum again after 2 failed attempts to reconnect with my son’s father I would be absolutely crying out loud to anything I would get from my baby this mother’s day, Even if it only is a tantrum or a kiss and cuddle.. I’ve always wanted to got in a hot balloon ride or tour a wine region as a special something something for myself 🙂

  172. The Gold Coast Glow Worm Tour would be an INCREDIBLE experience – definitely once in a lifetime!!

  173. Would love to be sipping wine at the Hunter Valley, a beautiful winter weekend getaway.

  174. Hot Air Ballooning would be awesome. A reminder of all the fun things I used to do before I had kids. Besides, I am up early enough every morning to go Ballooning

  175. Summer Hinaki-McDade Reply

    a few i would love to experience however I am a sucker for a good meal that i haven’t cooked! a delicious dinner on a colonial-style tramcar in Melbourne sounds great!

  176. Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef – with my kids rewarding their hard work at their swimming lessons.

  177. I would love the chance to fly up up and away in a hot air balloon
    Sipping champagne and enjoying the view – it would all be over too soon

  178. Ayla-Jade Wheelef Reply

    Wine! This mother’s day I’m a FIFO wife with twin 7month girls and a 3 year old plus this mother’s day falls on my 30th birthday … which my parents will be spending on a cruise in Europe … this mumma needs wine!

  179. Kirsty May Reply

    A balloon ride I’ve always wanted to experience once in my life!!
    So please pick me and get me out of strife!
    As I have no idea what to ge Mum this year!
    And this would surely bring a tear!
    Adding to memorable moments of what life is all about!!
    So thank for the chance to sort this out xxx

  180. Kelly Wagner Reply

    Indulging in a massage is the ultimate of all escapes….. that’s what I’d pick for sure!

  181. Diane White Reply

    Im not an adrenaline junkie so a romantic hot air balloon ride is more my speed. I’m a stop and watch the world go by kinda gal if I have the choice. This would certainly sort out the bucket list too….

  182. Oh without a doubt snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef! I really need to do it before it’s too late but to be quite honest it’s actually cheaper to holiday in Asia than it is to holiday in our own backyard!

  183. This tired Mumma could really use a quiet relaxing massage to unwind from my busy life.

  184. I would love to go to a winery tour and spend time with my family.

  185. Nicole Williams Reply

    Massage/Beauty treatment would be perfect to help me unwind and relax

  186. Would love a dining experience…cant remember the last time I had a hot meal or didn’t have to share my meal with the kids.

  187. Mother’s day and my birthday are two days apart. I’d love a wonderful family experience snorkeling the reef followed by a relaxing spa massage treatment by myself… indulgent

  188. Nicki Cambourn Reply

    I have always wanted to go in a hot air balloon and recently my 3yo daughter has been asking to go in one (randomly) it would be enjoyable for the whole family.

  189. Christie Cottren Reply

    Hot Airballooniing is something I have always wanted to do so peaceful and amazing views I can imagine.

  190. I’d choose a spa experience – that would be so lovely, some quiet time to focus just on me.

  191. Great Barrier Reef snorkel for 2. Haven’t had a break with my husband for 13 years since having our autistic son

  192. natasha Emery Reply

    Anything would be beautiful. Every mother’s day something dramatic has happened that has changed our plans.

  193. Rebecca Smith Reply

    I would love to win the Hot Air Balloon ride as not only do I love flying but I really appreciate beautiful sceneries

  194. Bianca Borthwick Reply

    I would love to win this prize. Its been a while since ive been pampered. Thanks for the opportunity

  195. I would love to win a massage or a hot air balloon ride as my hubby and I would love this greatly as our 10 year wedding anniversary is coming up soon.

  196. Carlin Lee Reply

    Snorkelling on the great barrier reef would be amazing for my son and I. It would also present an opportunity for my children to meet my brother and their cousins, as my brother works on the reef

  197. I would love a massage/beauty treatment! Some relaxing time to de-stress and relax would be amazing!

  198. I would love to enjoy a hot air balloon ride with my fiancé to celebrate our 10 year anniversary on the 11th of May ❤️

  199. I would love to win a hot air ballooning trip! Ive always wanted to go hot air ballooning, it sounds like so much fun! Unfortunately hubby is not so keen on the idea as it is apparently “not an adrenaline rush thing” and is therefore “boring”. If I won he would have no excuse to get out of it – especially if it was for Mother’s Day!!

  200. Amelia Jareb Reply

    Wow what to choose so many incredible things to see and do. Finger crossed !!

  201. Rebecca Law Reply

    I would love to have some me time for the first time in over 2 years since my water broke at 22w6d and then my son was born at 26weeks.. I have not had a chance to even get my haircut!! Massage on my own followed by a high tea with my mum who is currently visiting me.

  202. Kaitlyne williams Reply

    I would love to do any of these amazing things but I would love to sip wine through the hunter valley. Never been and it would be an amazing experience to have.

  203. I’d love to go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef while it’s still in good condition.

  204. I’d love to dine uninterrupted and kid-free at the Sydney Tower 360 with a view with hubby.

  205. Jane Whelan Reply

    Mine would be enjoying a delicious dinner that l DIDN’T have to cook, while on a colonial-style tramcar in Melbourne.

  206. Brooke Parker Reply

    I would love to share a hot balloon ride with 2 lovely woman in my family. My mum and aunty. My aunty has always wanted to experience this and has it in her bucket list.

  207. Bec Jackson Reply

    I would love the hot air ballon ride!! The views would be exquisite!!!

  208. I would love dinner out with hubby, as it’s been over 3 years since we’ve been able to kid free. Alternatively, i would love to try high tea.

  209. I would love to take my children on a hot air balloon ride..they’re my world

  210. I’d love to win the Sydney photography class it sounds great! I’ve had a camera for ages that I don’t know how to use so this would be perfect.

  211. Gillian downey Reply

    I would absolutely love a pampering session! Really need it after a year of no sleep!!!

  212. I would absolutely love to indulge with a massage. I have a 4 mth old and a relaxing massage would be heaven!

  213. A day trip to the zoo,
    Would be great for my kids, too!
    They’d help me celebrate Mother’s Day,
    With fun, fun, fun…my way!

  214. Would love a fun day/evening travelling on the tramcar restaurant seeing the sights of Melbourne while enjoying a great meal with a lovely glass of champagne… Perfect!!!

  215. All of the experiences would be great but it`s hard to go past a wine tour!

  216. Anthea Cornish Reply

    I would love to dine atop Sydney tower. It is a marvelous experience that I would love to share with my husband .

  217. Ricebubblez Reply

    I would love to spend my Mother’s Day sipping wines in the Yarra Valley and experiencing the foods of great wineries!

  218. Hot air balloon definitely with my mum holding my hand tight as we both have wanted to do it to over come our fear of hights.

  219. Diana Angel Reply

    All sounds great but hot air ballooning i havent experienced yet and it would be on top of my list!

  220. Charley Tankard Reply

    I’d be greatful for anything but drinking wine in the Barossa would be amazing not to far from home but far enough for a beautiful weekend away it’s about 3hrs away ☺️

  221. I escaped a 6 year domestic violence relationship where my daughter and I were isolated from family for 5 years. This mother’s day I’m looking forward to spending time with my mum and seeing my daughter spend her first mother’s day with her nanna, building memories!

  222. CHERYL KING Reply

    Being able to spoil mum for one day with memorable experience

  223. Caroline Kelly Reply

    This year, I am conquering my fears and taking more control over my life. To achieve this objective, surveying Adelaide from atop Adelaide Oval will give me confidence that I can succeed in my goals.

  224. I have always wanted to go hot air ballooning. I love heights and it would be a magic experience.

  225. Oh wow! How wonderful would it be to go taste all the wine at the Hunter Valley Winery…Time for two to share indulge and just the 2

  226. The Bruny Island Full Day Tour would be an amazing day with my mum, this mother’s day!

  227. Oh so many of them look good, but Cage diving with great white’s has been a dream of mine for forever!

  228. An experience is always better then a gift! Memories and moments to share.

  229. Kate Jones Reply

    I would love to win a wine tour, that would be exactly what this mumma of four needs.

  230. I would love to try hot air ballooning and literally feel on top of the world!

  231. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    I’d love to be taken to new heights in a Hot Air Balloon and experience complete silence and peace

  232. Jennifer Fitzell Reply

    Ultimately I’d love to see my mum and have her properly meet her grand babies.
    But spending the day with my gorgeous kiddos and devoted hubby is just as good (if not better)

  233. Tanya Berglund Reply

    Living in the South West I’d love to go on a winery tour, I’ve lived here for 10 years and never visited the wineries in Margaret River

  234. A massage. I have heard how wonderful they are, given them as gifts but never actually experienced one myself. This year is the year that’s going to change!

  235. I would love to win this to take my mum on the whale watching cruise. I would love to do a cooking class!!!! Fingers crossed!

  236. Any of the experiences would be wonderful. Hard
    to go past a pamper session or dining experience though. How fabulous this prize would be. Finger crossed.

  237. yvonne ryan Reply

    The Hot Air Ballooning would be the most amazing experience , l have wanted to do it for years . This really would be the experience of a lifetime

  238. A hot balloon ride would be magical and definitely one to tick off the budget list,

  239. Cairns calm water fishing. Mum raised us fishing everywhere but gets sea sick so it was always on a jetty. She would love to try from a boat but thinks their too rocky. Calm water would be good for her.

  240. I would love any experience but if I had to pick a massage as life is so busy so time away to relax would be lovely.

  241. Nicolette Bowman Reply

    I’d be absolutely over the moon if I had the opportunity to experience a hot air balloon ride !! That’s the coolest thing ever!

    I’d be equally over the moon if i got a lovely and romantic dining experience with my incredibly beautiful husband. He’s been such a legend lately- looking after me while i was under the weather, letting me sleep for as long as i like while he cooks, cleans and plays with our kids. He even gets the baby to sleep and lays her next to me while im sleeping so that i can easily feed her without having to move or even wake up properly.
    Gets slow cookers on in the mornings so dinner is sorted in the evening. Takes the girls to the park so mama has some quiet zen time. Even reads our 3 year old a bed time story every single night. He is magnificent.

    He deserves these prizes just as much as i do.
    The best mothers day gift for me would be to have a wonderful time with my husband to show him how much i appreciate all that he does, day in-day out.
    Because he’s constantly telling me how much of a good mum i am .

  242. Charlotte B Reply

    Seeing as my mother is a chocoholic there is always only one gift I would have to choose for her which she would cherish – chocolates.

  243. Rachel Davis Reply

    I’d choose a dining experience for my gorgeous Mum. Sharing a nice meal and lots of laughs is the best kind of Mother’s Day!

  244. Alison O'Gorman Reply

    Snorkeling seeing a the amazing beauty found under the waves would be a big tick off the bucket list.

  245. I hate cooking but love eating so the dining experience would be fantastic. Also, it can be shared with my loved ones. 🙂

  246. Stephanie P Reply

    I would love to be pamper d with an indulging massage! Being 6 months pregnant and chasing around a very active 2 year old I don’t get any time to pamper myself. A massage would be amazing for some much needed mummy time before baby arrives!

  247. lily goodwin Reply

    I so need this after a very hard labour and recovery from giving birth to my 5 day old boy.

  248. Margaret P Reply

    Sipping wine in the Hunter Valley,
    An experience gift right up my alley.
    Tasting red, white and sparkling wines,
    All originating from boutique vines.
    Accompanied by chocolate in delicate paper
    and married with cheese in an assortment of flavours.
    Surrounded by friends and loved ones.
    It would be an experience lovingly remembered for years to come.

  249. I would love to go on a relaxing dinner and take my mother who came from overseas to help me look after my newborn and 2 big boys. For a change i want to have fun,be served with nice food and not to worry what to cook for everyone and for husband next day lunch for work, just a simple and relaxing dinner is awesome for me

  250. how about a beautiful winery tour followed by relaxing massage just before dinner in the valley

  251. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    I’d probablY enjoy some whale watching in Byron bay how magical

  252. Jordan Stagg Reply

    A train car dinner in Melbourne sounds lovely. Any excuse not to have to cook!

  253. Maria Gillies Reply

    I have never been on a tram, let alone dinning in one, so the tram car experience on Melbourne would be a tripper!!

  254. As a first time Mum I’d love to do something special like hot air ballooning with my own Mum. Having some time out would be great especially with another little one on the way.

  255. I would love to be given the opportunity this Mothers Day to ride in a hot air balloon! It’s always been on my list of things to do, however, I have not yet been able to tick this one off.

  256. Leicia Mathers Reply

    I would love to win the pamper package please. Haven’t been pampered in a long time, I look after my grandson full time so would love some me time please.

  257. Rebecca Mary Reply

    Name a place, I’ll be there
    Bungee jumping, I don’t care
    LIFE ohh LIFE ohhhh LIFE ohhhhh LIFE

  258. Flames of the Forest Rainforest Dining experience, sounds delightful and full of local tradition.

  259. Michelle Ward Reply

    I’m really scared of heights but the gentlest approach I can think of is hot air ballooning. Soar and conquer is my mission!


  261. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    A winery tour would be amazing, being able to sample so many different types, it’d be lovely!

  262. Since dad died last year mums life’s been hard I’d love to treat her to a night at Peppers Resort to relax and recharge.

  263. Melinda Davies Reply

    Even though I am scared of heights, I would love to go hot air ballooning! I think embracing my fear and stepping out of my comfort zone goes hand in hand with being a mother!

  264. Hot Air Balloon Ride, every aspect of it would be truly magical.

  265. As a mum who loves to cook, I’d love the chance to do a cooking class and learn a new dish or two.

  266. I’d love a Moet & Chandon gift pack or a Wine Tasting Tour, its been 20 years since I last had either of these.

  267. Jennifer Hoad Reply

    As a busy wife, nana, and foster mum,. any dining experience is relished. I love the opportunity to try new food, and new places.

  268. Vanessa K Vanya Reply

    Ooo I want to dive and perhaps I will see whales to take selfies with ? Haha…Or maybe manta ray , or starfish . So exciting ! Thanks for the chance . Happy Mothers Day all super mums ! WISHING YOU ALL A MAGICAL MOTHERS DAY .

  269. Michelle Finch Reply

    A thrill, that’s what we need! Swimming past fish, brushing past seaweed. Snorkelling or diving, an experience I wouldn’t trade. Activities like this are where cherished memories are made.

  270. Aroha Kinley Reply

    I would take my 70yr old Mum iFly Skydiving because we only live once and she’s already flatly refused to jump out of a plane with me.

  271. Cindy Nickels Reply

    Dining on a tramcar in Melbourne would be an awesome experience and one we haven’t done yet.

  272. i would love to win the dining experience to be able to enjoy some wonderful food

  273. I would love to go hot air ballooning. They always look so magical and graceful from the ground and it would definitely be an experience of a lifetime.

  274. The not having to cook got me. I would love to do all the experiences and hopefully will one day make it around Australia and out of Victoria but for now I just want to not have to cook!

  275. Melissa Turner Reply

    I’ve always wanted to do a Melbourne walking tour as I think it would be a great way to gain a new perspective of my own backyard

  276. Gift It Now is like the Wheel of Fortune of experiences. For the first experience I’d choose the foodie mum experience, just to get a taste for it.

  277. Veronica De Reply

    I would love to do a cooking class to get some new ideas, learn some hints and tricks, to keep giving the family lovely healthy up-to-date meals.

  278. Phillip Cunningham Reply

    Dining atop Sydney Tower would be really wonderful for my wife and I to experience.

  279. Mothers day perfection would be for me to have dinner with my children , grandchildren , motherinlaw and families.

  280. A Yarra Velley wine experience would be very much appreciated. 😉

  281. Samantha dalby Reply

    I would love a day of pampering after dealing with 6 kids all day I don’t get much time to myself

  282. cheerie murnane Reply

    Would love to go to Melbourne and have dinner on a Colonial Style Tramcar, I haven’t been to Melbourne in a very long time and looking forward to visiting “one day”

  283. Roberto Colombi Reply

    Winery Tour – would surpass even our ‘Grape’ expectations!

  284. A relaxing massage, such a heavenly treat. Start at my head, and finish at my feet!

  285. If only we could combine – a hot air balloon in the morning, followed by cooking classes, making our very own breakfasts and then spending the day on a winery tour! Sounds like an amazing day and one full of memories that will be cherished forever!

  286. I’d love an indulgent massage…. some quiet time to myself would be bliss!

  287. I would love to take my mum, my grandma and my kids to AQWA, the Aquarium of Western Australia!!

  288. Jocelyn Lambert Reply

    I have never been in a Hot Air Balloon.
    I would love to experience this over our beautiful city of the “Gold Coast”, in sunny Queensland.

  289. I love to sleep in and wake up to a gourmet champagne breakfast!

  290. All of these ideas look fabulous! I’d love to attend a cookery class and learn something really exotic so I could wow my family at home with the recipe (and myself)

  291. Living the outback, we are so far- too far- away from the experiences but a hamper of seldom eaten foods would be absolute bliss!

  292. I’d love to get the Phillip Island Nature Parks 4 Parks Pass with Eco Boat Tour as it’s something we can enjoy as a family!

  293. Ballooning – always wanted to do it with my partner and end with champagne.

  294. Louisa Frail Reply

    The hot air balloon ride would be awesome
    I’m scared of heights ( and I would love this prize, yes I’m crazy )
    To capture the gorgeous views of Queensland Gold Coast would be amazing.
    My family will be visiting there soon in May on my hubbys birthday, letting our boys enjoy the theme parks for the first time.
    I would love this experience as a family. My hubby might have to hold me incase I fall haha

  295. Sacha Pech Reply

    Wine while im being mani and pedi’d to within an inch of my life. Nap time guaranteed. Happy place achieved. Its something us mums dont do enough of; us time

  296. Alicia Bardsley Reply

    I’d love the Turkish Food Lunch Tour of Melbourne. I think the food would be amazing.

  297. I don’t like heights, so not a hot air balloon,
    to flowers I’ll sneeze a hay fever tune,
    massages are out – I think I’m immune,
    chocolates and jewellery never made me swoon,
    beauty and styling? Not used in my kiddie commune,
    but I’m a connoisseur, sometimes even before noon,
    (and at my age I feel this does not impugn),
    of a fine bottle of wine as an occasional boon,
    so I’m frankly, most eager to proudly festoon,
    my wine rack with a Gift It Now Wine Box very soon!

  298. High above the ground,
    the view will amaze,
    a Hot Air Balloon ride,
    will make Mum’s Mother’s Day!

  299. Belinda Bee Reply

    Melbourne chocolate tour ! life doesn’t get better than this! (note to self: wear stretchy pants!)

  300. Michael O'Neill Reply

    I would love to surprise my wife who is a mother of two girls aged 8 and 9 to a hot air balloon ride over the beautiful hunter valley vineyards.

  301. chocolates for sure , sitting around with a coffee , talking and eating yummy chocolates – yum

  302. Debbie O'Donnell Reply

    Hot Air Ballooning is something I’ve always wanted to try as I have a fear of heights.

  303. My mum at almost 62 is still working extremely hard and I would love to give her a day spa for Mother’s Day.

  304. It would be lovely to give to my sister-in-law who has returned to work full-time, cares for her beautiful little girl who has additional needs, whilst also helping her eldery parents-in-law with appointments. It would be lovely for her to go and have some R & R in the Barossa with her own mum who spent most of last year receiving treatment for cancer

  305. Christie Cottren Reply

    I would love to take my mum on a nice dining at Tramcar Restaurant been nice to get out and about as doesnt happen very often being a single mum to 4 kids.

  306. A fine dining experience would be amazing, the finest I’ve had in 10 years is Hoggies!

  307. Kimothy777 Reply

    I would love to try the camel riding. That would be awesome 🙂

  308. T Henricks Reply

    The HollyBanks Treetops adventure looks like an amazing, adrenalin filled adventure!

  309. Sarah mary Reply

    The HollyBanks Treetops adventure would certainly bring me out of my comfort zone. What a fabulous new experience it would be .

  310. Laura Scriven Reply

    Never been on a Hot Air Balloon,
    To do that, I’d be over the moon!
    The gentle breeze and crisp morning,
    I promise I won’t be yawning.

  311. I would love to try everything! While I still have time and while I still have strength, I would like to experience everything while I still can. 🙂

  312. I’d love a facial….it’s been 8 years since I had one….OMG I miss them.

  313. Alan Parratt Reply

    Hot air balloons pass over us many times here on the gold coast, It would be nice to look down instead of up. lol

  314. Rebecca Knott Reply

    I would love to take my whole family on a hot air balloon ride. We’ve been waiting until the kids were old enough and tall enough to see over the sides. This is exactly how I want to spend mothers day, with my family experiencing something new and unforgettable

  315. I would love to win a massage because my youngest is 6 months old and won’t take the bottle so I have had no mummy time.

  316. Emma-Leigh Reply

    Hot air ballooning is something that I’ve never done and is on my bucket list. What a better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than literally being able to ‘look down’ on my kids while I’m enjoying some me time in the air.

  317. Gemma Brettle Reply

    A hot air balloon ride would be amazing! It’s something that I’ve always wanted to tick off my bucket list.

  318. Tayla Westerling Reply

    I’d love to go on a hot air balloon. I love heights and looking at beautiful scenery and I reckon it would be funny to watch my partner freak out because of his fear of great heights.

  319. Mum’s a total foodie, but I can never afford to take her somewhere impressive. I’d LOVE to surprise her with a fancy dinner!

  320. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    I would love to dine atop the Sydney Tower to re-live that experience when my husband proposed to me 10 years ago!

  321. Kirby Olsen Reply

    I would love the massage and the fancy dinner two things that I never get to do because I’m always being mum to everyone.

  322. So many choices! I am limited with some things. Every mother deserves a good pamper session. So many times we put everyone else first and forget to give ourselves a little “me”time

  323. I think I’d like to take my kids on the Melbourne Star, but also I want a massage.

  324. A massage and pampering session sounds just divine right about now!

  325. Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    I am happy with any experience that involves relaxing… add in food and we are sold!!

  326. Brianna Taylor Reply

    Earlier this year we went on a holiday to Moreton Island and snorkelled for the first time so I would love to do it again!

  327. What a wonderful prize I’d love something sparkly to give my mum so she can be reminded how much we appreciate her

  328. Hubby & I have talked about a romantic hot air balloon ride since we were dating! Maybe 7 years and 2 kids later we could finally make the dream come true! (Its still romantic if you bring the kids right )

  329. Love to win the hot air ballooning, because I would love to just relax and enjoy the views and just enjoy the serinty.

  330. Jonita mills Reply

    I would love love love to be able to relax with a therapeutic massage definitely for myself but I want it more for both my mums rather than for myself. They work so hard and need some relaxation.

  331. Caroline Lissaman Reply

    Being a nature and animal enthusiast, I would love to dive or snorkel, getting up close with gorgeous marine life and possibly dolphins if I am lucky!

  332. Being in Adelaide I would love the Montaro Zoo Lions 360 experience and Zoo Entry. I would love to have this experience and share it with my family!

  333. Would love to experience a Hot Air Balloon ride, has always been something I wanted to do since I was little as my own mother always wanted to ride in a Hot Air Balloon

  334. I have always want to go for dinner on a Tram my little girl would love this too

  335. Snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef is on my bucket list and would love this.

  336. Hot air ballooning would be amazing but so would something as simple as having a meal cooked for me with no clean up!

  337. Experiencing something new and exciting is definitely on my gift guide. I like the IDEA of exploring and traveling. I’ve always wanted to try wines, dine in a romantic setting.

  338. How exciting, with so many wonderful and varied options to choose from. I would love to enjoy Sydney Harbour Lunch Tall Ship Cruise, there is just something magical about the wind in the sails and watching the rigging at work, whilst relaxing on the water. Aah, now that’s my kind of bliss 🙂

  339. Massages/beauty
    I am a single mom of three, so a massage is my ultimate level of indulgence at the moment!

  340. I am a single mom of three, so a massage is my ultimate level of indulgence at the moment!

  341. i would love to experience the 7 day Melbourne Unlimited Attractions Pass the Melbourne zoo, Legoland. Seasons Provedore, Moonraker – 1 1/2 hour Dolphin Adventure Cruise, Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. I’d want to try it all and be greedy get as much in as possible. Even though I’m from canberra the trip would be worth it.

  342. Jaime Thompson Reply

    At almost 27 weeks pregnant and suffering from a mild case of pneumonia, I would love. A chance to pamper this tired body with a massage (hopefully followed by a good nights sleep!)

  343. Maree Wood Reply

    All these experiences look amazing!! For me tho, I would LOVE a massage or a necklace with my children’s names stamped on it.. 🙂

  344. I would love to give my mum has raised me for 18 years and he’s going to the difficulties of having autistic daughter I had to give her the best friendship ever had to make her have an experience she couldn’t have while looking after me , My mum has many things to do that in three days many problems about money for casting so whatever other troubles that come our way has happened my number to love to have a relaxing trip after some many years of family confinement .

  345. The comment I had written above has been AutoCorrect and therefore has changed every word I had said .
    What was written: I would love to give my mother, has raised me for 18 years and has supported and helped, processed and dealt with my autism. My mum has never had a break for more than 23 years for that she has four daughters and with the fact that I only turned 18 years old 4 1/2 months ago on December 29, 2017.
    I would very much appreciate and cry if I could win this trip for my mum and give it to her as a appreciation of giving birth to me.

  346. Teresa Clark Reply

    Would love to dine at the top of Sydney tower with my family.

  347. Kim Hardacre Reply

    I would be grateful for any of these experiences/gifts but ultimately a nice wine tour would be lovely and I’d take my mum who has been our rock – always so giving of herself and her time especially since dad passed away 12 years ago. She is the best mum and grandma

  348. Julia Mason Reply

    I’ve always dreamt of the beauty of a Hot Air Balloon ride!

  349. Love to take my Mum for a Seafood Lunch and Sunset Cruise 🙂 She would love that!

  350. Any of these prizes sound awesome! I’m a mum of 3 boys, so the only girl in the household. I would love to have a mini break or special girly treat to feel that extra bit special this mother’s day 🙂 <3

  351. Courtney Pascoe Reply

    I would so love to get a massage, i’m currently pregnant with my second and craving some me time bad, any type or beauty treatment or relaxation would be heaven right now 🙂

  352. Since having my first bubs 6 months ago all I have wanted is some time to myself to have a relaxing beauty treatment or 2. Being down to one salary it’s not really possible though!

  353. Eva Kiraly Reply

    I’d love to go snorkelling or learn to dive, I’ve been just thinking of it all my life

  354. blake haugen Reply

    Liking to go on a winery toue!! Or the hot air balloon! I cant decide 😀

  355. I love my two kids but I would probably use it for a nice lunch at a winery with my soon to be husband!

  356. Tess Doyle Reply

    I’d be so grateful to recieve any of these however, all these months of no sleep, breastfeeding and carrying my children around have caused a lot of back and shoulder pain. I think a massage or spa treatment would be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for me this year

  357. I would love the delicious dinner that I don’t have to cook. A lovely way to be pampered! And no washing up either!

  358. Carla trudgett Reply

    Having a newborn baby added to our busy family any opportunity for something for me sounds like heaven. A dining experience or beauty treatment would be so lovely.

  359. I’d love to be spoilt in whatever way my husband helps our daughter with as long as I get to feel celebrated and appreciated as a Mum.
    Whether it’s an extravagant gift like jewelry or something as simple as cheese on toast, if it’s delivered with love I’m happy!

  360. I’d love to treat my family to a nice dining experience and enjoy good food with great company

  361. Melanie Cooper Reply

    Hot air ballooning sounds amazing. Always wanted to try it and hope some guy is on there that decides he wants to propose to me lol!

  362. right now with my shoulder aching I would love a massage but the hot air ballooning would be pretty amazing too.

  363. I would absolutely love to experience the hot air ballooning! Everything else does indeed sound great though.

  364. I’d love to do one of the cooking classes with Hubby! We both love to cook but have lost the passion for it with busy lives and two little kids!

  365. Jessica Williams Reply

    I would love to take my Mum hot air balloon riding, something we have both always dreamed of. We were talking about it just the other day, this competition feels very synchronistic!

  366. Mum needs a trip,
    Before she loses her mind and flips!
    Chaos in the house all day,
    She needs some time away,
    Chocolate, flowers and more,
    She needs a day to herself for sure!

  367. They all sound fantastic! The experience of dining in a tram car would certainly be memorable.

  368. always wanted to try the tramcar restaurant, if I win I will take my Mum

  369. Gosh I’d take any! Always wanted to go hot air ballooning though so that would be my pick!

  370. Michael Raphael Reply

    I’d love to go SCUBA diving with Mum. We’ve just finished watching Blue Planet II together, and have been inspired by the beauty and vivid colours of coral reefs.

  371. I have always wanted to experience a hot air balloon ride and see the fantastic views they offer! I also love, love, love massages. Chocolates is always a great present, as long as they are the dark variety! Yum Yum

  372. Jennifer B. Reply

    We’ve lived here all my life but two things are yet unseen but sure winners…
    We’d love a Melbourne Hidden Laneways Walking Tour then a Tramcar Restaurant dinner!!!

  373. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    I love the idea of touring the Opera House. How lovely to be invited to walk through the place where opera lives.

  374. I would love to go on a winery tour and taste lots of wine. Just wander the vineyards and have a nice time.

  375. Absolutely the tram car dinner! To not have to cook, and to be able to experience Melbourne in such a unique way would be a dream!

  376. Hot air ballooning over the Gold Coast would be an amazing experience and memory to celebrate.

  377. A beautifully inspirational hot air balloon ride is for me
    Kaleidoscope’s of magically intrinsic wonderment to see
    Where all my hopes and dreams can mesmerically fly free
    I would look back on this one special day, a treasure it will always be!

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