11 Reasons a Baby Capsule is a Must-Have for New Parents

So you’ve got a newborn baby and you find yourself wondering … do we buy a baby capsule or a baby car seat? This is a dilemma you’ll probably face when preparing for your little one and there really is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on what works best for your family.

At Mum Central’, we’re all about providing the best information to help new parents make an informed decision on buying a baby capsule vs buying a baby car seat. So here we’ll be focussing on just what makes buying a baby capsule such a convenient option and share with you the benefits of baby capsules. 

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Baby Capsule vs Baby Car Seat – How do you choose? 

Every family is different. Some new parents swear that a capsule is the best investment for Bub while other families are happy to bypass the capsule phase and go straight to a baby car seat.  

But what’s the difference between a baby car seat and a baby capsule, anyway?

Basically, a car seat remains permanently fixed in the vehicle while a capsule can be removed. Once removed, you can carry it around or attach it to your pram with the help of a range of pram adaptors. The capsule base remains in the vehicle and the capsule easily clicks back into place securely when it’s time for a drive.

Capsules are specifically for newborns and infants, generally up to 12 months. Car seats generally last longer (newborns up to 4 years or even 8 years in some instances).

What are the benefits of using a baby capsule?

1. Baby capsules can make parenting that little bit easier. 

The convenience factor is probably one of the biggest reasons families choose a capsule. Being able to remove the capsule – often while the baby is sleeping – makes every car trip a lot easier and less stressful. It’s also easier placing Bub into a capsule than a car seat. 

2. Capsules let resting babies, rest.

Rule #1 of Baby Club: You don’t disturb a sleeping infant. With a baby capsule, you can take them from the car, to the house and straight into bed (no fumbling around and juggling a sleeping baby, keys, car doors and top tethers). 

Maxi Cosi Mico12-LX Benefits-of-Baby-Capsules
Let Bub sleep as you transfer them from the car to the cot. Source: Supplied

3. Click and stroll 

Baby capsules aren’t just meant for the car. They’re actually part of an entire travel system that allows you to attach a capsule directly onto your pram frame. However, not all capsules are compatible with every pram brand, so you’ll need to check this out before you buy. This is one of the reasons we love Maxi-Cosi’s Mico 12 LX so much – it’s compatible with a huge list of popular pram brands so chances are you can use your existing pram frame to wheel baby around in their capsule, without interruption! Have a look at the Maxi Cosi compatibility guide for a list of all strollers compatible. 

Mico-12-LX-baby capsule Compatibility brands
Maxi-Cosi’s Mico 12 LX is compatible with most stroller brands. Source: Supplied

4. The safety aspect, especially for newborns 

Both car seats and capsules are safe for infants. But capsules are built especially for teeny tiny ones and their teeny tiny features. Capsules cocoon your baby in cosy, rear-facing comfort, and secure with five-point harnesses. This is the best way to protect your baby in the event of an accident.

Maxi Cosi’s Mico 12 LX is one of the safest capsules on the market but it’s also suitable all the way to 12 months (approx), allowing bub to remain rearward facing for longer. It’s also suitable for low birthweight babies who may have been born premature. 

Snug as a bug in her capsule. Source: Supplied

5. Perfect for busy lifestyles

If you’re out for the day meeting up with friends or family, running errands or taking your baby for a check-up, a baby capsule is the perfect thing to use. 

6. Multiple uses

We’ve already mentioned how a capsule is designed to take Bub from the car to the pram, but baby capsules can also fit in a trolley if you’re out shopping.

They can double as a rocker so you can easily soothe them while out and about. Just make sure you’re supervising your sleeping beauty when in a baby capsule. 

Mother-and-Baby-Maxi-Cosi-Mico-12-LX baby capsule
Baby capsules are ideal for outings in the car and in a pram. Source: Supplied

Baby capsules tend to range in price between $300 to $700 so this is a decent investment. However, over time, a capsule can be the more affordable option compared to a baby car seat, especially if you have multiple vehicles. All you need is one capsule and you can set up multiple bases, (sold separately and cheaper than an extra car seat).

Capsules are also designed to be passed down so if you are planning on adding to the tribe down the road, a baby capsule is a really smart investment. 

8. Outings made way easier 

Getting out and about with a baby can be tricky. What so many parents love about baby capsules is that you can get your baby prepped and ready for the car, before they are in the car. Sometimes, getting your things together, double checking you haven’t left your keys in the fridge (it happens) and locating your sunglasses (which are on top of your head) can take several minutes.

With a baby car seat, Bub is left in the car, most likely getting fussy during this time. Not with a capsule though. Strap them in, adjust it for comfort, and then do any last-minute jobs around the house. Then, simply pick up the capsule, click it into the base in the car, and away you go. 

A baby capsule really is the easiest way to travel with a newborn baby. Source: Supplied

9. Snug, safe and secure for bub

Not all babies love the car so there’s no guarantee that your little one is going to be perfectly content every time you buckle them in. That said, a baby capsule provides Bub with a super cosy and snug space where they are protected with lots of padding, making for a comfortable ride every time. 

10. Weather protection

Speaking of protection, baby capsules not only protect our little ones inside the car but also outside. Baby capsules, such as the Maxi-Cosi Mico 12 LX, come with an all-weather UPF50+ expandable canopy, which can both protect your baby from the sun in and out of the car and also protect them from the wind, rain, and snow.

11. Peace of mind

Worrying comes as part of the parenting territory. Once your little bundle of joy is born, you learn you can worry about five million things at once, which can be hard on our exhausted brains.

Knowing your baby is safe, snug and super content while in the car is absolutely priceless. It means you can focus on the road and enjoy your days out with your little adventurer, no matter what the day brings. 

Introducing the Mico 12 LX Baby Capsule from Maxi-Cosi

There are quite a few baby capsules on the market, many varying in price and safety features, but none of them quite compare to the Mico 12 LX which is Maxi-Cosi’s most popular baby capsule. Not only does it look great, but it’s also the lightest full-featured 12-month baby capsule on the market. 

Many baby capsules only accommodate babies to 6 months, however, Maxi-Cosi has really upped the game with this capsule, ensuring that baby is safe and comfortable from low birth weights right up to 12 months.  It’s a breeze to install and offers effortless transitions in and out of the car. There are even magnetic harness holders to make buckling Bub in easier than ever. 



Safety-wise, the Mico 12 LX comes with Air Protect® superior head and side-impact protection plus a multi-position adjustable crotch buckle for comfort and safety. The one-handed, 9-position automatic headrest and harness adjustment make it easy to adjust as baby grows and the ultra-comfortable bamboo wicking fabrics, keep your baby happy, cool and comfortable. 

The Mico 12 LX is one of the best capsules on the market, retailing for $699. However, for a limited time, you can grab yourself one for just $499 on the Maxi-Cosi website.

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* It’s recommended babies aren’t kept in capsules for extended periods, so if you’re out all day, please ensure you get them out and give them a chance to stretch.

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