8 Brilliant Unnecessary Inventions Every Parent Needs

Allow us to introduce you to one of the greatest people on the internet – Matty Benedetto. He’s the wizard behind Unnecessary Inventions, an Instagram account dedicated to inventions no use needs but are actually incredibly handy for everyday parenting problems. While none of these products are actually for sale, ALL of them should be! 

Matty’s Unnecessary Inventions range is not only great for parents but all humans in general, whether you’re wrangling toddlers, dealing with hungry pets or looking for a more comfortable way to go to the washroom.

Check out our very favourite unnecessary inventions he’s come up with so far. 

1. LEGO Socks 

One of Matty’s first unnecessary inventions to break the internet was his LEGO socks which makes the pain of stepping over LEGO bricks a thing of the past. Each sock is fitted with a flexible sole that comes with a geometric hole pattern so that you can easily step over them without shouting profanities at the children. Amazing, right??

Lego socks
Source: Unnecessary Inventions

2. LEGO Vaccum Cleaner that Also Sorts 

To go with his LEGO socks, Matty also invented a vacuum cleaner designed to pick up LEGO Bricks. Matty’s invention is appropriately called The LEGO Suck It™️ and is a modified vacuum cleaner, inspired by Michael Scott’s idea on ‘The Office’.

lego vacuum
Source: Unnecessary Inventions

It’s designed to not only pick up LEGO bricks but also SORT them. You use it as a normal vacuum cleaner but attached is a multi-stage chamber that magnetically separates for quick organisation of your favourite toy bricks. The larger bricks stay at the top, the smaller bricks at the bottom.

lego vacuum and brick sorter
Source: Unnecessary Inventions

3. The Sipper Slowdown

This invention is just for us parents and prevents us from overindulging on boozy beverages. It’s designed to keep you hydrated on your holiday but you can use the sippy cup anywhere. 

Unnecessary Inventions - The Sipper Slowdown
Source: Unnecessary Inventions

The two-sided cup perfectly fits your H20 and go-to beverage from the bar. The built-in gyroscope will automatically detect you took a sip and rotate the locking mechanism, alternating each sip from alcohol to water so you can stay hydrated while you’re sipping. I can’t tell you how many times I SHOULD have had a few slugs of water in between my wines. Smart, Matty. Our morning ‘not-as-hungover’ selves will thank you.

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4. The Dusty Dish

Sticky fingers be gone! This one is ideal for parents with children of all ages who love to wipe their greasy mitts all over your couch and their clothes. 

The Dusty Dish is the first snack bowl with a rotating cleaning station to swiftly remove any debris from fingertips. Add your child’s favourite snack and let them indulge. When their fingers start to get greasy or sticky,  flip the switch to engage the high-velocity cleaning sponge to wipe their fingers before they get a chance to wipe them on your pant leg. Winning! 

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5. The Carboard Box Shoes 

Matty made this one especially for Amazon Prime boxes, but it’s handy for all sorts of cardboard box deliveries you’re bound to be getting during the Christmas rush. 

Cardboard shoes by Unnecessary Inventions
Source: Unnecessary Inventions

The aerospace-grade steel platforms attach to your legs and allow you to stomp down the boxes in seconds, perfect if you need to hide the shopping evidence in a hurry! 

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6. The Oversized but Actually Useful Croc Charms

I had to include this because my daughter is obsessed with Croc Charms right now. Matty’s Giant Jibbetz Collection plays on kids’ obsession with croc charms (Jibbitz) but he opts for hilariously appropriate charms, including a mini flashlight, a Polaroid camera and a phone holder. His collection also includes a baby croc, a half a finger and a cease and desist letter from Crocs (which you know is coming). 

Croc Charms by Unnecessary Inventions
Source: Unnecessary Inventions

7. The Cat Stopper

Known as the Type N Swipe, this one made me laugh out loud.  If you have cats, then you know exactly what it’s designed to do – keep your overbearing felines from demanding your attention while you’re working on your computer. The hand will lovingly swipe the cat away as soon as they try to stand on your keyboard. Which, let’s face it, CATS LOVE TO DO. 

We’ve got a video of it in action because you need to see it to appreciate the pure genius of this one. 

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8.  The Sneaky Santa Shelf

This one is another that’s actually designed for pets but it’s also useful for parents of toddlers and children who like to peak at their presents before Christmas. This wooden shelf fits firmly into your artificial Christmas tree and enables you to properly keep your presents high up in the tree, where little hands (and cats) can’t reach them. Also good for hiding Christmas treats you don’t want the kids to eat. 

Santa Shelf by Unnecessary Inventions
Source: Unnecessary Inventions

This is only a snippet of the incredibly necessary inventions Matty has designed so far. He comes up with new ideas all the time too. 

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