Here’s the Hilarious Memes Keeping us Sane Through COVID-19

When life gives you lemons, we make lemonade. When life gives you a viral pandemic, what do we do? We make memes. There’s not a lot of goodness to come out of the coronavirus but you have to admit, the countless coronavirus memes certainly take the edge off.

After all, laughter is the best medicine. Until there’s a vaccine at least. Then vaccination is the best medicine.

So take a break from checking the current COVID-19 charts and watching the live feeds on Facebook and join us as we share our favourite coronavirus memes – coughing memes, social distancing memes, homeschooling memes – we’ve got them all!

There are heaps more out there so feel free to share your faves in the comments below. The more memes, the merrier.

2020: The Year Everything was Cancelled

1. The 2020 vision

Coronavirus meme 1

2. Even the scriptwriters didn’t imagine such madness…

mum central
What a blockbuster that would be! Source: Facebook

3. A peculiar clusterfuck

CV meme 2

4. Longest week ever CV meme 3

5. So many effing charts

Coronavirus meme 4

6. Breaking news covid meme 5

7. Wrong apocalypse

covid meme 6

8. Just another pie chart

covid meme 7

Politics and toilet (paper) humour

9. So so weird

covid meme 8

10. ScoMo’s inspiration coronavirus meme 9

11. Panic buying

coronavirus meme 10

Quarantine Life: #StayHome 

12. A special gift for hubby

cv meme 11

13. The insane parrot cv meme 12

14. Fridge talk

cv meme 13

15. The perfect pantry note…

mum central
Nailed it mumma! Source: Kentucky Mom to Twins and More / Andrea Remke, writer

16. Beauty cancelled

cv meme 23
Sums it up perfectly! Source: Facebook

17. Or this that actually sums up how every woman that colours her hair feels

mum central
Sums it up perfectly don’t you think? Source: Facebook

18. The word search that sums up 2020
cv meme 30

Social distancing 

19. Seriously, Stay the F Home

cv meme 14

20. Be the bird coronavirus meme 15

21. COVID conversations coronavirus meme 16

22. Seemed like a good idea at the time

mum central
Not the best idea! Source: Facebook

23. Tell me you don’t agree!

mum central
I’m sure you can relate! Source: Facebook


cv meme 2925. Shake it like you’re social distancing cv meme 25

Coughing and hand washing 

26. Sanitation lesson

cv meme 17

27. See ya! cv meme 18

28. Far cough cv meme 28

The joys of homeschooling

29. Chemistry lesson

cv meme 19

30. Another good chemistry lesson cv meme 20

31. Don’t drink and teach cv meme 21

32. Who’s to blame now?

coronavirus meme 27

33. Gratitude is everything…


mum central
Source: Facebook

34. The perfect school worthy activity

mum central
Build the skills… Source: Facebook

And the rest

35. Who’s batshit crazy now?

cv meme 22

36. Choice career cv meme 24

37. A novel name

cv meme 26

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