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2021 BEST PRAM ROUNDUP: Prams, Strollers, Joggers and more!


The time has come to pick a pram. It’s a big decision and one that every parent will likely take quite seriously. So don’t stress if you’re feeling the pram pressure and are a bit overwhelmed with how many choices there are out there.  Every year Mum Central features our Best Prams roundup for the year and for 2021 we’ve selected 11 options to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

Have a read of our top picks for 2021, including the best three-wheel strollers, four-wheel strollers, single prams, double prams and travel strollers. We’ve also featured the best prams for comfort, style, adventure and even the best second stroller for the grandparents’ house.

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Five things to consider when choosing a pram or stroller:

1. What is your budget?

$500? $2500? This makes a big difference when selecting a pram.

2. What will you be using the pram for?

Running and exercising? Basic errands? Hopping on and off public transport? Navigating through the streets or shops?

3. Where do you intend to store the pram when not in use?

In the garage, the front entrance of your apartment? Also, think about your car boot size.

4. Will you be expanding your family?

Do you need a pram that comes with a toddler board/extra seat?

5. What features matter the most to you?

The style? The compactness? The quality or the reputation of the company?

So with those five key considerations in mind … drum roll please …. let’s us show you our top pram picks for 2021!

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Best three wheel buggy:  Oscar Mx

WHERE TO BUY: Edwards & Co
PRICE: $899
COMES WITH: Single pram + newborn insert. Carry Cot and accessories extra

best prams 2021 - Oscar Mx
Best three-wheel pram – Oscar Mx. Image supplied

Durable, compact, stylish and comfortable, Oscar Mx has it all. It’s ideal as an everyday stroller, suitable for all-terrain with rubber puncture-proof tyres and is perfect for parents who love to run with their pram! This beauty also comes with an easy one-handed fold, for simplicity, convenience and looks gorgeous. Plus you can easily convert the pram from parent-facing to world-facing, depending on how you (and baby) want to stroll.

It’s suitable for newborns and comes with a newborn insert, or you can opt to purchase an overnight approved Carry Cot Mx. It also works with selected capsules (adaptors required).

READER OFFER: Use code MUMCENTRAL to get 10% OFF Oscar Mx until 31 October 2021. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

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Best four-wheel pram:  ROVER

WHERE TO BUY: BabyBee Prams
PRICE: $849.99
COMES WITH: Single pram + bassinet included (single pram, no bassinet is $749.99)

best prams 2021 - Duo2
Best four wheel pram: ROVER. Image supplied

With designer style and unbeatable value, the BabyBee ROVER is a four-wheel pram favourite. It was awarded Product Review’s best 4-wheel pram in both 2020 and 2021 and comes with thousands of great ratings from happy Australian parents.

ROVER is everything you’d want in a four-wheel stroller – easy to steer, suitable for newborn (with the bassinet), 2-in-1 travel system and car capsule compatible, compact, lightweight and easy to fold. It also comes with $250 worth of free accessories including a sleep cover, reversible sleep liner, rain cover and handlebar bag.

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Best single pram:  Joolz Aer + cot

WHERE TO BUY: The Amazing Baby Company 
PRICE: $749.99 + $389 for bassinet
COMES WITH: Single pram + bassinet included 

best prams 2021
Best single pram: Joolz Aer + Cot. Image supplied.

Get ready for something truly innovative with the Joolz Aer + Cot, which is an ideal option for all your single pram needs. Aer can be used from birth to toddler and folds down in seconds – even with the cot attached. It’s surprisingly comfortable and convenient, and makes family life on the go incredibly easy!

Just toss it over your shoulder with the carry strap and off you go. Handy, right? At around 6 months, when your baby is ready to explore the world, you can switch from cot to seat and enjoy a smooth ride from baby to toddlerhood.

READER OFFER: Pre-order yours today and receive 10% OFF the Joolz Aer. Use code AFBMUMCENTRAL at checkout. Code valid for preorders only until 05/05/21. Not valid with any other offer.

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Best double pram:   DUO²

WHERE TO BUY: BabyBee Prams 
PRICE: $949.99
COMES WITH: Double pram with either two seats or one seat and one bassinet (your choice) 

best prams 2021 - duo2
Best double pram: Duo2. Image supplied.

A double pram for under $1000? Welcome to DUO² – a double stroller dream come true! This handy little award-winner goes from a single pram to a double pram in seconds, perfect for expanding families. It comes with 30+ configurations to fit any family’s needs, plus won Product Review’s Best Double Pram in Australia for both 2020 and 2021.

It also comes with $460 worth of free accessories including sleep covers, reversible sleep liners, rain covers and handlebar bag. Choose from either two seats or a seat and a bassinet, depending on what you’re after.

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Best for newborn + toddlers:  iCandy Lime 2021

PRICE: $1,399
COMES WITH: Single pram + carrycot + ride-on-board for toddler 

best prams 2021
Best for newborn + toddler: iCandy Lime 2021. Image supplied

What we love about the iCandy Lime 2021 is that it is not only compact and stylish but also ideal for expecting parents who already have a toddler or preschooler. Many toddlers won’t sit in a stroller BUT they will ride on a buggy board, which is another reason we love the iCandy Lime 2021!  It’s the only single compact pram that includes a toddler board, an all-in-one compact fold AND a large carrycot for overnight sleeping, plus the pushchair for when bub is a bit older.

This comes all packaged up in a beautiful, functional and comfortable pram. Available in Black, Charcoal and Navy, the new iCandy Lime 2021 is brand new to the stroller scene and already a show-stopper.

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Best double side by side pram:  LUNA

WHERE TO BUY: BabyBee Prams
PRICE: $749
COMES WITH: Double pram + newborn cocoon 

best prams 2021 - LUNA
Best side by side double stroller: LUNA. Source: Supplied

If you’re after a double pram that features side by side seats, then LUNA is your girl! LUNA has won the Product Review award for best double pram and easily fits through standard doors – a big plus for a side-by-side stroller. Suitable for twins or a newborn and toddler or two toddlers, LUNA is a dream to push with superb manoeuvrability.

Luna also comes with a handy newborn cocoon to keep your littlest addition comfortable, plus heaps of accessories including rain cover, two belly bars, two reversible seat liners and two footcovers.

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Best for comfort:   Bugaboo Fox2

PRICE: $1,899
COMES WITH: Single pram + bassinet  

mum central
Best for comfort: Bugaboo Fox2

Bugaboo is one of the most trusted names in the pram industry and with good reason! Their prams are absolutely divine, fit for royalty even, and the Fox 2 is their most comfortable pram yet. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and safety, lightness and strength, steady grip and responsive steering.

The Bugaboo Fox 2 comes with a bassinet, providing extra comfort for newborns, plus a snug cushioned seat for older kids which is designed for safe, secure, and sleep-inducing comfort on any terrain. Fox 2 is an adventurer’s dream with large wheels and the mother of all suspensions which smooths out any surface. Plus, it’s light to push and turn so you’re always in control, is easy to fold and carry and configures to your needs, from city strolls to full on adventures.

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Best for style:  Silver Cross Wave Eclipse

WHERE TO BUY: Silver Cross
PRICE: $2,699
COMES WITH: Double pram with carrycot + tandem-seat 

SIlver Cross Wave eclipse 2021 pram guide
Best for style: Silver Cross Wave Eclipse

Be blown away by the Silver Cross Wave Eclipse, a striking new Special Edition design with unique sculpted black fabrics and stunning rose gold details. Wave 2021 is ready to go as a double pram for a newborn and toddler using the carrycot and seat unit included. By adding a tandem seat, car capsule or second carrycot, it offers up to 30 configurations for one baby or siblings and can carry three little ones with the ride on board (sold separately). Our favourite position? You can have the carrycot at the top or in the lower position of the pram, making life with two kids just that little bit easier! Wave is also suitable for overnight sleeping, with ventilation at the base of the carrycot that can be turned on and off.

Wave features naturally anti-bacterial bamboo and UPF 50+ fabrics inside the carrycot and on the new reversible seat liner plus it comes with a cup holder, two rain covers, two mosquito nets, two reversible seat liners and two bumper bars. The new, lighter design, multi-terrain wheels and independent suspension provide exceptional handling and performance. Comfort. Style. Elegance. Wave is actual pram perfection on wheels.

As your family grows, so does Wave!

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Best for adventure:  Veer Cruiser

PRICE: $999
COMES WITH: Cruiser, two cup holders, snack and drink tray and Explorer Handbook

VEER CRUISER wagon 2021 pram guide
Best for adventure: Veer Cruiser

Part premium stroller, part rugged wagon, the Veer All-Terrain Cruiser is perfect for family adventures with infants, toddlers and beyond. This rugged utility wagon can morph from a two-kid stroller into a cargo-hauling trailer in next to no time.

The two seats on the Veer Cruiser are built-in and feature vented backs to allow for air circulation even on summer days. There is also an extendable footwell for added comfort and it is suitable for children of all ages. The Veer Cruiser even accommodates newborns with the Veer Infant Car Seat Adapter (extra). Plus, you can also turn it into a bassinet for one newborn by utilising the Veer Cruiser Nap System (extra). The Veer Cruiser folds flat for easy in and out of small boots and stands upright for storage. 

Thanks to the big, rugged tyres and front-wheel suspension, the Veer Cruiser can ride over grass, sand, uneven terrain, country dirt roads, even snow! This unique stroller/wagon is perfect for all family adventures where you need to carry children and cargo, from trips to the shops to treks to the beach or creek. Ideal for camping too!

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Best for travel:   BabyZen YOYO²

WHERE TO BUY: Baby Bunting
PRICE: $699
COMES WITH: Single pram 6+ months (newborn pack sold separately) 

mum central
Best travel stroller: BabyZen YOYO2. Image supplied

If you’re after the ultimate travel stroller that is not only a breeze to pack and push, but also looks good doing so, then YOYO² is your go-to! This saucy little stroller combines comfort and practicality with independent suspensions on the 4 wheels and a handlebar in faux leather.

The YOYO² stroller folds and unfolds in a moment, can be worn over the shoulder and tucks in anywhere. The perfect stroller for out and about, you can catch the subway, get on a bus, jump in a taxi or fly to the other side of the world! YOYO² is designed to grow with your child with either a newborn carry pack (perfect for babies under 6+) or the 6+ colour pack, suitable for babies and toddlers. shop now

Best second stroller:  Redsbaby SKIP²

WHERE TO BUY: Redsbaby
PRICE: $399
COMES WITH: Single pram

mum central
Best second stroller: Redsbaby SKIP2. Image supplied.

The Redsbaby SKIP² is a lightweight pram perfect as a second stroller for little errands, trips or even at the grandparents’ house. It’s super lightweight at just 6.5kg and easily folds to next to nothing.

Ergonomically designed with a flat recline and large canopy, SKIP² is suitable for newborns to large toddlers. Nimble, low maintenance and easy to grab and go, the SKIP² is the perfect combo of comfort and convenience.

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So there you have it. 11 of the best prams on the market for 2021, all designed to make it a little easier to stroll with the parenting punches, no matter what you’re after or how many kids you’re carting around.

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