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Best Prams of 2024: Stroll into Parenthood with our Top 10 Picks

Finding your perfect pram can be quite the journey! There are a lot of things to consider, from costs to configurations and everything in between. That’s why at Mum Central, we’ve rounded up our top picks for the best prams of 2024 from some of the best brands in the stroller industry, featuring some epic features and important features we know our parents will love.

Stroll in style, tackle family adventures and ensure your little ones are cool, comfortable and content with these best prams of 2024.

Tips for Buying a Pram: 6 Things to Consider 

1. WHAT’S YOUR BUDGET? One of the biggest considerations when it comes to buying a pram is the price. Our best prams range in price from $399 to $2,700 so you can find a pram that suits your budget.

2. WHAT ARE YOUR ACTIVITIES?  Most new parents will often use their pram to run errands, walk around the block, or head into the city. If you plan on doing a lot of city strolls, you may want to consider something that is compact. If you plan on jogging, then a three-wheel stroller is a great option.

3. CONFIGURATION CHOICES:  Another great thing about the best prams on our list is that many of them come with several configurations, so you can change things as you go and as your little one grows. Consider if you would like a capsule or a bassinet for your newborn. Or perhaps you’d like to go straight to a seat and skip this milestone? Will you be having more children down the road? If so, you may want to consider a pram that can convert to a double or even a triple pram.

4. WHERE TO STORE? If space is an issue, compactness is going to matter. Consider where you will be storing your pram when not in use as well as the size of your boot.

5. WHAT MATTERS MOST? What are the features that REALLY matter to you? Space? Looks? Comfort? Pushing power? Easy to put together? All of these are important things to consider when comparing prams.

6. BRAND POWER:  It’s important to purchase a pram from a trusted company to ensure the quality and safety features are not only up to standards, but surpass them.

All of our picks for best prams of 2024 are designed by respected brands known for their commitment to quality, safety and comfort. We’ve included the best prams from brands such as Redsbaby, Joie, BabyBee and Edwards & Co, to name a few.

Let’s take a look at some of the prams that tick all the boxes and make our list of the best prams of 2024.

Best Prams of 2024: Our Top 10 Picks

Redsbaby NUVO

RRP: From $1,199 (for single), $1,399 (for double)

Source: Supplied

Meet Redsbaby’s new NUVO single-to-double pram. Designed with your family’s needs in mind, this versatile pram seamlessly transforms across 18 configurations and carries up to three children, accommodating your growing family with ease. Whether you’re strolling through the park, navigating busy streets, or embarking on family adventures,  NUVO has you ready to experience the ultimate convenience and functionality from day one.

There’s so much to love about this sleek double pram too. It’s the lightest and most compact* double pram in its class, with an 8.2kg chassis and the only double tandem pram to fold with seats attached in both directions in both single and double mode so you can easily store it in the back of your boot or garage.

We love how you can pick and choose from so many configurations, including seats, bassinets, capsules, and even a buggy board for a third child. Whatever works for your family and your daily adventures, we’re sure Redsbaby NUVO’s incredible design will have you covered. No matter how you stroll, expect an effortless push, extra comfort and easy manoeuvrability through tight spaces.

The NUVO also boasts an extra large 12kg basket, a high-position parent-facing seat for bonding, and two full-sized fully reclinable seats with all the features you need (adjustable footrests, air mesh seat panels and extra-large extension canopies). Expect only the best with premium and durable materials and finishes, an adjustable handlebar, a unique five-point harness and front and wheel suspension for a smooth ride. Redsbaby is known for its excellence in the pram world, and NUVO is certainly a show-stopper!mum central

Maxi-Cosi Lila CP2 Stroller

RRP$699 Now $549
WHERE TO BUY:  Maxi-Cosi 

Source: Supplied

Stroll into parenthood with the Maxi-Cosi Lila CP2 stroller, representing the highest level of protection and convenience, with a lightweight, sleek build and easy one-hand fold. Lila CP2 is crafted for everyday use, from running errands to walks in the park and can easily fit into any car boot.

It’s suitable for newborns up to 4 years (20kg) with a versatile seat that goes from a lay-flat bassinet to a reversible toddler seat in seconds. And thanks to the integrated nap keeper, your sleepy little one won’t be disturbed by insects or bright sunlight.

Perfect for strolls in all seasons, the Lila CP2 features a thermo-regulated, reversible mattress and breathable mesh fabrics for summer on one side and a warm fleece fabric for winter on the other.

The Lila CP2 also includes a large shopping basket, long-lasting biomaterial wheels, a 3+1 year warranty and a gorgeous, sleek look. Easy to use, the Lila CP2 is also compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico capsules, including the popular Mico 12LX. Maxi-Cosi is a leader in safety and quality, and their Lila CP2 exceeds safety standards and is priced under $700!

mum central

Bumbleride Australia – Era Stroller

RRP: $1,299.95 (Olive, Black, Maritime) $1399.95 (Dusk)
WHERE TO BUY:  Bumbleride

Source: Supplied

‌The Bumbleride Era is comfortable, convenient and eco-conscious, ideal for active and busy families who prioritise both environmental consciousness and comfort. It boasts a four-wheel design with air-filled tyres and all-wheel suspension, making it suitable for both on-path and off-path adventures. Expect the smoothest ride, from all-terrain adventures to city streets.

The reversible seat can be fully reclined, eliminating the need for an additional bassinet (although one is available). This feature allows newborns to lie flat comfortably right from day one.  The Era is available in 4 colours (Olive, Black, Maritime and Dusk) and designed to grow with your baby, featuring an extra-long footwell for tall tots.

Eco-friendliness and safety are two stand-outs for Bumbleride. We love how they only use eco-friendly fabrics and an ergonomic cork handle to repel bacteria growth, mould, and fungus growth while being 100% sustainable. The fabrics used in this stroller are made from 100% recycled PET, non-toxic and have been certified free from harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX. Bumbleride has also upcycled over one million plastic bottles and fishing nets since 2011. Brilliant! 

Weighing just 12kgs (26 lbs), the Bumbleride Era is lightweight yet easy to manoeuvre, even one-handed! Plus, it can be easily folded and lifted into the car boot. If you’re after a comfortable and eco-conscious stroller, then the Bumbleride Era is your ride!


mum central

Joie finiti

RRP: $699

Source: Supplied

Joie finiti is sleek, stylish, affordable and a multitasking pram wizard that is sure to impress! What we love most about the finiti is that it’s 4 strollers in 1. The multitasking finiti can be paired with a carrycot and/or an infant carrier to meet your newborn and baby needs, and it offers both a parent-facing seat mode and a world-facing one, both designed to help you keep up with every growth spurt without making a new investment.

Designed with versatility and adaptability in mind, Joie’s finiti folds small and folds fast with just one hand and weighs just 11.2kg. It also comes with features you’ll appreciate, including PunctureProof™ foam-filled rubber tyres that glide over every bump in the road without going flat and a SoftTouch 5-point harness with 3 adjustable heights.

If comfort matters, then you’ll also love finiti’s luxurious comfort details, including the rich woven fabrics that are easy to clean (we love that!), an expandable canopy for extra cool strolls, and a multiple recline position for naps on the go. Suitable from newborn up, as your tot grows, the adjustable leg rest with cushy calf support is extra handy, as well as the height adjustable push bar to accommodate both short and tall parents.

As for the little extras, enjoy a detachable bum bag for your keys and phone, a parent cupholder and an extra large easy-access basket. What a combination!!

mum central

Redsbaby AERON

RRP: From $799

Source: Supplied

Get ready to elevate your parenting experience with Redsbaby’s sleek and innovative AERON Pram. Style meets functionality with this gorgeous ride, featuring a unique one-handed, one-second fold, we really think it is the easiest fold out there – it really does take one second! Another awesome feature we love about AERON is that it stands upright when folded, so there’s no need to bend down to pick it up (meaning it’s great for storage in a garage or spare nook too! You can even carry it with one hand, using the padded carry strap.

But don’t be fooled by the sleek and slimline look. This pram may fit in the smallest spaces and only weighs 9.2kg, but it’s big on features! AERON smoothly navigates busy streets, can easily be brought on public transport, and comes with a spacious 8kg basket, four-wheel suspension, and all the safety features you’d expect.

Designed for the urban lifestyle, the agile and sleek AERON redefines urban mobility and is perfectly crafted for city living. It’s also built for the Australian climate, with a full mesh seat back to keep your baby cool and a fully extendable canopy with ventilation panels for optimum air flow.

Suitable for newborns with the addition of the Newborn Pod or Bassinet, the AERON will grow with your child with an adjustable canopy height providing extra headroom. You’ll also love the reversible seat for either parent-facing or world-facing, which also reclines fully for sleeping on the go. AERON is capsule-compatible too. It is the ultimate single pram – agile, functional and for under $800 too!mum central

The Jiffle wagon 6 in 1 Stroller

RRP: $2,699
WHERE TO BUY:  Infa Group

Source: Supplied

We’ve sung the praises of The Jiffle wagon 6 in 1 Stroller before, and it’s probably the most unique stroller on our Best Prams of 2024 list. It’s the world’s first and only 6 in 1 stroller, and it really is a show-stopper!

The Jiffle wagon is designed for adventurous families looking for more out of a stroller. It can easily go from stroller to wagon with capsule compatibility, bassinet, seat, duo, ride-along board and doubles as a wagon cart. It’s the perfect on-the-go solution that grows with you and is ideal for expanding families. The Jiffle wagon can hold an incredible 57kg capacity –  the biggest load test on a stroller in the world!

The Jiffle wagon is available in 3 colours and has plenty of space for all your stuff. It boasts excellent under-seat suspension for comfortable strolls in all terrain and a large 60L cargo hold that can be locked for easy transport in the car. It comes with everything you need for adventures, including a bassinet, wagon board and wagon cart seat insert (sold separately). It also comes with a bumper bar, reflective wheels for low light and night visibility and a summer and winter seat for additional comfort. Oh, and did we mention it’s compatible with the InfaSecure Adapt More, InfaSecure Cocoon Go and SecureSafe Embrace Capsule?

The Jiffle wagon is designed to carry all your kids and their stuff, but it’s also surprisingly lightweight, easy to push and can be folded flat and fast, both with and without wheels. The cart can even be loaded directly into your boot full of stuff to maximise space. Another awesome feature of The Jiffle wagon is that it’s incredibly easy to keep clean and looks amazing with 100% polyester water-resistant fabric, vegan leatherette and a ventilated seat and bassinet.

mum central

Leclercbaby Influencer Stroller

‌RRP: $859
WHERE TO BUY:  Infa Group
WHAT WE LOVE: Ideal for everyday use and compact enough for travel too

Source: Supplied

If you’re after one of the best strollers that is both perfect for strolling around the neighbourhood as well as on holidays, then the Leclercbaby Influencer Stroller is your perfect pram! This zippy little stroller is, without a doubt, the trendsetter in the market that ticks all the boxes in safety, design and comfort.

It folds and unfolds in just 1.5 seconds and is suitable as a carry-on with your flight, meeting most airlines’ overhead compartment size guidelines (Subject to Airline Approval. Check your carrier for more information). Regardless of whether you’re exploring a new country or running errands at your local shop, the Leclercbaby Influencer Stroller ensures a smooth and safe ride.  It also features all-wheel suspension, soft, comfortable padding, and a magnetic five-point harness.

The Influencer Stroller’s seat reclines to a near-flat position for sleeping on the go with an extendable hood and adjustable footrest to grow with your little one. With beautifully constructed fabric and frame materials, you and your little one will be strolling in style, no matter where the day takes you.

This travel stroller comes in three stunning colours (black, green and sand) and is suitable from birth to five years. You can also add a bassinet (sold separately), and it’s compatible with the InfaSecure Adapt More, InfaSecure Cocoon Go and SecureSafe Embrace Capsule.

mum central

Babybee ROVER3

‌RRP: $1,099.99 Now $899.99
WHERE TO BUY:  Babybee
WHAT WE LOVE: A smooth ride with awesome suspension and premium materials

Source: Supplied

For a smooth, safe and stylish ride, the Babybee ROVER3 is your perfect single pram! Designed to grow with your tot, ROVER3 even comes with a bassinet included in the price, plus all the bells and whistles you’ll love. This beautifully designed pram is loved by Aussie parents and is a multi-award winner.

You’ll be cruising in comfort and style with premium materials, luxe finishes, high-performance wheels, and 4-wheel suspension. Little ones will love the quilted organic cotton seat liner and bassinet lining, perfect for naps on the go, and parents will love the 3-year warranty for peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about scratchy fabrics either – the ROVER3 exceeds the Australian pram standards, ensuring only natural, premium materials against their delicate skin.

The best-in-class bassinet is a huge plus too! Not many prams come with a bassinet included in the price, and the ROVER3 bassinet features a built-in sun shield to promote naps and a large mesh ventilation panel for superior airflow.​ The ROVER3 is also capsule-compatible. Another awesome feature of the ROVER3 is the larger reversible stroller seat, perfect for growing tots and able to accommodate kiddies up to 20kg. The Rover3 also features a generous basket, an included handlebar bag and a handy back-of-seat pocket.​

While the ROVER3 is big on features, it’s also incredibly compact and lightweight. Ergonomically designed to fold easily with the seat on or off, the frame is super light, weighing in at just 7.8kg. Not only is it easy to fold, but it’s also a dream to push.  The ROVER3 offers smooth all-terrain handling with a light, compact build and superior curb-pop suspension for an effortlessly smooth ride. If you’re after a single pram for under $900 (with the sale price), then this one certainly delivers!


mum central

Edwards & Co Oscar M2

RRP: $999
WHERE TO BUY:  Edwards & Co

Source: Supplied

If you’re looking for a three-wheel pram, then the Oscar M2 by Edwards & Co is a top pick! We’ve loved this pram ever since it arrived on the scene, and it’s been hailed as one of the best adventure prams on the market. Oscar features a hefty 22kg weight limit in the seat, plus an additional 10kg in the storage basket – you won’t be outgrowing this stroller anytime soon.

Being a three-wheel pram, Oscar M2 delivers easy steering and manoeuvrability, even one-handed. Weighing in at only 10.9 kgs, Oscar M2 is also light and easy to lift, and its compact fold ensures it fits in virtually any car.

Oscar M2 has also been slightly redesigned from the original model and packed with even more impressive features. The design team has completely re-tailored the seat, making it luxuriously soft and comfortable for your child. Finishing it off with a new UPF 50+ DOPE dye canopy on Black Luxe gives you incredible fade resistance over the years to come, in even the harshest Australian sun. It’s reversible too, so you can choose to have bubs either parent-facing towards you or turn them around when they are ready to watch the world go by.

Simple and sleek, Oscar M2 is suitable for newborns (with the Newborn Cushion Insert) or with a Carry Cot (sold separately). It’s ideal for family outings, jogging, adventure and more!

mum central

Maxi Cosi’s Jaya Travel Stroller

RRP: $599 Now $399
WHERE TO BUY:  Maxi-Cosi

Source: Supplied

Small in size but big in comfort, Jaya is a travel stroller that goes the distance! With its automatic one-hand, one-second fold and very lightweight frame, this zippy stroller makes strolling with little ones an absolute breeze.

Suitable for city living, adventures and weekends away, Jaya is easy to steer, carry and store as it stands upright when folded.

You’ll love the large storage basket, comfortable seat and adjustable leg rest for additional comfort for your little one. There’s also a pivotable bumper bar, a large canopy for better protection, a peek-a-boo window and a cosy seat with three recline positions, including a lie-flat mode. 

The Jaya Travel Stroller is suitable from birth to approximately 4 years, and can be used as a single stroller, or transformed into a travel system when paired with a Maxi Cosi Mico Plus or Mico 6 baby capsule (adaptors sold separately). Jaya comes in two modern colours and is priced under $400 (for a limited time), making it one of the best value prams in our picks for best prams of 2024.

mum central

So there you have it, folks, Mum Central’s 2024 Best Prams Roundup. We hope our top 10 picks for Australia’s best prams and best strollers make this decision a little easier for you. Remember, there is no such thing as a one-pram-fits-all, so take your time, do your research, test drive a few prams and think about what features really matter to you.

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