We Roundup the Best Rice Cookers from Just $10 to Suit Every Budget


Rice – one of the easiest side dishes to serve up with a winter meal but not always the easiest to cook with a saucepan. At least, not for me. That’s why I won’t be without rice cookers EVER – it’s perfect rice every time. If you need a helping hand in the rice cooking department, you’re sure to find one here!

What size rice cooker do I need?

When working out what size rice cooker to buy, think about how much rice you tend to eat. Keep in mind that technically, 1 serve of rice is half a cup of cooked rice. ALSO, many electric rice cookers need a minimum of 2 cups of rice to cook, so a microwave option might be better for you.

Though let’s be honest, many of us go over the single portion when mopping up a delicious green chicken curry. Or that could just be me. #oink

Apart from rice, what else can be cooked in a rice cooker?

Everyone knows rice can be cooked in a rice cooker (obvs) but you can also cook risotto, dim sims and dumplings, porridge, steamed apples, pears and rhubarb, steamed vegetables, fish – even a steamed pudding or cake!

Best rice cookers from just $10 to suit every family

1. Kmart Rice Cooker – 7 cups

Kmart rice cooker
A basic and excellent buy – just $13! Source: Kmart

Coming in at a superbly budget-friendly $14, you can’t afford NOT to have a Kmart Rice Cooker in your kitchen arsenal. The 7-cup capacity is perfect for a family – all you need to do is tip the rice in and press the button to cook. Once cooked, the cooker keeps it warm. EASY. And did I mention, only $13?!

2. Kmart Rice Cooker – 10 cups

Kmart rice cookers
Feed the whole family! Source: Kmart

A brilliant buy for bigger families or those who like to entertain, this Kmart Rice Cooker, $35 will perfectly cook enough rice for all! 10 cups of it in fact. The Rolls Royce of the Kmart range, this gem has white rice, brown rice, saute and steam settings as well as a keep warm function. Happy days!

3. Tupperware Micro Rice Cooker – 4 cups

Rice cookers
Perfect for the microwave AND a lifetime guarantee. Source: Tupperware

It doesn’t get much easier than this folks. The large Tupperware Micro Rice Cooker, $37, cooks 4 cups of rice in a single container in your microwave. Simply pour the rice in, add the water, place the insert in, snap the lid on and microwave. Too easy. PLUS the container is great for storing leftover rice in the fridge and moonlights as a fab mixing bowl.

4. Decor Microsafe Rice Cooker & Vegetable Steamer – up to 4 cups

rice cooker
Perfect for just one cup of rice! Source: Woolworths

If it’s bang for your buck that you want, that’s what you get with the Decor Microsafe Rice Cooker & Vegetable Steamer, $10. Readily available at Woolworths supermarkets, these guys often come on special so you can nab a SUPER bargain. There’s a rice paddle included which is handy and the stay-cool handles prevent burnt fingers. Nice!

5. Breville Smart Rice Box – 10 cups

rice cookers
Fuzzy Logic technology for fluffy rice! Source: Breville

Up to 25 serves of rice can be created using the Breville Smart Rice Box, $179. The bee’s knees of rice cookers, this machine uses Fuzzy Logic technology which automatically adjusts the temperature at the right time for each stage of rice cooking – no matter which type of rice you’re cooking. SO CLEVER! This machine also moonlights as a steamer so you can definitely give it a dinner-time workout!

6. Contempo Rice Cooker with Steamer – 10 cups

rice cookers
An excellent, low-cost option for big families. Source: BigW

From Big W, the Contempo Rice Cooker with Steamer, $35, will have you enjoying perfectly cooked rice and steamed vegetables (or dumplings!) in minutes. The removable non-stick pot is awesome for easy cleaning and the clear glass lid means you can keep a watchful eye over how the cooking is coming along.

7. Tefal 10-in-1 Rice & Multi Cooker – 10 cups

rice cookers
Rice cookers with all the bells and whistles! Source: Tefal

Featuring Fuzzy Logic, a 24-hour warming function AND a non-stick removable bowl, this Tefal 10 in 1 Rice & Multi Cooker, $119, can cook ALL of the things – yoghurt, soup, risotto, baby food – you name it! A free recipe book is included to really inspire your cooking beyond basic rice!

Tell us, do you rely on rice cookers or are you a dab-hand at the old-fashioned absorption method? What’s your secret to tasty rice? We want to know!

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