Big Brother’s Amazing Gift to Sister Stuns the World – WOW!

Prom. It’s a big deal, especially in America. It’s pretty huge all over actually, even if we call it different names. In most instances, prom (or grad) involves sparkly gowns, hair and makeup artists, a fancy hired car, and often a professional photographer to capture the big day.

Lu Asey Francisco Oyao’s family couldn’t afford any of that.  The family, from the Philippines, wanted their daughter to be able to attend her junior prom but even renting a gown was out of their budget.

That’s when Lu Asey’s big brother stepped up. The college student couldn’t bear the thought of his little sister missing out so he set out to design and create her a dress. And didn’t he deliver!?

brother prom dress
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Big brother a real-life fairy godmother 

Lu Asey’s big brother, Maverick, has always been close with his little sister and, although he knew it was a big job, he set out to make it happen.

I felt disheartened seeing my younger sister worrying about not being able to experience the promenade. That’s why I took the task to make her wish come true,” Maverick told Love What Matters.

Prom dress
The sketch and final product. Wow! Source: Facebook

Hours and hours of hard work

How did a 19-year-old college kid pull this amazing creation off? Surprisingly, he’s not a fashion major at college. He’s working towards a Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education.

However, he does admit he loves fashion and cited Mr. Michael Cinco’s spring collection as the inspiration for the beautiful blue, butterfly-like dress.

brother prom dress
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Maverick also credits his mother for helping him with the sewing as well as several people who donated financially to help pay for the beautiful blue fabric.

Lucikly fabric isn’t too expensive in the Philippines because the dress took nine pieces, which he then covered in a lattice pattern of satin ribbon.

brother makes sister prom dress
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The beautiful blue ombre bodice was hand-painted by Maverick and flowers with beaded centers were then sewn on top. Maverick admits he wanted to give up many times and was absolutely exhausted working on the dress after school, but he’s glad he pushed through.

Details of Maverick's prom dress
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Prom dress made from scratch

I’ve done my part very well as your supportive brother and I will never get tired of supporting you,” Maverick wrote to his sister, on his Facebook post where he showcased his creation.

Maverick shared several photos of the process of creating the dress as well as Lu Asey beaming in the gown. “A queen, not a princess,” the proud big brother wrote.

Maverick's prom dress creation
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Maverick also admitted that on the day of the prom, he was absolutely glowing with pride at his little sister in his amazing gown.

On the day of the promenade, while we were dressing her up, we were both crying. Seeing the gown come to life and seeing my sister in tears of joy is the very purpose why I made the dress for her.”

While the elaborate dress may not be everyone’s style, we think Lu Asey looks incredible. The crown just completes the whole look.

Prom dress made by big brother
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Maverick’s creation has reached people around the world with thousands of shares and comments of support. While Maverick may be an art major in college, he clearly has an eye for fashion and design. Since making his sister’s dress, the talented teen has collaborated with several models to design a number of stunning dresses for photo shoots and beauty contests.

Check out a few of these other beautiful prom dress creations.

In 2020 a teen used COVID as her inspiration to craft a prom dress entirely out of duct tape. The teen spent 400 hours creating a COVID-themed gown (and accessories no less) from duct tape and the result is nothing short of stunning.

mum central
Source: Facebook / Peyton Manker

Another head-turning prom gown comes courtesy of Korben who dared to be different and delivered an epic look!

The fashion-forward teen decided at 12 that he wanted to wear a gown to his prom. Four years later, his dream came true. Korben paired a bright red billowing gown with a sequined tuxedo jacket, crown and matching sequined purse.

Korben's prom outfit goes viral
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