Teen Creates COVID-Themed Prom Dress with Duct Tape and 400 Hours

While the mere mention of a school formal has girls racing off to designer stores, maybe they should be heading to Bunnings instead? This teen spent 400 hours creating a COVID themed gown (and accessories no less) from duct tape and the result is nothing short of stunning.

Yes, you read that right, DUCT TAPE.

So to be clear, this dress is likely to be more art than practical. It takes EFFORT to wear – it’s super heavy, weighing around 24kg. It’s also said to be ridiculously sweaty, duct tape hardly being a breathable fabric. But if fashion is pain, then it can be done. And as a result, this is a beacon of hope for all the non-sewers out there.

But why and how (my teen barely moves from the couch)?

A scholarship contest is what spurred American teen, Peyton Manker into action. US packaging supplies company, Duck Brand, is running a competition, aptly named Stuck At Prom. To enter the comp, you need to create a dress or tuxedo using Duck Brands duct tape – and then wear it to prom. With a prize of a USD $10,000 scholarship up for grabs, it’s worth getting your Project Runway on at the hardware store.

Of course, because no prom plans ever run smoothly, the worldwide pandemic hit and COVID-19 squashed any actual prom and graduation plans for senior students. Not to be deterred, the social crisis fuelled Peyton’s creative muscle, even more, making it the focus of her design – a COVID-19 themed prom dress. AS YOU DO.

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A duct tape ball gown. How can this even be?! Source: Facebook / Peyton Manker

And voila! A dress!

There’s no denying it’s a show-stopping dress in royal blue and gold (kudos to Duck Brand for the ample colour selection). The fact that it falls just like a real-life fabric dress defies any logic and is nothing short of amazing – no Hollywood tape required! But the heart and soul of the dress lies in the detail.

Peyton depicts different scenes all over the dress from social distancing on the bodice to front-line emergency workers, a Zoom seniors’ graduation and masked people decorating the skirt.

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Every detail, painstakingly cut from duct tape. Source: Facebook / Peyton Manker

Don’t put the scissors away, we’re not done yet.

Let’s not forget that even though it’s a competition, a girl still needs all the prom accessories. Peyton went ALL OUT, ensuring she had matching duct tape mask, covered shoes, a COVID-19  shaped handbag, hair clip and bracelet to seal the deal. Both literally and figuratively.

Peyton says it took her around 400 hours to make the prom outfit and used up to 41 rolls (that’s said to be 750 metres!) of duct tape. Hooley Dooley.

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Never forget the accessories. Even when it means DUCT TAPE FOR DAYS. Source: Facebook / Peyton Manker

Belle of the sticky ball – now vote!

I take my hat off to you Peyton. That kind of patience from a teenager has to be admired. I know myself I get cantankerous when wrapping gifts at Christmas time and the slightest bit of tape gums up my scissors. So I can only imagine the kind of fresh hell of a sticky situation this amount of duct tape would bring.

Peyton’s dress is now up for a public vote to win the Duck brand Stuck At Prom scholarship contest. With all the time and effort she’s put in, we urge you to skip on over there and give her your vote. It’ll only take a minute!

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