There’s Just Something So Special About Big Sisters

Ask my oldest daughter (Miss 10, aka the Big Sister) about what it’s like having a little sister (Miss 4) and she’ll probably groan and say it’s annoying.

“She follows me everywhere.”
“She always wants what I have.”
“She copies everything I do.”
“She takes my stuff.”
“She takes all of your attention.”

Ask my youngest daughter (Miss 4) about what it’s like having a big sister (Miss 10) and she’ll beam with excitement and tell you it’s the greatest thing in the whole entire world.

“She’s the best.” 

Simply the best.

I wish I could bottle this big sister adoration up and keep it forever as a reminder of just how much big sisters matter. There’s something so special about big sisters. I wish my oldest daughter could see it. But, of course, my youngest doesn’t have the words just yet to say it.

If she did, this is what I think she would write.

To my big sister,

Thank you for allowing me to find myself by mimicking you. 

All I want right now is to be just like you. I want to dance like you and have sleepovers like you. I want to eat the same cereal as you and braid my hair the same as you. One day I probably won’t want to copy you in every way, but right now I do. Through following your journey, I’m finding my own way. It might just not look like that yet.

Thank you for sharing your stuff with me.

You really do have the best stuff. Like fancy makeup and smelly face masks and a collection of pretty perfumes. And a closet full of pretty clothes that are begging to be tried on and shoes for every occasion. You share your old toys that are too babyish for you now and your new products that are too grown-up for me.

But most of all, you share our mum with me, even though you had her first.

big sisters are the best
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Thank you for letting me into your world

From the outside, your world is magical, filled with friends and adventures, school camps, and crushes. You open your door and let me in. You share your secrets with me and you make me feel so special that I get to be part of this magical world.

Thank you for being my safe place.

At night you cuddle me when I feel cold and during the day you hold my hand until I feel ready to let go. I often feel scared or anxious or nervous but when I’m with you, I just feel safe. Safe and brave.

Thank you for being my first teacher. 

You taught me the ABCs and how to write my name. You helped me learn my shapes and understand my emotions. You showed me how to be kind and caring and helpful, simply by being like you.

But the best lesson you taught me is what it feels like to have someone who will always be there for me.

So, thank you, sissy for being my big sister and my forever best friend. 

Love, your little sister 

Big sisters really are the best

To all the proud mums who have a daughter who holds the title of big sister, show them this letter. Remind them just how amazing they are and how much their love means to the little girl following them around.

And, mums, remind yourself of how lucky you are to witness this incredible bond every day and to know that no matter how old your beautiful girls get, they will always have each other to depend on.

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