BIG W Free Books for Kids Program is Back Again!

Need a reason to visit your local BIG W in the coming days/weeks? Starting today, their popular Big W Free Books for Kids program is up and running with eight books from the iconic Mr. Men Little Miss series. Awesome, right??

Every week a new book from Happyland will arrive in stores. Families can collect all eight titles including:

  • Little Miss Magic
  • Mr Bounce
  • Little Miss Wise
  • Mr Tall
  • Little Miss Happy
  • Mr Cheerful
  • Little Miss Curious
  • Mr Nonsense

Little Miss Bookworms 

Over the course of 8 weeks, over 2.4 million books from the popular Mr Men Little Miss Series will be given away to help spread the love of storytime amongst Aussie families. Their goal is to help families instil a love of reading into the next generation. And what a great way to do so! 

Big W free books for kids 2022 - Little Miss and Mr Men

The retailer is also donating an additional 38,000 Mr. Men Little Miss books to Good360 to support families and schools in need, with an emphasis on flood-impacted communities.

More likely than not, you’ll be near a BIG W weekly, whether running errands or grabbing the weekly groceries. So make a beeline to BIG W and pick up a book for the kids.

The kids will love the little surprise and it makes a cute collection for their book corner.

Where to find your free books for kids

They are located at the front of the store, next to the hand sanitiser (be sure to use it before you grab your book). No purchase is necessary.

The BIG W Free Books for Kids program launched in 2019, and, at the end of this year, will have given away over 16 million books. Previous books included a series by The Wiggles and a Sesame Street collection too.

Visit Big W for more information on how to collect the book series in-store and where to find BIG W’s Free Books for Kids audio Podcast. 

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