Goosebumps! Parents Share the Creepiest Things Their Kids Have Said

We all have those moments when our children say something and we think, “Where did THAT come from?”. That’s why Texas-based writer, Lilah Sturges took to Twitter to ask parents to share the creepiest things their kids have said.

And, as usual, Twitter did not disappoint.

There were thousands of tales on the thread about invisible figures, reincarnation, ghost stories and unsettling comments. Here are just a few of the nightmare-inducing tales:

Bizarre and spine-chilling tales from kids


creepiest things their kids have said - ghost stories from mums

2. Twins

mum central

3. See Sawmum central

4. Ilze

mum central

5.  Lost twin

mum central

6.  Man in the attic

mum central

7.  Sick boy in the corner

mum central

8.  Arm stickers

mum central

9. Fly away

mum central

10. Stop sign

mum central

11. River encounter

mum central

Mum Central readers share their own stories

We recently asked our Mum Central readers to share their own spine-chilling tales of the creepiest things their kids have said.

Here are a few more to sink your teeth into (Comments have been edited for length and clarity): 

My child randomly says she really loved her 6 sons. She remembers looking after them and washing all their clothes by hand. She said that her head hurt and then she had to leave them behind which broke her heart. She was 4/5 years old.” 

When my 3 year old was 2, he would continually ask to go home when he was home. So I asked him where is home? Every time he would point to the sky.”

My 4 year old granddaughter is adamant my dad has visited her. She tells me he said he loves her. She cries sometimes saying she wants him back. He passed away in 1989 so she never knew him but picked him from a photo. Coincidentally, she was born on his birthday.” 

When my daughter was 3 years old she used to talk about her parents, especially the mother. When I used to say, “I’m her mother”, she used to always say, “Not me, the other mother.” She used to say the name, and it never changed, always the same name. She talked about this mother ALL the time, what she looked like, etc. It lasted for about a year or so.”

My son used to talk about his other family all the time. His other Mother and Nona (we are not Italian). He had very detailed stories that he would mention every single day and he would get very upset when I would question his other Mother and Nona. He spoke about them from about 2-4years of age.”

If stories like this pique your interest, then have a look at the books, Before: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives by Dr Jim Tucker as well as Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation by Dr Ian Stevenson.

mum central

Very interesting stuff! 

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