Crikey, Grace Warrior is One. Here’s Bindi Irwin’s First Year of Motherhood

Hip, hip hooray, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell turns ONE today! From cassowary chicks to echidnas and tortoises, we’ve seen little Grace meet them all in her own backyard. Let’s take a look at Bindi Irwin and husband Chandler’s photo album as we celebrate this special little girl’s first birthday!

March 25th marks Grace’s first birthday (and Bindi and Chandler’s second wedding anniversary) and my oh my, this little cutiepie has almost grown into a toddler right before our very eyes.

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Magical moments with mum and dad. Source: Instagram

A family photo album for all

One of Australia’s favourite families, both Bindi and Chandler have been incredibly generous in inviting us into their world  via social media. They love to spoil us with snippets of home life in the close-knit Irwin-Powell tribe. We love the candid snaps and cheeky captions from their Instagram account.

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
Family life at Australia Zoo is refreshingly normal, with a side of glorious animals. Source: Instagram

Sweetest Instagram party pics

Bindi shared a selection of their favourite moments from Grace’s birthday party, complete with cake (and of course various animals from Australia Zoo!). What a gorgeous little girl, and check out the awe and wonder with the animals!

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Happy birthday sweet girl. You just can’t beat a mother’s love. Source: Instagram

And of course, you can’t forget the doting grandparents. Such precious times!

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Precious moments for a precious girl. Source: Instagram

Time to party and everyone’s invited!

To celebrate Grace’s first birthday, Australia Zoo is throwing a party TODAY from 8am to 5pm and you’re ALL invited! If you’re free today and you’re in the area, you’ll be in for a BLAST. Bluey and Bingo will be there, there’s a grand opening of Camp Grace playground, fun workshops and more to take in. There will even be birthday cupcakes. Admission for kids aged 14 and under is FREE. See Australia Zoo for more details.

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
A public party celebration for Grace’s first birthday is being held at Australia Zoo! Source: Instagram

Growing up, zoo style

Growing up in a zoo appears to be just how we imagine life in Australia Zoo would be like. Days are dotted with visits to a menagerie of animals, khaki-clad parents and regular sightings of ‘Funcle’ Robert and ‘Bunny’ Terri. It’s an amazing environment to grow up in, we’re sure!

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
Grace is no stranger to animals big or small, spiky or smooth. Source: Instagram

Perhaps what we couldn’t predict was just how naturally parenthood appeared to come to Bindi and Chandler in their early 20s. Every photograph they share of their family radiates sunshine, joy and a relaxed family. They clearly adore their littlest Wildlife Warrior, as well as each other. Nawwww love! These guys are #goals.

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
Naturally at ease, Chandler and Bindi are nailing being parents! Source: Instagram

The Irwin-Powell family in 2022!

The last few months have flown by since the New Year when Bindi showed off her brand new tattoo ink! Here’s a look at some of the gorgeous moments the Powell-Irwin family have recently shared.

Grace loves the beach!

Bindi recently shared how much Grace enjoys the beach and watching her dad and uncle surf. Bindi’s a smart mum, check out the Instagram reel below to see just how she gets Grace and all the beach gear down to the sand. CLEVER.


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Steps or scoot?

Bindi hasn’t revealed if Grace is walking yet but both she and Chandler did share this super cute video of their little girl pulling herself up and scooting around the furniture.


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There’s lots of encouragement and practice being had and by the look of it, those confident first steps can’t be too far away. Go, Grace!

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
You can do it Grace! Source: Instagram

Love makes the world (and Australia Zoo) spin round

Love really does make the world spin round with the Irwin-Powells. These guys are never short of a loving look, a tender touch or sweet words about each other.

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Super Bowl snuggles with Bindi and Grace. So sweet! Source: Instagram

These apples didn’t fall far from the tree! Three generations of amazing women and Wildlife Warriors – the future of conservation and Australia Zoo is bright with these ladies at the helm!

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
Grace is adored by her mum Bindi and ‘Bunny’ Terri. Source: Instagram

Genetics is a crazy thing

This comparison photo is doing the rounds on Instagram of baby Bindi compared to daughter Grace and we can see more and more of Bindi’s gene pool creeping in as Grace gets older. One thing we do know for sure is that Grace is one beautiful little girl!

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
Is Grace all mum or all dad? Source: Instagram

Crikey, how she’s grown – a year of Grace!

We all know babies grow like weeds. Take a look at just how much Grace has grown and changed in looks through the year.

Newborn cuteness to smiling at two months!

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
There’s a lot of sleeping from newborn to 2 months… Source: Instagram

From three months to five months old we started to see Grace’s cheerful little personality shine. She’s the SWEETEST.

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
Grace’s beautiful smile at 3 to 5 months… Source: Instagram

Six to eight months flew by – and let’s not forget Grace’s new tongue trick. You’re so clever, Grace!

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
6 to 8 months Source: Instagram

Grace celebrated her very first Christmas at nine months and celebrated turning 10 months in January.

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
9 and 10 month old Grace, is cheekier than ever! Source: Instagram

And here Grace is at around 11 months, at the beach watching Dad surf. Such a ray of glorious sunshine!

Bindi Irwin daughter turns one
Future selfie Queen? Grace at 11 months old with mum, Bindi Irwin. Source: Instagram

We look forward to more gorgeous pics from Grace’s birthday weekend, we are sure it’ll be one to remember – as well as the year ahead as she sprouts into an active and super mobile toddler. We can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead!

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