Bindi Irwin Shares Daughter Grace’s New Trick and it’s Adorable!

Bindi Irwin has shared new pics! YAY! Recently turning six months old, Grace, the pint-sized Wildlife Warrior princess and daughter of Bindi and husband Chandler, who’s getting cuter and cuter by the day. And she’s recently discovered a new trick!

Sun’s out, tongues out!

Babies are cute, but they level up in that adorableness when they discover themselves a little bit more. In that first year, babies discover they have hands to grip things, feet they can control, a voice they can squeak with and just as Bindi Irwin’s daughter has done, discovered she has a tongue she’s in charge of.

Bindi Irwin
Show us your tongue, pretty girl!  Source: Instagram

Grace’s adorable tongue poking becomes the star of the show

So now, naturally most photos feature beautiful Grace with a cheeky look on her face, a smirk and her little tongue poking out. She’s such a delightfully happy baby. Most of the time, we’re sure! Like most parents, Bindi and Chandler have accepted that Grace’s tongue will now just be a permanent fixture in their family photos. Bindi saying in an Instagram post:

Evening family walks through the Australia Zoo gardens. Love that our girl pokes her tongue out as soon as she knows we’re about to take a photo!

Ahhhhhh memories. So cute, little cheeky monkey!

Bindi Irwin
Get ready, and smile!! 😜 Source: Instagram

Bindi Irwin shares a favourite photo, complete with cheeky tongue poke

If we have a look back through Bindi and Chandler’s Instagram pages we can see that wee little Grace is an absolute hoot and VERY pleased with her tongue poking efforts. When Bindi shared with her Instagram community this photo of Grace with dad Chandler, she declared it a favourite and we can see why! Chandler looks smitten with his baby girl and Grace, well LOL, kids hey?

Bindi Irwin
Grace and dad Chandler Powell. SO MUCH LOVE. Source: Instagram

Six months old and a little Bindi mini-me

I’m getting a feeling the cheekiness streak runs in the Irwin family. Bindi sent the snapshot below of the two of them to her husband Chandler while he was in a work meeting at Australia Zoo. It’s a clear case of the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

My girls sent me this photo while I was in a Zoo meeting. It absolutely made my day and I hope it makes yours too. These two always put a smile on my face!

Bindi Irwin
Like mother, like daughter, showing off their stylish ways (and poking tongues!) Source: Instagram

Grace Warrior is adored by all!

It’s hard to believe Grace is six months old already. What a jam-packed time she has had, regularly adventuring with her mum, dad, Bunny (Grace’s name for Nanna Terri Irwin) and of course funcle Robert (his own title, proudly announcing he intends to be the fun uncle!). This little girl is definitely not short on receiving the love, that’s for sure. Her family clearly adores her and can’t get enough. Not surprisingly too.

Upon turning six months old last week, her parents had only the sweetest sentiments for their baby girl.

6 months old! Grace Warrior, we love you beyond description!… That smile gets me every time!

mum central
Grace turns six months old, crikey! Source: Instagram

We can’t wait to see what discoveries Grace makes next and of course, those upcoming milestones like crawling, standing and those first few steps. It’s so exciting to see this precious girl grow up in front of us, just as her mum did – and we’re super thankful to Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell for letting us in and sharing. So special!

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