And She’s Off! Bindi Irwin Shares Gorgeous New Family Pics of Grace

We knew Grace wasn’t far from taking those first steps around her first birthday but if mum, Bindi Irwin and her Instagram are anything to go by, it appears she’s mastered the skill and walking so well and with such toddler confidence. She’s certainly keeping her mum and dad on their toes too. Just check out these super cute pics!

You can tell that Grace Warrior Irwin Powell is a busy little pocket rocket, just like her mum. The luckiest little girl in all the land, she has the ultimate backyard to explore now that she’s up and tottling around on her two adorable tiny feet.

Just in case you missed it, here is Grace taking her first steps last month. Prepare for your ovaries to SWELL.


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And if that’s not enough, here’s 11 more family snaps to make you gush!

1. The Irwin-Powell family celebrate birthdays galore!

Not only have the Irwin and Powell families recently celebrated Grace’s first birthday, but Chandler’s parents Chris and Shannan, ALSO both had their birthdays while visiting Down Under. Talk about a holiday to celebrate, literally! We love that Chandler’s folks were given their own khaki shirts to mark the occasion. Ahhhh crikey, so sweet.

Bindi Irwin 2022
One big happy extended family – all in khaki – brilliant! Source: Instagram

2. Birthday girl and rhinos… as you do

This photo was taken on Grace’s first birthday but Bindi kept it to herself for a bit, only recently posting it on her Instagram page. Just the birthday girl hanging out with her parents and a pair of rhinos off in the distance… Living the dream, guys. LIVING THE DREAM.

Bindi Irwin 2022
First birthday snaps with a pair of stunning rhinos. Source: Instagram

3. Splish, splash, splosh!

Bindi does an amazing job of her family photographs, often showing off some gorgeous photos taken on film with that signature slightly grainy, nostalgic vibe. Bindi often says that Grace shares her dad Chandler’s love for the ocean and is a through and through water-loving baby.

Bindi Irwin 2022
Like father like daughter. The ocean calls these two often. Source: Instagram

4. Butter wouldn’t melt

I mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE, she’s an angel. The jury is out on if this sweet little munchkin is more like her mum or more like her dad. What do you think? Team Bindi or team Chandler?

Bindi Irwin 2022
OH. MY. HEART. The face of an angel, Grace! Source: Instagram

5. Hang on a minute…

Grace has that look of hey, that’s my dad! on her face as she takes a close, admiring look at this fuzzy eared koala. What a lucky girl!

Bindi Irwin 2022
Koalas and kids, Bindi Irwin’s future is bright! Source: Instagram

6. Hang 10 and hang loose!

We all know that Robert Irwin likes to refer to himself as the ‘funcle’ of the family – the most fun uncle you can get. So with that said, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he and Chandler are not only showing Grace how to hang 10 on a surfboard but also master the shaka hand sign like a pro.

Bindi Irwin 2022
S’up dudes? Uncle Bob and Dad show Grace the surfing ropes. Source: Instagram

7. Family heirlooms are sometimes feathered

I’m not sure if it’s a family heirloom so to speak, but this galah is very near and dear to Bindi Irwin and her family’s heart. This pretty galah named Occa was rescued by Steve back when Bindi was a young child and remains with them today. A very special feathered friend indeed – enjoyed by Bindi, Robert and now Grace!

Bindi Irwin 2022
Dance cocky, dance? Occa is the most special feathered family friend. Source: Instagram

8. These socks were made for walking…

You know what they say, once they take those first steps on their own, then they’re off! Bindi and Grace take a walk around the Australia Zoo food court and work on those skills!

Bindi Irwin 2022
Doing the rounds, on foot! Source: Instagram

9. The Irwins just as they are

One of Robert Irwin’s photos that were taken on film, this one of his family in the distance. So serene.  Magnificently framed, the scene looks so gorgeous, peaceful and enchanting that it wouldn’t be astray in a Judy Bloom book. A stunning peek into their world surrounded by love and wilderness.

Bindi Irwin 2022
Australia Zoo or a storybook? The Irwins are CUTE. Source: Instagram

10. The cutest whisper of ‘sea turtle’…

Bindi Irwin shared this sweet clip of Grace on the day that they released sea turtles back into the ocean. Bindi is sure she heard Grace say “sea turtles”, what do you think? SO CUTE.


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11. Grace is every toddler at Easter

Who needs chocolate eggs when you have some pretty amazing balls to play with instead, right?


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this update on the Irwin-Powell family and Australia’s CUTEST celebrity tot with this gorgeous peek into their family albums. We’ll be sure to update you with many more soon!

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