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Let’s get serious about food.

If you’re a parent then approximately 53%* of your day will be consumed with thinking about food. There’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Morning tea, afternoon tea and then snacks. Oh lord the snacks!

If you’re like me you may try to avoid thinking about food so much. You may try to strategically plan for your family’s day by packing lunch boxes, pre-preparing meals and doing sneaky things like cooking dinner first thing in the morning. We all try to cheat the system but those pesky life moderators [AKA known as children] do their best to keep us honest.

But now we have a new trick treat for our offspring. The geniuses at Birds Eye have brought out their Li’l Fishies range and they are the perfect antidote to the parenting food blues.

First up – they’re already cut in the shape of cute little fish! Thank god for that. It’s such a pain having to come up with those ideas yourself. I’ve done plenty of cutting up food with star and heart shaped cookie cutters to entice my kids to eat something that they might usually hate turn their noses up at. “I KNOW you don’t like cheese silly. But that’s not cheese. They are stars that fell right out of the sky!”

Secondly – they’re made of Hoki fish with hidden vegetables in those cute little fishies. Did you hear me? HIDDEN VEGTABLES.  So even if your kid ONLY eats those Li’l Fishies, at least they’re getting some protein, veggies and carbs in. Take THAT fussy eaters!

Thirdly – their wholemeal crumb contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, which for me and my son who’s very sensitive to these things, means no crazy antics from him (and peace of mind for me!)

Not sure how you’ll introduce these revolutionary new mealtime heroes to your family? Well, we’ve come up with some ideas for you. My kids [7 and 10] are massive fans of a good platter and will pretty much devour anything presented in that manner but they also go nuts over a tasty burger so that’s my family sorted.  What about yours?


Here’s 6 clever ways to serve Birds Eye Li’l Fishies that’ll really get their imaginations ticking (and mouths watering) 

1.  Party Platter – feed the kids at your next birthday party with this nutritious platter and say goodbye to sugar-loaded snacks and hello to tasty and wholesome.


2.  A bento box is a great way to give your kids variety or perfect for playdates! Pack a few Li’l Fishies in together with some sultanas, grape tomatoes and pear and you’ll be the best thing since sliced bread!


3.  Create your own mini Fish Fillet Burgers (just like a slider!) and feel free to add lettuce and mayonnaise/tartare sauce. Note: crushed up biscuits make a great ‘fake sand’


4.  Pop some Li’l Fishies on a plate with some dipping sauce (mayonnaise / tartare sauce / tzatziki) and watch them get gobbled up!


5.  Make some nutritious veggie chips and team them in a small serving cup with Li’l Fishies! How cute do they look and ever so easy to hold and eat!


6.  Alternatively serve the roast veggie chips on a platter paired with a dipping sauce of your choice.


So there you have it!  A little creativity will see the kids devouring them in no time at all, and will make mealtimes, birthday parties and snack time that little bit easier (and a whole lot tastier!)

Priced at $5.60 for a 330g box, we think we’re onto a winner winner chicken fish dinner! Available at Coles, Woolies and independent supermarkets nationally.


So tell us below, which is your favourite and would you be likely to serve them up?


* the 53% of your day spent thinking about food is not a real percentage. If it were real it would probably be 68%! #mumlife




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    definatelyhoki and hidden veggies is a great idea love it .

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