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These Pics are the Best in Birth Photography for 2021 and We Are Blown Away

Blood, sweat, and tears. This is birth, in all its crowning glory. These photos celebrate labour, birth and postpartum in a way that leaves us speechless. The energy, the emotion, the incredibly candid shots – wow. Just. Wow.

Birth photography winners 2021

Every year the IAPBP (International Association of Professional Birth Photographers) hosts a worldwide competition to determine the best of the best in birth photos.

There are hundreds of birth photographers, from over 50 countries who enter their amazing birth photos so you can imagine how incredible the winning pics are. And this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

Behold, the birth photography winners of 2021.

Aren’t they something else?

Judges’ Overall Winner – Daddy’s Girls (Canada)

This beautiful picture also won the members’ choice award in the POSTPARTUM category.

winner birth photos 2021
Ashley Marston Photography

Judges’ Delivery Winner – The Greatest Love in the World (Brazil)

This incredible image also won the members’ choice award in the OVERALL Category.

winner birth photography 2021
Anne Lucy

Members’ Choice Delivery Winner – Grace (Germany)

mum central
danny merz | geburtsreportage

Judges’ Labour Winner – Reach Down, He’s Almost Here (USA)

winner birth photography 2021
Dana Jacobs Photography

Members’ Choice Labour Winner – Primal Shapes of Birth (Australia)

birth photo 2021
Rewild Her

Judges’ Birth Details Winner – The Origin of Life (Germany)

This photo also won the members’ choice BIRTH DETAILS category as well.

winner delivery birth photography 2021
Charlene Foerster Fotografie

Judges’ Postpartum Winner – My Body, My Birth (USA)

birth photo winner postpartum 2021
Hannah Hill Photography

Judges’ Fresh 48 [New Baby] Winner – Nourish (USA)

birth photo winner 2021
Touch of Hart Photography

Members’ Choice Fresh 48 Winner – Nursing a Newborn (USA)

mum central
Carey Lauren Photos & Film

Honorable Mentions

Choosing the winners would be an almost impossible task which is why the IAPBP also has an honourable mention category to highlight even more birth photos that really stood out and captured the birthing journey so beautifully.

Below are a few of our faves:

Welcome Little Woman (Australia)

birth photos 2021
Kennedy Birth Photography

A Dose of Mother Nature (Australia)

first feed birth photography winner 2021
Jessica Henderson Photography

The Miracle of Life In Your Hands (Argentina)

mum central
Nora Dalmasso Fotografia

Check out our story on en caul births for more stunning pics like this one.

Underwater (Australia)

labour birth photography 2021
Lauren and Douglas

A Mother’s Guidance (Australia)

crownign birth photography winner 2021
Capturing Birth

The Strength Within You Is Greater Than Any Storm (USA)

birth photos 2021
Lisa Phillips Photography

This Moment 2020 (Canada)

birth photography 2021
Songbird and Oak Photography

Even more amazing birth photos

Although these photos didn’t win, they are still so powerful that we had to share them as well. There are hundreds of more photos too – you can check them all out on the IAPBP page.

Connection through Disconnection (Australia)

Rather than snipping the cord, many cultures prefer to cauterise the umbilical cord using a candle.

birth photography 2021
Kristie Brooke Photography

Sacred Ceremony (USA)

birth photos 2021 - umbilical cauterising
Little Plum Photo

No rush to arrive (Brazil)

birth photos 2021
@Thais Galardi Photography

Scoop You Up (USA)

birth photography 2021
Natalie Broders

Shiva (Brazil)

birth photos 2021
Lela Beltrao

Previous winning pictures

You can check out the previous winners of the IAPBP Birth Photography Awards below:

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