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These Are THE Most Incredible Birth Photos In the World

It’s hard to capture the emotions experienced during birth. The anticipation, the exhaustion, the adrenaline, the joy.

Although we remember our babies’ births forever, the exact details and array of emotions are often hard to recall and describe. Well, get ready, because you’re about to experience them all over again.

Welcome to the world’s best birth photography, If you’re ever doubted the sheer power of a photo to take your breath away, to put a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye, these incredible birth images will change your mind.

IAPBP 2018 image competition winner
Underwater Scream by Caroline Devulder

It’s no wonder more and more mums rely on a birth photographer to document this journey for them. Birth photographers follow you into the delivery room. They snap photos in your most vulnerable moments and bring your birth to life. Forever.

It’s an incredible gift to have. And one that deserves recognition and honour. Which is exactly what the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers strives to do.

Never underestimate the power of an incredible birth photographer

Once a year the best of the best in birth photographers submit their photos to the Birth Photography Image Competition. That’s 1,251 professional photographers from 51 countries. Now come see the judge’s picks for best birth photos.

IAPBP birth photo winners 2018
Mother Hat by Lela Beltrao

From first contractions to first cuddles and every moment in between. These empowering birth photos are the winners of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers 2018 Competition.

Birth Photos Competition Winners

IABPB birth photos winner 2018
Stunning Siblings First Encounter by Marijke Thoen

Belgium photographer Marijke Thoen took home the Overall winner prize for an incredible water birth shot. And what an unforgettable image, as big sister watches her new sibling slide into the world.

Incredibly enough, Marijke also won the 2016 competition for a photo of the couple’s first baby, who also features in the winning 2018 photo.

Other winners include:

birth photography winners labour
Nowhere and Everywhere by Rebecca Coursey-Rugh
Birth photography winners 2018
En Caul Baby Birth by Daniela Justus
IAPBP 2018 winner postpartum
Flesh of my Flesh by Esther Edith
IAPBP 2018 winning birth photos
Birth of a Brother by Daniela Justus

Members’ Choice Winners

The IAPBP also has a Member’s Choice category, allowing their 1200+ members have their say on the best of the best in birth photos.

IAPBP 2018 member choice winner
Three Becomes Four by Esther Edith

Esther Edith’s Three Becomes Four was the Overall Member’s Choice winner.

Other Member’s Choice winners were:

birth photo winners 2018
Take my Hand, Hold by Heart by Tamara Milldove
birth photo winner Cat Fancote
Bulging Forewaters by Cat Fancote

Honourable mentions went to 12 more photographers including Brazilian photographer, Lela Beltrão, Belgium Photographer, Caroline Devulder and American photographer Neely Ker-Fox. 

IAPBP birth photo winners 2018
First Bump for Mom by Neely Ker-Fox

And here’s some more images from the competition we just loved and wanted to share with you.

More incredible birth photos

mum central
Image source: Meg Brock Photography
mum central
Image source: Renate van Lith Fotografie
mum central
Image source: Santa Cruz Birth Photography & Doula Services
mum central
Image source: Jessica Worland Photography

This isn’t the first birth photo competition of the year. Check out the winners of the Birth Becomes Her 2018 Birth Photography Competition. You may even recognise a few of the winning birth photos…

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