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Mum Shares All the Bizarre Names from her Son’s Yearbook and, We’re Speechless


One night, Utah mum Allison Czarnecki decided to pull out her son’s yearbook and see the names of the pupils her son is sharing a classroom with. What she discovered was a labyrinth of bizarre names that she couldn’t help but share.

So she headed to Twitter to recite all the incredibly unconventional names she found in her kid’s yearbook. Both in Junior High and Senior High.

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Saddle up, ladies and gents. You’re in for quite the ride!

These are not made up. This is not a drill. 

If you get an eye twitch when someone uses the wrong “there”, then these may be too much.

Now, before we go on, we will remind you that we are not against any of these names or the interesting spelling of common monikers… but you have to admit, some of these are pretty cray-cray!

I mean, unique baby names are great and all, but these are next level.

 But we’ll let you be the judge. Here we go. And don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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Let’s break it down, shall we?

All in all, there are three variants of the name Jackson, none of which are actually Jackon. Instead, we get Jaxson, Jaxon, Jaxen plus a bunch of Jordyn’s and Jaidyn’s and variants of both.

Same with the name Kennedy – we get Kennidee and Kenidee.

Plus a truckload of other misspelled K names. It would appear if you don’t use an I or a Y in your name you can’t go to this school:

  • Keylee
  • Kylee
  • Keyairaa (this is Kiera for anyone playing at home)
  • Kayley
  • Kaydee
  • Kynnaston
  • Kelcie
  • Kalei
  • Kylee
  • Kindree
  • Kenion
  • Kelldrix
  • Kambri
  • Kasidy
  • Kaydenz (Yep this says Cadence)

And let’s not forget an obvious Utah favourite – Madison. Or Addison. Both spelled ‘synfully’ wrong. We will find an Adisyn, an Addesyn, an Addisen, plus a Maddyson, a Madysen and a Madyson.

Now, let’s focus on the choice of spelling for common names. We’ve got Ryen instead of Ryan and WHY? Alivia rather than Olivia. Sydnee, not Sydney. Lindzie.

Oh and Katharin. Sorry, love, it appears you’ve lost your E.

Here are a few more of the standouts:

  • Broc. Short for Broccoli. Obv.
  • Stott. #NotaName
  • Alyxandrya. I have no words for this one.
  • Elexys. A little bit Elexys…



  • Questin. ?? I have several…. ??
  • Macilynne. Seriously, how do you even pronounce this? Mack-a-lynn? Macie-lynne?
  • Swayzie. Patrick didn’t ask for this.
  • Tayxa. It ‘takes a’ strong person to name their kid this.
  • Shadee. Please stand up.
  • Toj. What is this nonsense? Tog? Toog? Tag?
  • Felecya. Bye.

So many gems, right? We can’t even. And Allison assures the world, “these are legit %100 real names. #Utah”.

Now, we at Mum Central love our baby names – popular, trendy, unique, retro. The works. We’ve even come up with a baby name generator to help you select a baby name. Put it to the test and see if you like what we’ve picked.

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    As a teacher, I shudder! My first school had a fair share of strangely spelt names and it was a nightmare!

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