Cheese & Crackers! Bluey’s World is Coming and Here’s What You Need to Know!

Ask most preschoolers what their favourite show is and you’re probably going to hear Bluey over and over again. Ask most parents of preschoolers what their favourite kids’ show is and you’re most certainly going to hear Bluey too! So you can imagine our exitement to hear that the very first ever Bluey’s World is set to open its door in Brisbane, which is, of course, home to the Blue Heeler family in the show too!

Combining classic Aussie humour with everyday parenting adventures, Bluey not not only entertains kids but parents too. It’s become one of the most popular TV shows across the world, loved by pretty much everyone but especially Aussies who can 100% relate.

Bluey's World Brisbane
Bluey’s World is coming to Brisbane! Source: Supplied

The official opening date is 7 November 2024 and tickets go on sale TOMORROW (21 May 2024). Exciting stuff!

Inside Bluey’s World

Bluey’s World is predicted to be a pretty big deal. I mean, maybe not as exciting as Disney World, but pretty close! We don’t know exactly what’s behind the doors, but we do know this:

Bluey's World opening
Get ready Brisbane! Source: Supplied

1. It looks huge!

Housed within the expansive 4,000sqm purpose-built ‘Northshore Pavilion’,  the building looks to go on and on!

We know that inside there is a play area for the kids, various storefront shops from the show as well as the Heeler’s iconic family home and backyard. 

There is also a large outdoor area for picnics and snacks. 

Bluey's World
Concept art for Bluey’s World. Source: YouTube

2. It’s an interactive and guided experience

Bluey’s World is an interactive and immersive experience where everyone will have a chance to participate and play their favourite Bluey games! The immersive experience is also guided which means someone will take you on the journey.

According to the Bluey’s World website, “This expansive, multi-sensory experience features real-life sets, recognisable scenes, and beloved characters and games from Bluey.” 

Sounds fun! The experience lasts approximately 70 minutes from entry time and afterwards, you’re welcome to stay to enjoy the neighbourhood playground, shop and cafe at the end of the experience for up to an hour.

Bluey's World
Source: YouTube

3. It’s under $50 

Tickets start at $49.90.

4. They do birthday parties too

Birthday parties at Bluey’s World are available for 12 or more children. We’re not sure about the exact details like if lolly bags or special invites will be included but what a fun birthday party idea! A guided tour of Bluey’s World followed by an hour of cake and games in Bluey’s playground. I’m in!

They also do special bookings for schools for any teachers looking for a fun field trip.

5. Even getting there will be fun!

Bluey’s World is in an ideal central location on the Northshore and is accessible by bus, car, foot and bike. Visitors can even arrive via Brisbane’s iconic CityCat, as featured in beloved Bluey episodes like ‘Spy Game’ and ‘Ice Cream’.

Bluey's World boat
Take the CityCat like Bluey and Bingo. Source: Supplied

6. It’s meant to give Brisbane a mega tourist boost

Bluey is a worldwide success and Michael Healy, Queensland Tourism Minister, expects people from all over to flock to Brisbane and check out Bluey’s World. If you’re visiting Brisbane and have young kids, it’s pretty much a must-go!

Bluey’s World will be truly captivating, giving fans an unforgettable and immersive experience, it is such a draw card to drive visitation to Queensland,” Healy said. 

“We’re a family-friendly destination and we know that once the family have lived and played like our favourite Heelers at Bluey’s World, that they’ll get out and explore our state, which is Bluey’s world – for real life.

This special event is so highly anticipated on our calendar, we expect more than 200,000 visitors will enjoy Bluey’s World in its inaugural year, injecting more than $18 million into the local economy.”

We are so excited to see Bluey’s World open its doors! If the Hammerbarn/Bunnings madness is anything to go by, we predict it will be a huge success!

Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday 21 May 2024. For ticket information and to book visit

So, will you and the kids be going?

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