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15+ Book Week Costume Ideas 2022 – ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’

Love it or loathe it, another Book Week is nearly here. This year’s theme is Dreaming with Eyes Open which opens up a lot of great book week costume ideas.

While it’s not mandatory to stick to the theme, or even take part in Book Week, it can be fun for the kids and a challenge for us parents who get to put the costumes together. 

Room on the Broom Book Week
Room on a Broom, anyone? Source: Facebook Kate Penguilley

Remember, Book Week is all about celebrating the love of books and characters, so any costume, whether elaborate or last-minute, with be perfectly fine! Your child can dress up as pretty much ANYTHING they want – it’s bound to be in a book somewhere. 

Book week costumes
Yes. Optimus Prime is a book! Source: Jodi Tapp/Facebook

But if you are looking for some book week ideas that go with this year’s theme of Dreaming with Eyes Open, here are a few suggestions: 

Basic Book Week Dreaming with Eyes Open ideas:

  • Anything sleep-related 
  • Stories that turn out to be dreams
  • Stories where the character has a dream or a goal and goes for it 
  • Tales that involve wild imaginations and crazy adventures 
  • Alice in Wonderland – this is a great one for the theme “Dreaming with Eyes Open” and comes with plenty of costume ideas too
  • Anything Dr. Seuss, The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Roald Dahl, Disney (we predict a few Sleeping Beauties this year) 
mum central
Image: Supplied
mum central
Source: Megan Coe/Facebook

Mum Central picks: 15 Book Week ideas for Dreaming with Eyes Open

1. Where is the Green Sleep 

Spoiler alert – he’s fast asleep. 

book week costumes 2018
Image via Facebook

2. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Another sleepy tale. 

mum central
Image source: Facebook

3. Peter Pan 

Escape to the dream world of Neverland. Fun fact about this pic: This is actually twin boys – Peter Pan and his shadow! 

book week ideas
Source: ABC Perth Facebook

4. The Wizard of Oz

Another truly fantastical story full of dream-like situations! 

Wizard of Oz Book Week
Source: Facebook/ Kelly Born Wilson

mum central

5. Alice in Wonderland 

We predict this will be a big one for book week 2022 – there are so many fun characters to go as and it’s a great ‘dream’ book. 

alice in wonderland dress up
Image source: Mum Central Facebook
mum central
Instagram @nic_and_co
mum central
Source: Instagram
Alice in Wonderland book week costumes
Image source: Facebook

6. The Chronicles of Narnia 

Another dreamy world. 

bookweek costumes 2018
Image via Facebook

7. Where the Wild Things Are

Get those onesies and crowns out for this one! 

book week where the wild things are
Image source: Facebook

8. The Magic School Bus 

Miss Frizzle is the ultimate dreamer! 

mum central
Source: Instagram @bonnielees

9. The BFG

Sophie in her pajamas – a great fit for this year’s theme! 

mum central

10. Frida Kahlo and Marie Curie 

This idea is a little out of the box but we like it – why not go as someone in history who achieved their dreams? This idea opens a lot of costume windows too – sporting players, famous performers, anyone your little one admires – there’s bound to be a book written about them! 

mum central
Source: Facebook

11. The Cat in the Hat

A Bookweek favourite and one that fits pretty much every theme – there’s nothing more ‘dreamlike’ than this wacky tale! 

Cat in the Hat book week
Source: Khloe Shepherd/Facebook

12. Oh the Places You’ll Go

Dream big! 

book week costumes 2018
Image via Facebook

13. Sleeping Beauty or Snow White

The original Disney dreamers! 

book week 2022
Source: Supplied

14. Paddington

The big dreaming bear. 

mum central
Source: Facebook / Katrina Moore

15. The Princess and the Pea

Complete with a bed. LOL!

Princess and the Pea Book Week
Source: Megan Applby/Facebook

Even more book week costume ideas 

We’ve got dozens more book week costume ideas from our previous Mum Central book week parades.

Check them out here:

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