What’s on the menu this Christmas? How about Trolls? The all-new Trolls Holiday DVD hit shops this month and we’re ready to celebrate with our Mega Trolls Giveaway!

One lucky reader will walk away with an amazing Trolls prizepack featuring merchandise, toys and books. Next up, 15 Mum Central readers and their Troll-loving tots will also bring home a copy of the Trolls ‘Holiday’ DVD.

We’ll hug to that!

Trolls Holiday DVD Competition

You buy the popcorn, we’ll bring the Poppy

Poppy, Branch and the rest of the glittery gang are back to bring even more colour to your family movie night. And their latest adventure, the Trolls ‘Holiday’ animated special, is jam-packed with music, laughter and, of course, hugs!

Starring the original motion picture cast including Justine Timberlake and Anna Kenrick, this feature has all new songs to fall in love with and a storyline that will hug your heart with happiness. When the eternally optimistic Poppy learns that the Bergens no longer have any holidays on their calendar, she enlists the help of Branch and the rest of the gang to add a little cheer to the Bergens’ calendar.

Trolls Holiday DVD Competition

In addition to the DVD, the Trolls are dancing their way into the toy section with a wide range of Trolls themed toys, dolls, play sets, adorable clothing, accessories, books, party goods, costumes and heaps more.

Seriously, it will be like Trolls exploded glitter all over your kids’ bedrooms! Hooray!

Here’s the first 4 minutes…we bet you’ll be hooked!

If your little ones have anything ‘Trolls’ on Santa’s list this Christmas, then this is one competition you don’t want to miss! You can pick up your own copy of the DVD and check out the wide range of toys and accessories available through Hasbro and BigW.


We can’t stop the feeling of excitement now that these hilarious little characters are back for another adventure.

Thanks to our mates over at Dreamworks, we’ve got 16 Trolls Prizes to give away:

First Prize – Valued at over $200!

1. Trolls Musical Figure Toy (‘Hug the Harmony Poppy’) RRP, $39.95 – Sing along to the melodies in her heart with this musical DreamWorks Trolls Poppy figure. This fabulous figure comes dressed in her signature dress, tiara, and Hug Time watch from the movie. Press her watch to hear her sing her song “Get Back Up Again”. She’ll also say silly phrases from the movie!

2. Trolls Activity, Craft and Youth Fiction Books, valued at $86.91 – Includes Trolls Holidazzle Celebration Press-Out Decorations, RRP $16.99; Trolls Holidazzle Celebration Sticker Scene Fun, $7.99; Trolls Mix and Match, RRP $16.99; Trolls Paint with Water, RRP $5.99; Trolls Deluxe Colouring & Activity Book, RRP $6.99, 4 x Trolls Junior Fiction Books, RRP $7.99 (‘Poppy and the Parade Problem’,  ‘Branch and the Party Rescue’, ‘Biggie and the Big Mix-Up’, ‘Satin and Chenille and the Fashion Show Disaster’).

3. Trolls themed party set (for a 16 person party) – valued at $64.00 – including two 8pk invitations, a table cover, a favour cup, two 8pk paper cups, 16pk napkins,  two 8pk small plates,  two 8pk large plates, plus a foil balloon.

The next 15 Runner-Up prizes will be

A copy of the Trolls Holiday DVD & Digital, RRP $19.95 – Available from all leading retailers 1 November  – When the eternally optimistic Poppy, Queen of the Trolls, learns that the Bergens no longer have any holidays on their calendar, she enlists the help of Branch and the rest of the gang on a delightfully quirky mission to fix something that the Bergens don’t think is broken. You can’t stop the music with DreamWorks Trolls Holiday!    Starring the original motion feature including Justine Timberlake and Anna Kendrick.   DreamWorks Trolls Holiday DVD includes the ‘Holiday’ animation (26min) plus special bonus features (47 minutes).  Rated G.

For your chance to win, simply complete the entry form below (including a comment at the bottom about what you love about trolls) and you’re in the running! Remember the more steps you complete, the more chances to win! GOOD LUCK!

Win a Mega Trolls Prizepack PLUS 15 Runner Up Holiday DVDs


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  1. Totally the HAIR!! My son is doing a trolls music number in the Christmas show and the hair was our first planning moment. So much fun.

      • Rita Farah Reply

        I love I can sing along to the soundtrack with my daughters without sounding like a Bergen!

        • Such a great movie for the whole family, has a positive message for kids to be themselves. Awesome songs too.

      • Natasha Page Reply

        I Love the Positve energy of the Trolls. They make our whole Family Happy!

    • Danielle Bailey Reply

      Messy hair, I don’t care! Pretty much my attitude towards my hair. I think the trolls are super cute and engaging for people of all ages.

    • the hair is so cool, My son loves doing his hair like the trolls and singing True Colors!

    • Glynnis Cole Reply

      They make me feel happy & I really enjoy watching them with my Grandies xxx

    • Angela myers Reply

      I love that they are bright and colourful.
      What I love most is their message of. Love kindness and acceptance.

    • I love the trolls cause they have the best hair and always go on fun adventures!

    • I absolutely love their energy and dancing! Can’t forget that crazy hair!! I find myself singing the songs as they often get stuck in my head!

    • Katrina Stanton Reply

      I do not mind being called a troll, because I am a troll addict. Ha! Ha!

  2. Ashley Beech Reply

    I love the variety of songs,
    old to new,
    pop to funk.
    It’s a movie everyone in our house loves,
    young or old!

  3. Trolls are so cute and colourful I love that you cant help but smile and feel happy when you see Trolls plus I love that their message is so positive

  4. Anita Andrews Reply

    Their singing! Its so fun and catchy, we have the cd to bop along to at home.

  5. Toddler Ruby loves to sing the songs “word for word” and loves the bugs and insects,mummy loves just to see Ruby smile.

  6. So colourful and glitzy they can’t fail to brighten up your day.

  7. I love singing to the old songs and my kids thinking im cool because i know all the words …. shhhhhhhh its our secret lol

  8. My 8 year old daughter loves the trolls and watchers it over and over and over.

  9. james pizzey Reply

    just found the trolls that my daughter had played with so we shared them between the granchildren so they can enjoy them just like our daughter did

  10. I love that the trolls are so happy and love to sing and dance and help one another.

  11. Michelle Fay Reply

    We still have our collection of trolls from when we were kids and the kids just love them as much as we do, the trolls of today are much cuter though

  12. I n our house beside troll dolls we have troll collecter cards as well

  13. Rebecca Tompsett Reply

    They are bright and colourful and know all the best songs. They make me laugh and cry.

  14. The songs are
    Really happy and full
    Of joy which creates
    Laughter as we sing along to the
    Lyrics accompanied with
    Some groovy moves!

  15. Technicolour Hair
    Radical Dance Moves
    Outstanding Songs
    Lights Up Your Day
    Lovely Storyline
    Smiles All Around

  16. Cynthia Hudson Reply

    my daughter is nearly one and loves this movie so much, its such a great movie even for myself. Full of colour and music and I hope we win so she can watch Trolls whenever she wants

  17. Their bright colourful hair and the cuteness all round make the trolls so much fun !

  18. My daughter loves the crazy hair on trolls and that they sing she loves it

  19. A great film that is enjoyable for adults as well as kids. My whole family loves this movie especially the songs and cloud guy!

  20. Trolls are the happiest, liveliest creatures and they exude so much warmth.

  21. Karen Edwards Reply

    Love that Trolls are back loved having my own trolls when I was little now my children can enjoy them too

  22. Christina E Reply

    The Trolls are funny and cute, reminds me so much of my childhood when we had troll but so much cuter and unique. Plus who could not resist that hair!

  23. Tina Hopkinson Reply

    The trolls are just so lovable,they put a smile on the faces of the young and not so young,that air everyone loves their beautiful,colourful,hair.

  24. C McCarthy Reply

    I love that they appeal to both my sons and daughter! We all loved the movie and Are constantly listening to the Trolls soundtrack, someone’s always singing something from Trolls

  25. I have always loved their hair. When I was a child I had a troll that I called ‘Tit-Twat’. He was blue with blue spiky hair. I took him everywhere and had many adventures. When my kids play with them, it brings back great memories of my childhood.

  26. Kathy Clark Reply

    As i love all of the Troll Family just lost my whole collection in a house fire sadly

  27. Such colourful and friendly characters who persevere with a smile on their face.

  28. You’re never too old to watch them and laugh with them. Such bright, cheery characters, they naturally bring a smile to your face.

  29. Their hair styles, so out of control, big enough to rival even the biggest hair bands of the 80’s lol

  30. I love the Trolls rock’n’roll punk hairstyle! and that they are making a come back from my childhood!

  31. Megan Marot Reply

    Love their chubby cheeks and gorgeous hair,
    They full of colour and happiness I declare!

  32. Louise Patterson Reply

    I love that the Trolls are so colourful and happy 🙂

  33. PETA newsome Reply

    We love how much joy they get out of singing, their songs are so fun and very up lifting!

  34. I used to put them on the end of my pencils and play with it’s hair while I was bored in class making all sorts of hair styles, so although my family love the singing and positivity I still love their colourful hair.

  35. Lauren Hunt Reply

    They have an inner happiness, that reminds me of my childhood. Less screen time, more friend and family time, their agenda is good. As they burst out in dance and song, it’s this simple message of togetherness that I wish to pass along.

  36. I love their songs, makes my kids dance oh and they recycle ‘old’ songs too 🙂

  37. I love that a childhood fave of mine is now popular with this generation of kids, I can’t stop the feeling I get when I see them playing with my fav toys!

  38. Caroline Gunnulson Reply

    Growing up I had Trolls and I still have an original to this day, and now for my girls to experience the fun and magic that Trolls can bring is awesome..

  39. Anna Margaret Reply

    I love that my 80s childhood is back: IN TROLL FORM! “Treasure trolls are here and there, here and there, everywhere…”

  40. My girls love the dancing, singing and HUG TIME. We love having a dance party in the lounge to the soundtrack!

  41. Jaydene Jusseit Reply

    I love they remind me of trolls when I was a kid. And especially the ones on pencils. AAAHHHH the memories

  42. I love the fun music… happy to sing along much to my kids despair

  43. Don’t you just love their hair and their cheeky playful grins? I do they’re all uniquely gorgeous!!

  44. Nancy Santos Reply

    Trolls was the best movie, lovely story about friendship and hope and fantastic songs to top it off!


    What a perfect Christmas present for some lucky kids…. My Miss 7 would adore these. Thanks Mum Central

  46. Kristy Wakely Reply

    They bring you back to your childhood although they were not so bright when I was a kid, they have such bright beautiful colours and have a little message that holding onto sad feelings will dull your sparkle but when you work through it your true colours will shine again.

  47. Trolls are my childs delight!!
    Taking away things that fright.
    Their hair, the colours of the rainbow
    helping my child with the tough questions
    as she grows.
    Trolls have a sparkle, thats contagious
    Everyone loves them,

  48. Melissa Turner Reply

    I love how bright, happy and bubbly the trolls are – it’s contagious!

  49. I love the trolls. I am 37 but still remember having a troll toy when I was in grade 4 and I used to rub the hair for good luck!

  50. My daughter said that she loves that they sing and that their hair is tall and it goes up in the sky and that they hit with their hair!

  51. I love that the trolls are bright and happy. We need more of that in our world.

  52. Karen Power Reply

    The trolls are awesome, they make you sing, smile and feel good

  53. I love that it brings back memories for me and the kids love singing and dancing along.

  54. I love that they are happy little souls that find fun ways to entertain themselves bit like the average toddler

  55. Kim Campbell Reply

    Their Hair, they never have to worry about a bad hair day I’m jealous, plus their cute and colorful and lots of fun.

  56. cheerie murnane Reply

    Purple and pink cant go past the colours and the fun they have, so lively and colourful, love the dolls, would love the dvd

  57. I love that trolls are such happy little dudes. My kids love the movie and I never need to worry about the messages that they take from it.

  58. Catherine Moxon Reply

    I love that my daughter puts on my purple wig and sing and dance around the lounge room like nobody is watching.

  59. Phillip Cunningham Reply

    That they’re more intelligent than most of the minions in the Despicable Me series of movies.

  60. Kayla Sibley Reply

    I think it’s adorable how happy & positive they are. Nothing can upset them or keep them down. I can’t help but smile myself every time I watch the movie.

  61. Christina L Reply

    They’re cute, bright, full of life and also full of cupcakes 🙂

  62. I love the colour and fun, and the big hair! They are helping to breed acceptance of all crazy, big hair people everywhere!

  63. Sarah Craig Reply

    They see the good in everyone
    Those fun-loving little trolls.
    They spread joy and happiness
    And have music in their souls.

  64. I still have my collection of Trolls from when I was a kid at work. It’s brings a smile to many faces and when kids come into the office they also love them.

    Poppy the ‘new’ Troll is so cute as a button she reminds me of my niece. I think the new Trolls are even nicer than my 28 year old Trolls!

  65. Brooke Parker Reply

    They are very colourful and cheery. They will always have you singing along with them and always put a smile on your face.

  66. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Trolls are so ugly that they are cute (bit like me really), and they always make me laugh.

  67. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    I love the music it’s fun it beautiful and I love the bright colours

  68. Rachel Cocks Reply

    Cute, Colourful, and love to have fun. Adorable hairdo’s… they make my daughter giggle!

  69. sharyn williams Reply

    they are bright, funny, colourful, have good values and make us smile and sing

  70. It has to be their hair. makes them really stand out – and makes them look taller too

  71. I love that kids are enjoying them today as much as we did in the 80’s

  72. Teresa Clark Reply

    Love the singing, dancing and hug times. That my sons enjoy watching and singing along with the movie.

  73. I love that my niece absolutely loves the movie and knows all the words off by heart! Our favourite character is Poppy. It’s such a great family movies and always makes us jump up and dance while watching it!

  74. Takes me back to my childhood and love for them, and now I can experience this awesomeness with my own daughters 🙂

  75. This would be the BEST Christmas present for my step daughter! She loves trolls and so do I!

  76. hayley shaw Reply

    We love trolls because it’s something we can enjoy watching together as a family while I’m hogging the popcorn (hehe)

  77. Our whole family loved the movie (even hubby). The music and just their positive attitudes made it great.

  78. Caroline White Reply

    I have never seen the movie but my niece tells me its a good one. would like to win and sit and watch it with her.

  79. I love that it is impossible to be sad while watching the trolls. The colour the music are so bright and cheery that even in the darkest of moods you can’t help but smile. I love that no matter how sick or tired or grumpy my little girl is, the moment that movie comes on her face lights up and she is instantly calm.

  80. Samantha W Reply

    I love that The Trolls are so upbeat and sunny – my kids love watching them and I can’t help but be lifted up by them.

  81. I love that my kids love trolls just like I did as a kid growing up. ❤️

  82. Karen Hodge Reply

    I Love their upbeat, beautiful nature and love of life and eachother. Even when they are sad, they are still there for eachother.

  83. Jessica Camilleri Reply

    I love that the Trolls always look for happiness in everything, even when something gets them down. Such a great message for everyone in this world!

  84. The music is so wonderful and the message about finding your own happiness is really important.

  85. I love that it gets my kids up and dancing around and their imaginations flowing

  86. They are bright, colourful, happy (well almost all of them!) and the kids just love them.

  87. Love it as my daughter gets up and starts dancing sometime she will start to sing too.

  88. I love that both my kids can actually spend an hour together without fighting when watching trolls! it has magical powers!

  89. Maree Gray Reply

    We love the singing, bright colours and that hair is to die for!!

  90. I just love that the trolls are so happy in their own skin, they make me laugh, sing and believe in magic

  91. I love the hair!! These were around when I was a kid…they fitted on the end of a pencil. Mine had aqua hair!!

  92. So colourful, so bright it makes the kids eyes come alive. With smiles all around you will fall in love with these cute little dolls.

  93. Bright colors, positive attitude and the singing. My daughter just did Trolls for her dance concert and now has matching outfit complete with hairpiece.

  94. Richard Harrison Reply

    The fruity singing. Gets the whole family happy and up and dancing!

  95. Nicole Woods Reply

    They’re just so cute, and they bring back memories of the troll collection I had when I was a kid.

  96. Belinda Smith Reply

    I love Trolls, because who can resist so much colour, sparkle and happiness?!

  97. Viny Vabriany Reply

    I love how Troll always help one and another. No Troll Left Behind is the motto! They cheer someone up when a friend feels sad with their bright, fun and kind personalities

  98. Fiona Ryczak Reply

    Love watching the smiles and laughter that radiate from my beautiful 2 year old granddaughters face,
    Be it a show, song, the movie, toys that has even the smallest amount of Troll trace.

  99. Trolls, I love thee,
    Deliver joy, total esprit,
    Full of life, watching them is a pleasure,
    Their singing, a moment my family and I treasure.

  100. Jessica de feudis Reply

    The music my 4 year old boos along and sings to the songs brightens my day watching him and all the colour of the movie

    • Jessica de feudis Reply

      The music my 4 year old bops along and sings to the songs brightens my day watching him and all the colour of the movie

  101. Adele Smith Reply

    The music is just so upbeat you can’t help but feel happy and the dancing is totally adorable. A great soundtrack, with a song for every delicious moment.

  102. Love that trolls hace come back and thar i can relive my chikdhood things with my kids

  103. My 2year old daughter loves poppies her bright and cheerful personality. I’m so glad theres Another DVD cause if I hear EVERY BODY SHAKE YOUR HAIR AND MOVE YOUR BODY!!! Screamed at the top of her lungs anymore I might go nuts 🙂

  104. Dayna davey Reply

    Because it’s the only movie in 4 years that has kept my son solidly quiet and entertained! So it must bloody good!

  105. Littlepoohhead Reply

    My daughter loves the soundtrack and sings along with it……..her favourite character is Bridget when the Trolls make her rainbow hair so she can meet the prince.

  106. My son absolutely loves the Trolls. He watches the movie over and over again. It is his absolute favourite. He loves the singing and dancing and brilliant colours.

  107. Trolls is such a feel-good movie, even my husband and myself love watching it with the kids! The music is awesome and upbeat! Plus i have a troll that my then boyfriend (now husband) gave to me about 25 years ago!

  108. Sara Mercuri Reply

    We love the Trolls because all ages in our house sing and dance along and have fun. My three boys especially love watching them.

  109. I love that they are always so happy. Cuddle time is a great concept I wish everyone was as happy as the trolls the world would be much happier. You can’t possibly not live the trolls movie it makes everyone dance and be happy.

  110. Master 6 can’t get enough of the fabulous trolls with their catchy tunes & he loves the bergens

  111. I love that I already knew the words to all the songs (especially cyndi pauper version of true colours)!

  112. My very own poppy says she is a princess too after watching it x

  113. The Trolls show that life does have some downs and that happiness and beauty is from within ourselves.

  114. We love all their musical numbers they perform! Such happy cute glittery little Trolls!!

  115. The music in the trolls always makes our family get up and dance along! Sunshine in my pocket is our favourite

  116. Trolls trollls there’s so much we love about these cute dolls. With song and dance it makes us want to prance. Poppy is our pick she never misses a trick

  117. I have loved trolls for years since I was younger , I had a troll collection growing up and now my kids love them too

  118. Tina Vuong Reply

    That when they start singing my 20 month old drops what she’s doing and starts dancing around the room! She absolutely loves trolls!

  119. Teri Walker Reply

    My little girl’s End-of-year calisthenics dance, was to the Trolls song.
    Just like the Trolls, it was very cute.

  120. I love the way it makes my daughters face light up every time it comes on tv!

  121. My daughter and i love all that is trolls! Whats not to love – music to sing along and groove to. Awesome theme as to helping others and that happiness is within us all we just have to look deep inside us!! Love love love it! Poppys also a redhead like us lol xxx

  122. Alexandram Reply

    They are a childhood favourite of mine and I love that they are back better and more colourful and happier then before

  123. I love the trolls because they are happy and cheery and fun to sing along with

  124. I love how they show compassion through helping Bergens understand happiness.

  125. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    I love how a song and singing makes everything better and brighter , the music is very catchy

  126. My son adores the songs in this movie gets him grooving all over the place

  127. I love how everything can be fixed with a hug. If only this could happen in our world.

  128. Kristina s Reply

    I love that trolls are around again! So my kids can enjoy something I loved growing up too!

  129. Trolls make me happy ~ Their cheery songs, bright colours & upright hair take me on a magical musical adventure! Hug time X

  130. Nerida morgan Reply

    The songs. They take some great (some interesting) songs and spin them into the storyline and the kids and I can sing along

  131. Leanne Baker Reply

    I love that a toy from my childhood has been revamped because it means my daughter gets to love it as much as I did.
    Trolls have always been and will continue to be, all about that bright, crazy hair.
    We love it!

  132. They remind me of a fun filled childhood with the original troll dolls – and now my kids love the trolls

  133. Melinda Mahlberg Reply

    I love that Trolls are so colourful, happy and fun loving.

  134. SelenaBaker Reply

    My girls and I watch the Trolls movie at least once a day. It’s such a feel good, inspirational movie. Every night my girls sing True Colours to their unborn sister by placing their hands on my belly.

  135. Aimee McCloy Reply

    I love love love the soundtrack to the Trolls movie! Hoping this one will be as good!

  136. Kira heath Reply

    Love how happy my daughter gets watching it and seeing her trying to sing along. Also love the sarcastic humour of Branch.

  137. Katrina McDonald Reply

    I love how excited my daughter gets when she watches trolls. It is a great movie showing the trolls spreading love to everyone no matter who they are. Trolls are great dancers and so colourful!

  138. Mr 3 loves Trolls. We play the tunes from the movie most days, upon his request, and it always brightens his day. His smile…priceless.

  139. The joy of our lives,
    Rebellious but funny
    Over the top with their cheekiness
    Lovable and lots of cuddles given,
    Long unruly hair
    Such happiness they bring to so many

  140. The trolls are always so happy and loved up…and every time my daughters watch the movie, there is singing and dancing and hugging for days!!!

  141. My oldest would love this he was just telling me about the new movie today!

  142. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Impossible to get my head around the fact that I played with Trolls, and now my grandchildren play with Trolls. The only ones available to me had orange hair, gosh they were the toy to have in the playground.

  143. I enjoy the happiness of the trolls, it is so infectious. Even ‘our Branch” (who refuses to like the Trolls because little sister ‘our Poppy’ LOVES the Trolls) can’t fight the grumpiness when the Trolls movie is on.

  144. Our son would love this as he recently watched the first trolls movie and cant wait to see trolls holiday

  145. Love everything about trolls! So much positive & happiness. I love how happy it makes my kids when they watch it!

  146. The Trolls are quirky, fun and adorable. Can’t resist those chubby cheeks.

  147. Kylie Thomas Reply

    I love all the music that makes you want to get up and dance.

  148. victoria mcquade Reply

    Love the trolls positive outcome on life. So happy and caring. Such a heartfelt movie that leaves you feeling good after watching it. kids love the songs too

  149. I love Trolls because they are different, they are fuzzy colourful little creatures that make me laugh.

  150. The colour, the songs, the message, the hair, the happiness it brings to my kids, Anna kenrick and of couse JT.

  151. i love their hair and colourfulness of them and the fact they are always happy grand daughter loves them

  152. julie morton Reply

    I love their positivity and uplifting colours, keeps your cheery and educational, my daughter will role play with her friends

  153. Chris Jardine Reply

    I love their cheekiness, their energy and their bright colours

  154. Love their enthusiasm and how they are so happy and funny. They make my kids laugh so much

  155. They remind me of the troll toys I had as a child. Now my daughter get to enjoy them too

  156. Love how happy and positive they are – not to mention cute and funny

  157. Samantha phillips Reply

    My step daughters absolutely love them and know every word to the song, so as much as im not inlove with the songs anymore I love what the movies story line and how they have taken the old troll and given it a great story and life.

  158. Linda Griffiths Reply

    The fact that it reminds me of the trolls i had as a child and that my boys love them. Their favourite saying is… No troll left behind

  159. bronwyn evans Reply

    I love that Poppy is a determined strong character that is a positive influence for my girls.

  160. Dianne Childs Reply

    Brightly coloured, pretty hair with insane volume and swishability!

  161. Diane White Reply

    Brings me back to my childhood, so long ago now ….
    Love the hair…. Like looking in the mirror most mornings….

  162. Tammy Campion Reply

    I love that the kids actually sit down and watch it most things only hold their interest for a short time . I love the singing and dancing, and it is even pretty funny

  163. Larissa my Daughter love looking at the trolls and would love this prize.

  164. I love that Trolls are just clean good-value fun, no need to supervise the littlies, they can enjoy without me worrying! oh & the hair of course!

  165. Susan Banyard Reply

    Love all their bright colours, reminds me of a rainbow and gives a happy feeling.

  166. Life is supposed to be about rainbows, glitter and singing out loud like no one is watching when you are a child, the trolls embrace that!

  167. Sheena Douthie Reply

    I just love their wild hair, everyone has so much character what’s not to love?

  168. Love they are so bright fun and funky Poppy’s so full of life spreading positive vibes everywhere she goes trying to make everyone happy even when the burgens are trying to eat them great sound track too haha

  169. Shannon Wotton Reply

    I love how the Trolls are so colourful and full of life, they are joyful and eternally optimistic – just like my kids!

  170. I love all of the hugging and singing and dancing and hugging and singing and dancing and not to mention it’s the only time my almost 2 year old will stand still!

  171. The fact that I enjoyed the movie as much as my kids and we all love dancing to the soundtrack together!

  172. I love everything about Trolls, especially that they stick together!!

  173. Their positive message, full of joy, colour, eternally optimistic…what a great message for children. Learning about consequences, working as a team, problem solving.

  174. I love Poppy’s irrepressible cheerfulness. We could all do with a bit of her optimism.

  175. Michelle J L Leach Reply

    I love the trolls awesome hair. It would be great to have their hair. No more bad hair days.

  176. rebecca foster-noble Reply

    Miss Willow loves her trolls. Thank you for the chance.

  177. Kylie hensler Reply

    I love the hair and vibrant colours i love that i played with trolls when i was a little girl and loved them and they now have made a comeback and my kids can to enjoy and play with trolls as i did

  178. My daughter is trolls obsessed loves the laughter and the music

  179. Melissa Ware Reply

    Definitely the singing, the hugs, the hair and just the happiness of them! My daughter watches the movie 3 times a day and we know it word by word but still love it!!!

  180. Shelley Cilia Reply

    Trolls taught me that no matter how much I want chocolate, eating will NOT make me happy. Happiness is inside of all of us. Trolls changed my life. Hug Time!

  181. I have always loved trolls from when I was a little girl and I bought my first troll doll with multi colour hair

  182. Anna Amoroso Reply

    Loved playing with trolls back in the 80’s now my kids loved the movie and love anything trolls. Wish I’d never thrown mine out!! Love the way my girls get up dancing when they watch it.

  183. Trolls make me nostalgic for the troll dolls when we were kids, the magic, the happiness. I think they send a wonderfully positive message to our kids and adults alike. Love them!

  184. Danielle D Reply

    I love their hair!! Lets be honest here, if we could all get away with hair like that.. we would!!

  185. I love that all 3 of my kids love the movie! I almost fell over the first time I heard them all agree to watch it!!! They’ve never agreed on anything haha! I also love their hair.

  186. Christy Boyle Reply

    What isn’t to love the music singing dancing around the bright colours awesome hair kids turn into happy dancing trolls

  187. Heather Pitkeathly Reply

    I love that it gives my 4 year old daughter lots of joy singing and dancing to their songs.

  188. We love the music! You just can’t help singing along to it all!

  189. Kristen Rudland Reply

    Love being able to sing along to the songs with my kids. Upbeat and funny movie.

  190. I love their optimism, their enthusiasm, their Joy! I love the singing and dancing – I love the hugs.
    Trolls are so much fun. They are just so uplifting to watch. I really love their message – If you believe in yourself and stay positive, you can be or achieve anything 🙂

  191. Stephanie Herringe Beauchamp Reply

    I love how positive they are no matter what the adversity and find solutions, how they have to give hugs on the hour, how they sing and dance and how brightly coloured everything is. They make my 4 girls and I happy

  192. Sarah aspi Reply

    I’ve never seen the movie, but trolls take me back to my childhood. All those colours, crazy hairstyles and lets face it, that was the 80’s. I love the fact that they are remaking stuff like this for the kids of today.

  193. Trolls are fun, sometimes naughty, a little mischievous but always have goodness in their hearts. They make terrific companions especially for children as they are caring, loyal and trustworthy. My girls absolutely adore their trolls.

  194. We love their funky hair & the music gets the kids up singing & dancing-so much fun!

  195. What ever you age, what more would you need than to curl up on the lounge watching TROLLS and their jolly good deeds!

  196. Sonja Lunn Reply

    They are fun and cute and teach good lessons about life. The fun way the movie is presented with music and songs is infectious. Got to love Trolls.

  197. Aleisha austbo Reply

    We love their crazy, colourful hair,
    How even to the burgens they are fair.
    But mostly we love that they teach that happiness is on the inside,
    While watching Trolls, we all cried!


    There is such a positive theme through the whole movie and i get to sing along with the songs that i know

  199. Sharon MnNair Reply

    I love the Trolls movie the kids can sing and dance along and the positive energy they bring is fantastic.

  200. Colourful and delightful and their hair looks like mine when I wake up in the morning

  201. Love their voice and hair!!!!
    Bring smiles to our cloudy days. 🙂

  202. Jen Stocks Reply

    My daughter sprinkles joy wherever she goes, and the trolls do the same kind of thing! They are adorable and full of colour and sparkle! If we won this prize, my sweet girl would be so excited. She loves trolls, and would make sure they slept next to her in her bed (in extreme-over-the-top-comfort) every single night!

  203. Amy Edwards Reply

    My kids loved the trolls movie this is the perfect addition

  204. I love the Trolls because they are adorable and keep my kids entertained all the time.

  205. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    It’s an all round feel good movie. Perfect for the ultimate family movie night!

  206. Jessie Chibber Reply

    I love their classic hair and their cheeky sense of humour.

  207. Rosalie Bernacki Reply

    Super cool, super fun, super adventurous and loved, by our little Anna. Love the hair too, bright, stylish and something new!

  208. Michelle Budge Reply

    I just love them so much. They are so cute. I love all their little personalities.

  209. Mary Preston Reply

    I love how quirky trolls are. They always make me feel happy.

  210. They remind me of when I was a kid and everyone had these little trolls – carrying them around for good luck

  211. Ruth Walker Reply

    I love the happiness and fun that trolls bring. My daughter loves to sing their songs. They are cute and funny, just what a child’s life should be like.

  212. Carol Mason Reply

    Apart from being cute funny they make me laugh they make my children laugh & they make my grandchidren laugh such a perfect scenario they have also stood the test of time being reinvented over the years I remember my first troll many years ago & we both had the same uncontrollable hair!

  213. Stacey Navarro Reply

    I love that trolls are so vibrant colorful great singers and dancers and acceptant of everyone

  214. Bethany Blackman Reply

    It’s an uplifting movie that just makes you want to laugh, sing and dance along too.

  215. ‘Hello’, when ‘The Sound of Silence’ is too much and I just want to ‘Get Back Up Again’, I put on Trolls, put my ‘Hair Up’, ‘D.A.N.C.E’ and let my ‘True Colours’ show. I ‘Can’t Fight the Feeling’ I get!

  216. Georgia Thiesfield Reply

    T- terrifically bright and happy
    R- really easy to relate to
    O-obviously a family favourite
    L- loveable
    L-lets you immerse yourself in the happiness.
    S-singing and dancing all day!

  217. Love the singing and messy hair, don’t care
    Kids love them as much as us adults

  218. The bright colours, happy life and funky music and outfits! My niece is always happy thanks to having trolls continually playing and making her dance around. Her laugh is just the best feeling and no words could explain the joy trolls bring her

  219. My daughter loves playing poppy and branch! I have to be branch of course but we get many hours out of sad, or happy. We also love the music. My daughter belts out the songs when they come on the radio!

  220. Maria Gillies Reply

    I love Trolls, they are so much more colourful than back in my day and I am 58 years old!!!

  221. The Trolls are so colourful, and their hair,but my grandchildren love them.

  222. Kylie Marks Reply

    The hair, their singing and they are always happy and my 3 yr old and i love to sing and dance together whilst watching it.

  223. We just love the trolls we sing and dance,We have so much fun and I love their hair, so cool.

  224. I love their brightly coloured hair! “You’ve got Troll’s hair” is a huge compliment (when said by my 4 year old!)

  225. Paige Yang Reply

    Definitely their hair, so colourful and unique, and their happiness, which makes me feel the world is beautiful.

  226. Anthea Cornish Reply

    Their funky hair and cuteness but mostly the happy memories as I had them as a child.

  227. Their personalities and of course their hair. Who wouldn’t want hair that colourful.

  228. Christie Majorek Reply

    I used to play with troll-dolls as a youngster. I love that they are themed for girls AND boys!!
    They’ve kept a lot of the original style, but with the cutest little changes- especially the ears! But I love that they aren’t designed gender specific toys for only girls. That’s my favourite part as my son loves doing hair too!

  229. Their totally awesome hug time! I WANT one, they put so much energy into them, makes me excited thinking about it. Hee hee

  230. Louisa Frail Reply

    Where to start, I love Trolls from
    There colourful hair, singing, cuteness overload
    Adorable love poppy
    Fingers crossed I can win

  231. I luv Justin Timberlakes’ contributions as music producer for the trolls movie.

  232. I love how colourful, funky and happy the trolls are!! Oh, and the singing, I love all the singing! 😉

  233. I love that the songs are catchy, unlike a lot of other kids movies where the songs are unbearable. We can listen to the songs from trolls all day.

  234. Caroline Lissaman Reply

    I love the cheery rainbow troll colours and Poppy because she is so happy!

  235. The diversity of the characters and music they sing. Makes it a great movie for all children to join in on.

  236. I love how bright and colourful it is, but mainly the message it teaches not only children but adults. And that all the songs are amazing!!

  237. Alicia Kimberley Reply

    I love that it’s a family movie that we can all sit down together and enjoy and always brings joy to my kids

  238. I love the fact it teaches my little one that you are in control of your own happiness, and that the sound track is fun to sing and dance to for the whole family!

  239. I love that the Trolls are all about personality, individuality and fun! Great for kids to learn about that.

  240. Melanie Farrugia Reply

    LoVe the FuNkY hair bright colourful characters and fun story lines



  242. Kelly Lowien Reply

    The happy positive look at life, the songs, the glitter and hugs it’s a great story for young kids. My girls especially love dancing around and singing so this movie is perfect for them.

  243. When the trolls dance, my children dance, and it’s so cute I can’t help but dance with them!!!

  244. Such a positive bunch of little people. We certainly need more cheer in the world and the Trolls are undoubtedly the best for that!

  245. Kerry-Anne Reply

    I love how trolls make my 2 year old daughter happy and she looks forward to watching it every day and I mean every day. I reckon I know the movie word for word now. She loves singing and dancing along to it too. Seeing her excitement for it makes me happy.

  246. Kelly Brady Reply

    My 4 yr old son adores the songs and dances. He doesnt sit still for anything so this way he doesnt have to.

  247. Trolls have been given such bad press for too long! It all started with the Billy Goats Gruff and its been all down hill from there. The 70’s saw a turn around of sorts, but nothing an awesome movie (and special!) to provide some inspiration and fun in a world that can be all too gloomy!
    Plus, it allowed my hubby and I to relive a part of our childhood with our toddler (was his first movie at the cinema and he loved it!).

  248. Naomi pratt Reply

    Love the funky music gets the kids danfing around the lounge room

  249. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Their enthusiasm and personalities plus the hair of course!

  250. Theresia Tay Reply

    The way they have a song about EVERYTHING! Happy, sad, trying to cheer others. Whatever you feel, they have a catchy song for it.

  251. Jacqueline Reply

    I love how the trolls never give up. They work together as a team and they are optimists. I also love the sparkle farts 🙂

  252. Amanda Evans Reply

    The hair, the songs, the dancing and the underlying messages about being happy and some people struggle to be happy! Great learning for kids!

  253. CASEY MORGAN Reply

    My 2 year old son watches Trolls every day, he is obsessed and I can recite the WHOLE movie. I love their happiness and positivity, really good for kids to learn.

  254. Michelle Ward Reply

    Poppy is my favourite because of her ‘can do’ attitude and eternal optimism. The world needs more poppies!

  255. I love it as its a great story of endurance and friendship. My kids love the music as it plays all day at our house.

  256. I love their quirky personalities and bright colours. They turn my smile into a giggle just like meeting an old friend!

  257. Ellen Glenn Reply

    I love their colourful hair styles.The trolls are so fun loving that they put a smile on your face.

  258. Katie ellacott Reply

    The bright, colorful hair! As a kid I was always jealous of the bright colourful hair the trolls had, but I was never allowed to have myself.

  259. I love this movie for its positive messages and we love the soundtrack!

  260. Kelly Maree Reply

    Their happiness and cheerfulness is contagious and you can’t help but smile 🙂

  261. Lisa Mckay Reply

    My daughter & I love to sing and dance along to all of the songs

  262. Kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    As unlike the story with the Billy Goats and Trolls, these are fun and exciting

  263. Debbie Moody Reply

    The hair of course it is beautiful a troll wouldn’t be a troll without that hair, when I was little my big brother would cut my trolls hair off he was so mean to me and my trolls.

  264. Trolls are fun and loving little creatures who we love to sing along with.

  265. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    They remind me of my childhood (although the trolls I remember where all the same colour, and nude! Their can-do attitude and the fact that they are all so different, yet get along, is just a bonus.

  266. Maree Wood Reply

    I’ve always LOVED their hair colours & their facial expressions!

  267. I look after my 3 year old granddaughter Lexi twice a week , she loves the trolls particularly poppy , we have to have our own

  268. My 3 yo granddaughter Lexi loves to pretend shes poppy
    therefore i get to be Branch
    I like the trolls because its entertainment for all the family to enjoy

  269. I love that the Trolls bring back memories of a Troll doll that I had when I was little. Back then they were naked, at least they wear clothes now.

  270. It’s not the hair, colours, glitter or music….it is the hugs, love, happiness, fun and smiles they bring into my little girls’ world 🙂 And mine! hehe

  271. They are cheeky, fun and adorable and bring back such fond childhood memories that I get to share with my kids and nieces.

  272. My grandkids say they are the best, always singing & laughing when they play Trolls !

  273. Trolls remind me of my childhood Troll Dolls, they were so cute and that hair, just awesome and now I get to share them with my kids who just love them and the music.

  274. I love their positivity! This was such a great movie in terms of showing children how to work through problems!

  275. Jacinta MK Reply

    I loved all the songs! I think each one fits in the movie perfectly.

    I liked the trolls hair and how each troll was individual and different – looks and personality wise! Just like humans, animals etc.

    I also loved Poppy’s (and also her father King Pepi’s) ‘never give up’ attitude and ‘no troll left behind’ mantra.

    And as much as ‘sad’ Branch’s sarcasm and dry humour make me chuckle, I love watching his transfotmation throughout the movie.

  276. Veronica Christensen Reply

    I love the trolls there so brightly colored and cute and I just can’t help myself I have to sing and dance along with them.

  277. Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I love that the Trolls are full of energy and their songs get my kids up and singing and dancing along with them.

  278. I love the Trolls as no matter how many times m girls watch it, it always makes them laugh.

  279. The songs! I love singing along to the amusement of and then dispair from my 4 and 2 year old to stop mum stop. haha

  280. The love and excitement in my little girls eyes is just gorgeous when watching trolls.. Princess poppy we love you!

  281. The best thing about trolls is how much my daughter loves it! She turns into a little singing/dancing diva and I must admit it gets me singing every single time!

  282. Because as parents we know the music and it’s nice to know that some things come up as cupcakes and roses!

  283. Gillian Streeter Reply

    I love the colours and the music. It’s fun and keeps the kids interested.

  284. Firuze Cerruto Reply

    When I was a little girl I remember trolls being popular. My mother baught me one and he had crazy orange hair. Rumor was trolls were good luck charms and I really believed it. Maybe it was coincidence but my troll gave me lots of luck. Now I have a daughter and I wish I could give her a special lucky troll. To win this competition would mean her troll is definitely very special and lucky. I want to give her that magic.

  285. How my son has such an obsession with the Trolls movie – I can’t seem to get him to leave daycare when its on!!!

  286. Trolls bring so much happiness and joy. I especially love dancing and singing along to all of the songs with my daughters.

  287. I love their bright colours, bright personalities and the fact they are still around and still trendy from when I was younger!

  288. I remember these when I was a kid…. been around for awhile now.

  289. Trolls have been around forever
    they are incredibly clever
    Trolls offer storylines that are fun
    and hair that is individual for everyone

  290. Emma Keating Reply

    Their positive outlook on life!! And all the dancing and singing!!

  291. Trolls are cute, colourful, funny, kind hearted and myself and my kids adore them!

  292. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    They’re not embarrassed by who they are,. Most people with teeth like that would try to hide them. Not the trolls, they display them for all to see.

  293. Lauren Barnes Reply

    It’s the sunshine on my rainy day. Even if I watched this movie hormonal, I’d be happy happy as larry

  294. We’re big fans of Guy Diamond in our house, but mostly the story line that a little positivity can change everything!

  295. Adrienne DeAngelis Reply

    Reminds me of the troll dolls I used to have. My daughter loved the movie, she actually stayed still to watch it. Miracles do happen.

  296. Melissa Taplin Reply

    I love their attitude and positivity. I love their friend the cloud and the way they sing, dance and hug every chance they get

  297. Kate Lerue Reply

    I love that in most older fairytales, trolls are cast as the big, mean scary monsters that terrify kids – yet these ones make kids want to play and enjoy them and learn important lessons and attitudes from the cute Trolls.

  298. Sara Holley Reply

    I had Trolls when I was younger so it’s a bit of a nostalgia thing 🙂 I do love the way that we have the same hair though!

  299. Who couldn’t help but fall in love with those cute faces and their delightful hair ! No bad hair days for the gorgeous Trolls!

  300. Jayde Moore Reply

    Absolutely love their hilarious facial expressions and the fact that my hair looks just like theirs when I wake up in the morning.

  301. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    I love that they can stay so positive and care for each other

  302. Fotini Christmass Reply

    I had trolls when I was younger and still have a magnetic one on my parent’s fridge. They are so cute and colourful.

  303. I love the memories they bring back. When my daughter was young (she’s in her mid 30″s now), she used to collect them.

  304. Cindy Davison Reply

    I absolutely loved trolls when I was younger and now my daughter loves them just as much.

  305. yousef khalil Reply

    Happy and entertaining, fun filled and most exciting, with the most hilarious and fun hair ever.

  306. I love their wild crazy and colourful appearanc. They look ridiculousley funny fashionistas.

  307. Davina Dodds Reply

    Trolls takes me back to my childhood, the days of rainbow brite and carebears!

  308. Jacinta Nimmo Reply

    They are so little and cute, with hair thats untameable but never seems to knott up at all, wish my hair was that cool.

  309. Jennifer Passmore Reply

    The hair, the music, the glitter – and of course the reminder that we need to celebrate even the small stuff – or turn Into (gasp!) a Bergen. 🙂

  310. Susanna Martin Reply

    The songs, their funky hair and the fact they are super cute without being super annoying!

  311. I love how Trolls engages my daughter and encourages her to expand her imagination during play.

  312. Renee Vance Reply

    Their cray-cray hair
    Their dance with flair
    We love Trolls
    And the way they care.

  313. Crystal McFarlane Reply

    They’re just so happy and bright and merry – reminds me of Christmas!!!

  314. I love that they always try to include everyone in whatever they are doing.

  315. We love the story of friendship!
    We also sing at the top of our lungs with every song

  316. Very positive and inclusive. Great fir the kids as they love getting up and dancing including my one year old little man.

  317. I love the Trolls because they so happy
    They’re cute and friendly and make me clappy
    Hug Time is the most beautiful thing ever
    And the story is just so lovely and clever

  318. Madeleine Driver Reply

    My daughter name is Poppy and she LOVES trolls… she feels so incredibly special when she sees anything with Poppy on it 🙂

  319. Jacqui Roodenburg Reply

    I just love how the trolls are inclusive of all colour, creed or craziness!

  320. Angela Bath Reply

    My daughters and I love the Trolls for their unreal colourful hair and amazing upbeat voices 🙂

  321. Tracy hickman Reply

    Love all of the old school songs they introduce my kids too. They’d never listen to them if a troll wasn’t singing them.

  322. We love their happy smiles
    their hair that’s in their own syle
    They are so positive,
    their faces beam with joy
    Those wonderful little trolls
    In their rainbows coloured world!

  323. So colorful, bright and happy. Love having a sing along to the trolls in the lounge or in the car with the kids

  324. sandi lemieux Reply

    We love the trolls!! No matter your age, they bring delight to your heart and a smile to your face!

  325. Jes turner Reply

    The number 1 thing I love about trolls is how happy and excited it makes my son. He watches the movie non stop, sings all of the songs nice and loud and happily, and most importantly he has also has learnt a lot of lessons through the original movie about friendship and why it’s important to help those you love and what you can accomplish together ❤️

  326. Ranae Skurray Reply

    My 2 girls love the trolls movie!! We watch it at least 3 times a week at the moment. They know all the songs and even some of the movies words!! My 4 year old is having a trolls party for her 5th birthday in 2 weeks time. It is definitely a hit in our house and i dont mind because its fun for adults too!!

  327. CHER GLASS Reply

    I love their can do attitude, everything will work out right with a dance and a song the world is a better brighter place.
    Positive and uplifting fun. Oh and their crazy hair, I want it sooooo much.

  328. Andrew Cleverdon Reply

    Love Branch’s dry sense of humor and Poppy’s over the top enthusiasm! Such fun for all ages!

  329. nicolle hewer Reply

    i love how trolls makes my kids sing and dance and be carefree and have fun. especially my 4 year old son!

  330. Daniella Mavili Reply

    Love how happy, positive, cute and how they are always having a good time. Watching them puts a smile on my face and my daughters faces. They think they’re the cutest.

  331. Kimberley Borg Reply

    I love the Trolls colourful loving nature and how my whole family can relate to their funny little personalities

  332. I love that even when things get a bit tricky, they don’t give up and I especially love that Branch helps saving the day by finally letting his feelings out and getting the other trolls colourful again!

  333. Krystal Twigden Reply

    Has to be the music! How can you not get swept away with it. Oh and I love that it gives me a little sanity time as my girls just love it!

  334. I love the music how it’s so upbeat and happy. It’s one of the few family/kids movies that I can watch repeatedly and not get sick of. And the message behind it of friendship is a great one for kids to learn from.

  335. Kimberley Smart Reply

    I love trolls there bright and happy and fun. Just make you feel good

  336. Sarah White Reply

    Apart from their cuteness that spans from childhood to adulthood, its the zany hair, bad hair days?? Not with the trolls!!

  337. Laura Moss Reply

    My daughter says “The part where the girl troll turns her hair rainbow, ’cause I love rainbows!!” Lol

  338. the way my 2 yo god daughter lights up when poppy sings.
    Plus its one of the few movies i dont mind having on repeat because of the great sound track

  339. Tracey Reid Reply

    The best hair! I grew up with a Troll collection which i passed onto my kids who also love Trolls & Trolls the movie (including the soundtrack)

  340. Trolls get such a bad wrap. I still have my troll collection from the 90’s. They’re so cute and fun. I know my son will love watching this movie

  341. Lynnette Bull Reply

    I love that no matter your personality , everyone can find a troll to match them. and for kids its a great way to relate to different characters

  342. Rachael Hussein Reply

    The Trolls are so happy and uplifting. I think I love them just as much as my kids do (or maybe a little more…..ssshhhhhh). They always put our whole family in a good mood. And we love singing along with them.

  343. I loved the music. My son was walking around singing the songs for days afterwards with a big grin on his face.

  344. Love that they remind me of my own childhood, we used to collect the Trolls dolls back before there was a movie!
    I have two girls now and they love the movie and would be so excited to win this prize!

  345. Rachael Maher Reply

    That it is positive and a real kids movie. Just fun imagination and magic

  346. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    I love how your day can be so bad, but watching this movie makes you feel so much better, and the songs make you dance like no one’s watching.

  347. Nicki Cambourn Reply

    I love the happy messages in the movie. My 3yo runs around the house saying “No Trolls Left Behind” on a daily basis.

  348. Jacqueline Mercieca Reply

    My girls love trolls we watch it everyday! The music is so upbeat it has us singing all day! Love the humour in the movie it’s a fantastic movie for all ages!!

  349. Kimberly bower Reply

    We love the trolls movie in our house and are excited for the new holiday movie I am currently recover from cervical cancer surgery and it’s our go to movie to watch with my two girls

  350. Renee Waite Reply

    Love trolls because they are cute and the music is so catchy. Reminds me of my daughter dancing to it in her dance concert this week.

  351. The new troll craze reminds me of my childhood. I adored my trolls.

  352. Kaye Russell Reply

    My mini miss is totally Trolls obsessed and so the Trolls holiday video is a must for her Christmas Eve box.

  353. they always stick together and don’t leave anyone behind. They are always full of energy. (MIss 8)

  354. Kirsten Panda Reply

    Brings back memories of when my children were young, trolls were a must have in my house! Now a must for the grandchildren

  355. Skye Martin Reply

    The vibrant colour and happiness. I want to be a troll it would make doing my hair easy too!

  356. Brianna Taylor Reply

    They are so much fun, full of energy, colourful and funny!

  357. Love the quirky humour, Mainly because they kept my kid sister amused for hours. Still have some floating around somewhere…

  358. I love the trolls movie because it’s such a happy, fun, up bringing movie. The music just makes you want to dance

  359. The happiness, colours and fantastic songs. My kiddies love the trolls and are always singing the songs. 🙂

  360. The songs are the best! They’re uplifting, great messages for positivity, which is great for kids and so catchy you want to sing along too.

  361. Mary Iliadis Reply

    They make my kids feel happy because, their colourful hair, the songs, they relate the trolls to everyday life.

  362. Soooo cute! I love them all and their wacky and colourful hair to match their personalities!

  363. Laura Scriven Reply

    Their happy persona is great,
    They get the kids into a good state!
    Dancing and positive with the day,
    I’m thankful in many ways.

  364. J McCarthy Reply

    Troll hair…….don’t care!!!
    That’s a common phrase in our house most morning!!!!

  365. My kids aged 4- 13 all love this movie. It’s funny moments and upbeat track kept everyone interested.

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